Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I am beginning to not like Wednesdays. It used to be OK 'cos my DH was away for the whole day, and my MH was out but just for a wee while and then she would come back to my house and play with me and talk to me and tell me what she had been doing, but now she has started meeting the other ladies to do craft work and she is away for HOURS!

I am OK on my own. As I have told you lots of times, the window is usually left open for me unless the wind is blowing my curtains off their rails and shifting my furniture, and there is always lots of food and water left for me, but I am a 'people' cat and I love company and I sometimes get a bit lonely when my humans are not here, and it looks as though they are not going to be here on Wednesdays! Sigh :-(

Anyway, I had a snooze and then my MH came home and I sat on her knee while she stroked my adorable little lugs and told me what she had been doing and I was very happy. She let me help her with her exercises and then we waited for my DH to come home and then we were all together and that's what I like the best.

It was a bit wet so we didn't go outside but I will ask my MH to take some pictures of my garden at the kitchen side of my house so that you can see that too. I like my gardens. There are lots of things for me to sniff and even some things for me to climb on to and that helps use up all my energy.

I get lots of good food and that gives me lots of energy so when I am outside I run and run and attack the grass and the flies and anything else I can find and I do this until I get tired and then I come home for a snooze.


Phew! What a busy puss I am, am I not? I think I deserve a little cat nap, don't you? :-)

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