Friday, 24 May 2013



---I know you may be thinking that I look sad in this picture, but I'm not really. I am thinking! I am just wondering what I can get up to next.

 As I told you, my MH has been home with me all day and I have been spoiled 'cos they are going away tomorrow for two days and I am to be left all alone. It has not been a good time for yours truly 'cos I have been on my own just a tad too much for my liking, and I have informed my humans that I will let them go this time, but in future all this gallivanting has to stop, and I have to become the focus of attention once again. Fortunately, they agreed 'cos  I'm not sure what I would have done.

I have been full of energy and since the wind has stopped howling at us, I have been able to get outside to play but when I come in through my window I head straight for my MH and demand some attention which I get.

My little tummy has been tickled so much today it is nearly worn away. I am sure that in a certain light, I can see my dinner through my skin! Hee hee hee.

Anyway, they are going away to Kirkwall tomorrow to go to a concert 'cos this is the Orkney Folk Festival weekend and it is not for pussy cats---not even adorable ones. Sigh :-(

I will be fine though 'cos my MH has asked my friends to come in and make sure my bowls are full of my favourite food and if the weather is good, we can leave the window open, so I shall be tickety boo, and my humans will be home about half past six on Sunday night full of guilt and cuddles!!

So don't be worried when you don't hear from me as I shall be back on your screens on Monday, all being well, but I hope you have a good weekend and that you won't miss me too much. :-)

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