Sunday, 19 May 2013


What a brilliant day! The sun has been shining and it has been warm and I have been outside nearly all day and I have had a brilliant time.

Me and my MH were up quite early and after our breakfast we went outside 'cos the weather was lovely. We had a wander round our estate :) and then I saw her feel the grass. Now, this is not some odd habit she has, but it means she is thinking about getting the awful mower out and she needs to see if the grass is dry enough and sadly, it was.

So, out came the mower and it and my MH's little legs ran round and round my garden while I lay and watched her---but I did purr encouragement! Then when she was finished, we sat on the bench and admired all her handiwork, and I must say it did look lovely.


While we were out in the garden we noticed that the gigantic crane that has been in Stromness was being taken away, so my MH took this picture of it for you and you can see lots of boats  sailing with it. The little pilot boat was there too, and before you ask, this is not a boat for wee airmen! It guides the big boats who haven't been here a lot in and out of the harbour so they don't bump into anything---especially my little island.


Later in the afternoon, my two friends M. and S. came in to see me and they made a big fuss of me and then they watched a film on my television so I just lay on my couch and had a great big sleep which will build up my energy levels for when I go out tonight and if this weather stays good, I shall be out for hours and hours.

Oh, I am quite excited about that!

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