Saturday, 18 May 2013

Still Busy

We have all been very busy today and we have all been doing different things which has been good fun.

The builder man has finished all his work and so he took all his tools and things away so me and my MH went into the gym and tidied it all up and then we washed the floor so it is all ready for her to start her exercises again.

Then it was into the greenhouse with my DH who was putting our tomatoes and peppers into the big grow bags and he let me choose a tomato and pepper to look after again. I just love doing that and every day I go in and give them a wee purr and I am sure that makes them happy so that they grow quicker.

I have got another boat picture for you today. This is one that goes past my window lots of times and it takes the big snake with it. It is working with the tidal power people and I see this boat a lot. My MH says that if they ever run out of wind and tide power, they can use me 'cos some days I have enough energy to light all the houses on my little island! I am just a wee bit worried how they might plug me in! Hee hee :-)))


After all our work was done, I went outside to do pussy cat things and I was out for a long, long time even though it was quite windy but I found a wee sheltered place to hide in and I was very happy.


I hope you are having a happy weekend too.

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