Thursday, 9 May 2013

I Hate Machines!

You know I hate machines. And what came out today? Yes---machines!! Aaargh!

First of all it was the Hoover. Well, I know that if I lie up on the back of my couch then the vacuum cleaner can't reach me, so I am getting used to that one. I watched the Boss as she ran round the house sooking up all the dust with the vacuum and then she gave me a cuddle and I watched her as she threw the duster all over the furniture until my house was sparkling.


Now, I should have known that all this energy would probably lead to something else and it did. I was lying on my couch minding my own business and dreaming of mouses when I heard the awful words----lawn mower --- and I could feel the panic starting.

So. I did what I have done before. I did my little 'don't let the machine start' dance and guess what? It worked again!! Yippee. When my humans tried to start it, the machine just spluttered and stopped. I am afraid I spluttered too, but it was with amazement that I managed to do it again. What a clever Squeak.

However, I was very quickly a sad puss again 'cos I was betrayed. Yes, betrayed by someone I thought was my friend. Someone who cuddles me and tells me she loves me and calls me her ickle-wickle. I don't need to name names do I? 'Cos I will if I have to!!

She gave my humans HER lawn mower, and so all my hard work was for nothing and I spent the next hour avoiding another dreadful machine. I must admit though, that when the grass was all cut, my garden looked nice and I liked lying on the new soft grass.

After I had rolled on the grass I went and rolled on my new path and I asked my MH to let you see me on the path and that's what this picture is.


I hope you like it. I know you will like me, but I think you will like my new path too.


  1. Squeak, I believe this is the first time I have seen your lovely white belly. Of course, I should have known it would be lovely, because as you have stated, you are beautiful all over. I do like your new path, and I also like the picture of you on your couch. Sadie says Hi.

  2. Hello Bonnie and Sadie. I am glad you like my adorable little tummy. Being a polite lady puss, I don't show it off too much, but I will show it to you some more if you like!

    I hope you and Sadie are both well.

  3. Aww ickle wickle.... I'm sorry..... but you know your MH would only have got grumpier and grumpier as the grass got longer so I was really thinking of YOU my sweet pussy cat, knowing that a happy MH would endlessly cuddle you.... (have I got myself out of that?!)

  4. OK. You are forgiven this time, but I will need an extra big cuddle the next time you come to see me.