Saturday, 4 May 2013


I am still doing my ladder training just in case I get the call from the Fire Brigade to say they would love to have a pussy cat mascot.

Because the weather is back to being not very nice again, my DH brought the ladder back inside and put it in my big cupboard, so I have been running up and down it until my adorable little paws are quite sore. I will soon have as many muscles on my little legs as my MH does! The poor old dear is still doing her exercises and some of them mean that she has to lift her leg off the bed and hold it in mid-air for what seems forever, and I don't think I helped much when I tried to sit on the leg as it was dangling just above the bed. I did think my MH spoke to me in a very funny voice as she told me to get off! I was only trying to help. :(

We went into the gym for a while and again I had a good wee giggle 'cos just as we turned the corner at the house, the wind saw us coming and blowed really, really hard and my MH took off over the grass at a great speed of knots, I can tell you. I stayed where I was 'cos I am a bit nearer the ground than she is and I have four little feets where she only has two and that makes a great big difference. But oh boy, she did look funny, but I made sure she didn't see me smiling. That would have been unkind! :))))

When she had finished we played on the grass 'cos the wind was away tormenting somebody else but it was quite cold, so after I had posed for this picture, I went back inside to play on my ladder and then to have a snooze on my couch.


I like my weekends and I hope you like yours too.

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