Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nothing to say

I don't have any news for you today 'cos I haven't been doing anything exciting. In fact, I have hardly been doing anything at all!

As  you know by now, both my humans are out on Wednesdays, so I have a snooze on my bed till my MH comes home at lunchtime and she plays with me for a while till she has to go out again.

Sometimes she can leave the window open, but today was very windy and there was even hail at one point, so I wasn't too keen to go out and she just shut the window.

I helped her with her exercises and since I was feeling in a cuddly mood, I sat right up on her shoulder when she was lifting her little legs. That made her laugh and she said she could have been a pirate if I had been a parrot! But she is very glad I am a pussy cat!


In the afternoon I managed a wee wander round my garden but the wind kept trying to lift me up and put me somewhere else, so I waited until it was having a rest and then I nipped up on to my windowsill and went into my house for a sleep on my couch.

I might manage to get outside later on depending on the weather, of course. I am not too keen on Wednesdays, and today has been no exception!

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