Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I'm Tired

I have been such a busy pussy cat today and now I am  very tired  and I am enjoying a little rest on my couch before I go out to play later on---if I have the energy.


Now, I know you will be wondering what I have been up to that has made me so tired, but when I tell you, it probably won't sound a lot, but to a little animal like me, it is------ a big lot!

I wakened very early this morning---about six o'clock and I was full of energy, so I very gently wakened my MH and asked her to please give me a wee feed 'cos I wanted to go outside, and, being a very obedient MH, she did just that. I think she works on a battery in the morning 'cos her eyes don't open and she goes straight to my cupboard, opens my packet of food and puts it in my dish and then goes straight back to bed and she does it all like a robot, not like my MH at all. It does make me giggle, but she never sees me!

It was a good morning so I stayed out for a long, long time and I ran in the long grass  and chased everything I could see and I even imagined I was chasing and killing great big fierce animals and it was just the brilliantest fun ever. Even the little birdies stopped and watched me and I think they like seeing what I was doing.

When I went back in, my humans were up and it was my REAL MH who was there and I heard them mentioning the awful lawn mower word. It appears that it is that time of year again when the lawn mower needs to be out, but I was in such a good mood this morning that I didn't want anything to spoil it, so I  did my little rain dance. Well, it has been quite a while since I did this, and I must be a bit rusty 'cos I missed out a few steps and I didn't make rain, but I did make a lot of mist and that made the grass wet so the lawn mower stayed in the shed. Yippee! I apologise to everyone living in Orkney and Shetland 'cos I seem to have been a bit over enthusiastic with my dance and my little weather man friend said on the news tonight that it had been very foggy all over Orkney and Shetland. Oops! I don't think I should tell him it was me, eh?

I stayed out all afternoon and played and hunted and ran and jumped and I have just had a fantastic time, but when I came home for my dinner, I suddenly got tired and I had to have a big long snooze.

The mist has finally gone and the sun is shining so after I am well and truly rested I shall go outside again and my MH says she will leave the window open for me to come home whenever I feel like it.

Oh I am such a happy and such a lucky pussy cat. I am sure I will have a magic evening and I will keep all the birdies and mouses amused for hours and hours.

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