Saturday, 11 May 2013

No News

 I can't tell you anything at all today 'cos I have been left on my own for a long time. :-(

Both of my humans went away to Kirkwall at ten o'clock and didn't come back until six o'clock. I was perfectly all right 'cos the window was open for me and there was plenty of food and water in my dishes, but I do miss them when they are away. My MH talks to me all the time and she cuddles me and tickles me when I need it, so my little tummy missed her too.

I know right away in the morning if they are going away 'cos they wear different clothes when they go into Stromness or Kirkwall. The people on my island talk about them as being their 'toon claes' (town clothes). So when they put on their toon claes, I know I am going to be a wee bit lonely.

I played in my garden and just waited for them to come home and as soon as they came into my house, I demanded my dinner which I got immediately and once my adorable little tummy was filled it decided it wanted tickled, so I sat on my MH's knee and she stroked me and told me all the things she had been doing, so I am back to being a contented little pussy cat again.


I hope you are contented too.

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