Thursday, 2 May 2013

Highs and Lows

That's what my day has had---highs and lows. Lots of highs and just a teeny weeny low, so it has been another good day for this puss.

The 'low' came at the start of my day so I had plenty of time to recover and oh boy, how I recovered. Magic! If you are sitting comfortably, then I shall tell you all about it.

I was sitting on the table at my kitchen window this morning just wondering what I was going to do with my dear little self, when I noticed my MH creeping up on me and nodding to my DH, but I am afraid I was too slow and I got 'de-wormed'! The awful stuff got put on the back of my little neck before I could escape, so I shall have to learn to be a lot quicker in future.

A wee  while later, my DH said he was going outside to fix the roof on our greenhouse, so I gave him a wee while to himself and then I wandered out to see what he was doing. He wasn't there, but his ladder was! It was all alone leaning against our greenhouse. So, what would any normal, but adorable pussycat do in these circumstances?

This is how high up I was!

Yep. You got it in one! I looked to the right---no-one there. I looked to the left---no-one there, so I shot up the ladder and jumped onto the roof. Boy, it was brilliant. I had never been up there before and the view was brilliant plus there were millions of new smells for me to sniff at so I was in my glory.

I wandered all over the roof just watching and sniffing and purring and then I heard my DH coming back up his ladder, so I ran back to say hello to him, but I forgot that he didn't know I was up there and when he reached the top of his ladder and saw me on the roof saying 'Hello DH!' he nearly falled back off his ladder. Oops, sorry DH.

He carried me down the ladder----I think he was pretending he was a fireman :))---- and went and told my MH what I had been up to (literally) and we all had a laugh and 'cos I was still buzzing with excitement, I climbed up on my clothes poles and sat thinking for a long, long time.


So, I have had a brilliant day and I will have lots to tell the little mouses when I go out to play tonight.

I wonder where the ladder is? Hee hee

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