Monday, 20 May 2013


.... if I tell you that today's picture was taken yesterday, you will probably work out that all the good weather has gone away! Boo


 I wakened up this morning and my little world was all white and everybody else had disappeared and all I could hear---apart from the snoring of my humans!--- was the horns of the boats as they went in and out of Stromness harbour. All the sunshine had gone away and we just has fog. I was not happy!

However, I decided that I would go outside and I got a surprise 'cos it was still  quite warm so I had a long play before I went back inside.

I think I upset my DH last night 'cos I stayed out very late and I still wasn't in when he wanted to go to bed. Now, I have told you that when he wants to try and attract my MH's attention when she is sleeping, he sighs a lot. Well, he did that last night but she didn't hear him. Well (again) that is a wee fib, 'cos she told me today that she DID hear him, but she just ignored him! Poor DH hee hee

Anyway, just as she decided to waken up and he decided to go to bed, yours truly decided to pop in the window, so we all settled down for a good night's sleep.

I haven't been too upset at not getting out too much today 'cos I am still a wee bit tired after last night, but I am sure that once I have had my dinner and a snooze on my couch, I shall be fully refreshed and ready to attack the outside soon.

I shall tell you all about my adventure tomorrow.

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