Sunday, 30 June 2013

Just Lazing

That's what we have all been doing today. Just taking it easy and not doing very much at all.

I have been out a lot 'cos the nice farmer next door has put some more cows in the field at the other side of my house so I have lots and lots of cows and baby cows to talk to, but we only need to give some of them a drink and me and my DH did this lots of times today and the cows were very happy.

I will go out side later on tonight and talk to them all and I might play in one of the fields, I just don't know which one yet, but whatever one I decide to go into, there will be lots of company for me and that makes me happy and I am sure that when the cows see me there that makes them happy too.

My MH was in her wee gym and when she was finished she played with me in the garden for a long time and I ran and jumped and attacked everything I could find and wriggled my adorable little bum and that made her laugh a lot. I had great fun and I am always happy when I am in the garden with my humans.

I had a wee visit to our greenhouse while my DH was there and I had a roll in the path while he was talking to my MH and she took this picture of me.


I am having my nap now, but I will be outside later on to see what is happening in my little world.

I hope everything in your world is just as it should be.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

This and That

We have all been busy doing lots of wee things today 'cos we all try to take it easy in the weekends and have a rest, but we have still been quite a bit busy and me especially as I have a lot of animals and insects to talk to and I like to go and see how the cows are getting on.

My DH has been having bother with his strimmer and couldn't get it to go and even my MH's words of wisdom didn't help, mainly because, in this case, she hasn't a clue what she is talking about! Hee hee hee.


However, the nice man from next door had a look at it and managed o get it going again, so my DH strimmed all the grass and he is a happy chappy, and my garden is looking very lovely again.

We walked down the path and gave some water to all the cows and I am sure one of the baby cows smiled at me, so I smiled back. Well, it's only polite, isn't it?

I wandered home then and went into the gym with my MH and helped her to do all her exercises. She has to get up early these days to fit in all her exercising and to make sure she has plenty of time to play with me, but I try and help her as much as I can and I know she appreciates this.

I took her into our greenhouse and showed her my tiny baby tomatoes and she was very happy, but I think it is a shame to eat them, and I might hide them when they get a bit bigger and they could be my friends, sure they could?


I am having a very good Saturday and I hope you are having a good day too.

Friday, 28 June 2013

A Quiet Day

I have been very lazy today and haven't been out much at all. This is partly due to the fact that I was out a lot during the night and so I was a wee bit tired today, but the main reason is that it has been pouring with rain and I didn't want my adorable little self to get soaking wet.

My humans left the window open for me last night so I did lots of night time exploring and when my humans got up this morning, I was nowhere to be seen so my MH came to the window and called my name and I scooted out from under my pampas grass and nipped in the window for my breakfast.

It was just us girls today 'cos my DH was away as usual to the cats shop so we had lots of good fun together and once the rain went off we went down the path to see all the lady cows and give them a wee drink and while their bath was filling up, I did some more sniffing and exploring and then me and my MH went home and played some more.

This picture was taken yesterday when we were all outside and I think I look rather fetching in it, so I hope you like it too.


I have been watching the tennis while I am sitting on my MH's knee and I was sad when Raffa went out 'cos I do like him a lot, but now I am purring for Andy and that makes my MH happy. I wonder if he can win this year?  I hope so.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Puzzle

Spot the pussy cat! Can you find me in this picture? I promise I am there but I am hiding.


We were all outside today 'cos it has been a smashing day and the sun was lovely and warm. In fact, I had to go inside for a wee cool down some times. My DH was in his greenhouse and it was REALLY hot there. I just hope it isn't too hot for my tomatoes!

My MH cut our grass again and then we played outside for a long time and I was very happy 'cos we were altogether and that's what I like the best. I am a people cat and I love company especially if it is company that loves me!

I went down the path with my DH to give some water to the lady cows and they were very pleased with us 'cos they were thirsty. There are lots of good smells and long grass that I can play in and hide in, so I like when we go to the cows.

When my humans were finished all their work, they sat in the garden and that's when the nice farmer from next door came and stopped his ginormous big tractor outside my gate and had a chat to my humans.

Now, being an intrepid little pussy cat, I went exploring 'cos I have never been on a tractor and I have always wanted to see what it was like, so oft I went and I had a great big look all round the tractor and I just loved it.

I am going to ask the nice farmer if I can have a ride with him sometime and I am sure he will say yes. My humans have both been on a tractor, so why can't I?

I have had a very good day and I am looking forward to having a very good night too.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I am newsless today because both my humans have been out for the en-tire day. They weren't away far 'cos they were in the Hall with everybody else on my little island learning First Aid stuff so I had to be all alone but it was OK because they left the window open and I could come and go as I pleased.

I wandered in and out a few times and had a couple of wee sleeps on my couch but it is not the same when my humans are not here 'cos I like to be able to play with them and I miss them lots.

I did get a special cuddle when they came home and we went out to play for a wee while. We went to give the cows some water and my MH took this picture of me hiding in the grass which I thought you would like to see.


                                                      I think I look very fetching.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Still Happy

I had a lovely evening last night when my friend S. was here. I got lots of tickles and all the humans made a great big fuss of me which I just loved. I didn't want it to stop as I was having so much fun.

I have had a good day again today and we have all been outside lots and lots. Me and my DH were in our greenhouse and me and my MH hanged out her washing and I climbed all the clothes poles and then I ran and ran round the garden until I was tired and then I just fell down on the grass and wagged my little wagger to show my humans that I was happy.

Then it was time to walk down the path and put some water in the big bath for all the cows and when they saw me and my MH, they all came running towards us, but my MH wasn't frightened 'cos I was protecting her. I was right behind her, but I am sure the cows could see me. Hee hee.

My friend M. came to see me for a wee while but she doesn't make a fuss of me the same as S. but she did bring me some of my favourite treats, so I was very pleased to see her and gave her a special purr and a wee rub to say thank you and she was happy.


My MH took this video of me when I was playing with my wee green ball and she thought you might like to see it and if you watch very, very carefully, you will see me wriggling my adorable little bottom and I am sure it will make you smile.

I hope so.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Gardening again

I have been very busy helping my DH in the garden, but I don't think he appreciated my help 'cos he was shaking his head a lot.

He was putting in some wee plants and just because I went over to them and was trying to move the soil closer to them, he told me to 'shoo', so I very quickly shoo-ed!


I went into my house and told my MH what had happened so she took me into the gym with her and we did some more exercises and then we went and talked to my DH who was pleased to see us this time 'cos we were admiring all his hard work, and I didn't dig anything up. I think I am learning!

We are having my friend S. in tonight for her dinner and my DH is making Chinese lamb with orange and he is making it in his wok. He like playing with his wok and my MH likes when he cooks 'cos it is always very good and it means she can get a wee rest which she needs when she has been in the gym and doing her exercises.

She said if the fizzy-o lady gives her many more to do, she will have to get up a lot earlier and that means I will be up early too. Mind you, I can always have a snooze in the afternoon, but my MH doesn't do that. I shall have to teach her how to cat nap.

Anyway, I am looking forward to my friend S. coming to see me 'cos she always makes a fuss of me and calls me her ickle wickle and tells me I am beautiful.

And that, my dear friend, is what I was born to hear!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


.... I am sure there may be some people out there who do not know this little pussy cat well, and think that maybe I make up all these stories about helping my humans, but today I have the proof. I would not tell a lie. I am a good pussy cat----well, except when I dig in my DH's garden or waken my MH in the middle of the night by whispering in her lug! Hee hee

Anyway, it has been very wet today and the wind has been blowing too, so we have all been inside for most of the day and we have been taking it easy except for my poor old MH who has to keep doing her exercises.

However, I make them much easier for her when I keep her company and she likes that a lot and today my DH took these pictures of me doing my 'bit' as personal trainer for the old dear.


This is one of her stretching exercises and I was trying it too and I have to say, modestly of course, I was MUCH better than she was. But I won't tell her that.

Then it was time to do her leg exercises with the strap which goes round the leg of the bed and round her ankle and then she has to pull her leg back and forward. It still makes a funny noise when she pulls it---- the strap that is, NOT her leg!---- and I really like the noise. It always makes me smile and you know I like to smile.

By this time I was quite sleepy. It is tiring doing all this helping, so I nipped up on to my couch and had a snooze while my DH read his book and my MH played on her Wii, but every now and then, when she missed the ball, me and my DH had a wee smile together.

But she didn't see us which as just as well 'cos we both need fed soon. :-))))

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Caught in the Act

I have a feeling that 'it wasn't me' will not get me out of trouble in this instance, what do you think?


There I was, perfectly happy playing in my soil and just getting ready to settle down and do what comes naturally, when she-who-sees-all appeared with her camera, and 'click' I was caught, and there is no way I can worm my way out of this one.

Unfortunately, my winning look and endearing purrs which work so well with my darling MH, God bless the old dear, do not work with my DH and he has yet to fall under my charms especially when I do anything which he considers naughty.

This meant that when I was found out digging holes in the bit that he had been working so hard to flatten, I did get rather a loud telling off, so I stopped what I was doing, looked at my DH, wriggled my adorable little bottom and then tore up to the other end of my garden as fast as these little legs would take me, and that DID make him smile!

I am just loving having all this lovely, soft soil to play in and lie on and sit on and I don't understand why it has to be ultra smooth, so I am helping my DH to make our garden look aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Now, there's a big word for a pussy cat and the bestest excuse I have ever managed to come up with!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Lots of Friends

 It is very busy just outside my garden 'cos the nice farmer man next door has put out all the lady cows and some of the baby cows into the field beside my house, so I have plenty of company when I go out to play.

Me and my MH were out in my garden for a long, long time today and I had great fun. When she was cutting the grass, I just nipped through the fence and sat with the cows until she was finished, but it was quite funny at times 'cos she put the cut grass over the fence and all the cows rushed  to gobble it up, and I nearly got trampled on. It's a good job I can move very quickly.

Later on, we played on the grass and I ran and ran until my little legs were tired and then I sat and watched the cows for a while and my MH took this picture of me with them so that you could see us.


I think it is a funny picture and I am sure it will make you smile. I think even the cows had a smile when they saw me.

When we had finished in my garden, we went inside for a rest and I sat on the window sill while my MH sat on my couch and when I was looking out of my window I couldn't believe my adorable little eyes 'cos I saw a house floating past my window in the sea!

I rubbed my little eyes 'cos I was sure they were playing tricks on me, but when I looked again, it was still floating, and it was a very strange sight so I made some wee squeaking noises until my MH came to the window to see it for herself and we both had a giggle.

I don't know what it was or where it was going but it certainly made me smile today and I hope you have a wee smile too.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happy Day

I have had another crackin' day and it has made me very, very happy. It started off quite quietly and I didn't do very much this morning. Even my humans were taking it easy and my MH decided that she wasn't going swimming today. I think she wanted to stay with me and I certainly wasn't complaining.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and we did all our usual watering and talking to the plants and then we went outside to see how the new grass is coming along. My DH is pleased with how it is growing especially as yours truly has stopped digging big holes in it!

I had my usual siesta in the afternoon----I am sure I have Spanish blood, as I like these wee afternoon naps---- and then I heard the nice lady farmer from next door bringing her big tractor to my house and I knew right away what it was, so I rushed outside along with my DH and there it was. A ginormous pile of the softest soil in the en-tire world--all for me!!

There is a boggy bit in my garden which is hard for my MH to get the mower over, so my DH decided to make it a bit higher and grow some more grass on it and that's why the nice lady farmer brought us some of her soil and my DH spread it along the fence and then he went to get my MH out to see it.

He had left it all lovely and smooth, but by the time they came out, it was full of the most adorable little footprints and as they were laughing at this, I decided to leave a permanent deposit--if you get my meaning? So there is a wee bit of Squeak there for ever and ever! And I found another place to have a wee rest.


 I am loving being in my garden now 'cos there are lots of things for me to do and a lot of places to play and my DH has left a wee pile of soil just for me. He thinks I will use that to do what I have to do, and I might, but I will see where else might be just as good to leave a few deposits.

As you know, I am a very determined little pussy cat.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Magic Puss

 Oh I have had a brilliant day and I have been outside lots and lots and it's when I was outside that I was magic and it gave my MH a great big fright, but she is OK so don't worry.

 Both my humans were out this morning but as usual my MH was back at lunch time and we had a play together and then we sat on the couch---well, she sat on the couch and I sat on her!

 She did some washing and while it was in the machine, we went outside and played with her window cleaning machine and then it was time to hang out the washing and that's usually when I play in my garden and climb my clothes poles and just run and run and run. And then I have to have a wee lie down and a roll 'cos I like doing that.


 My MH watched me running and that made her smile and then she turned her back for a second and when she turned back to see me, I was gone. Vanished into thin air! Nowhere to be seen! Gone!

She called but I didn't answer and she looked round and round, but I was nowhere, so she called again, but still silence. No Squeak any where in the entire world, so it seemed.

 By this time my poor MH was very worried 'cos it looked as though I had done a vanishing act and she didn't know if I would un-vanish and come back to her, so she decided to put her washing in the basket and start a big search all over my little island, and guess what she saw?

Me! Squeak! In the basket! I had decided to have a wee look---well, you will remember yesterday that I told you I was very nosey---and I just jumped into the basket and sat there for a while playing hide and seek and I was trying so, so hard not to make a noise when I heard my MH calling for me, but I wasn't going to let her worry too much and I was just about to climb out when she found me.

Oh we did giggle a lot and so did my DH when we told him all about it when he came home.

Another brilliant day for this adorable little pussy cat.

Today's picture might look a bit odd, but my humans were sitting outside in my garden and I was inside watching them and my MH decided to take this picture of me which I think is quite funny but I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nosey Puss

One of my more endearing qualities (I think!) is my thirst for knowledge and my inquisitiveness. My MH thinks I am just nosey, but I try to tell her that I am learning new things every day and if I didn't look in drawers, cupboards, bins and carrier bags, then I wouldn't learn anything at all and I wouldn't be a very interesting little pussy cat.

When a drawer opens, I am into it with the speed of lightening. In fact, those of you who read about me on a regular basis know that I have been severely squashed once or twice as my humans have shut the drawer not knowing that I was at the back of it.

One time, I nearly got thrown against the wall 'cos I was inside the duvet cover when my MH was just about to shake it into position but she realised that it was a bit heavier than usual and put it down to have a look, and guess what she saw? Yep, got it in one! Me!

Today's picture is of me furthering my education by having a good look into a plastic bag that my MH's new shoes arrived in this morning. It is actually big enough for me to have a sleep in if I want but my MH explained that that might not be too safe and she keeps an eye on me to see I don't get into any trouble, so I am very careful.


I have had a good day today and have been playing and resting and generally just enjoying myself in an easy way.

I have helped my humans and I am afraid I gave my MH a bit of a fright 'cos she was lying on the floor doing her exercises with her eyes shut and I had been outside, but I came home and went looking for her and I was so pleased to see her that I licked her lug.

All I will say is I don't think I will do that again! What a noise the woman made. Did you know that a human can go from lying down to standing up in one very quick movement? 

No neither did I! Hee hee :-)))

Monday, 17 June 2013


I am still having a great time spending nearly all of my day outside in the field or in my garden 'cos it is still warm and it isn't raining and the big bad wind has gone away, so I am a very happy little Squeak.

I was able to go in and out ALL night 'cos my humans left the window open for me so I had a sleep quite early in the evening until I built up some energy and then I went out in the middle of the night when it was still quite light  and I was able to  meet all sorts of different little creatures and we all had a chat.

I stayed on the grass for a long time and just listened to all the birdies who were up very early and I liked it a big lot, but when I got tired, I was able to nip in through my living room window, have a wee biscuit and a drink of water and then I snuggled up beside my MH and had a long snooze.

I was as fresh as a daisy when I wakened up again and went straight back out to my garden, straight through the fence and into my field where I rolled and sniffed and just thinked! I love being in the fields 'cos there is always something to see or to hear or to sniff. Sometimes, life as a pussy cat is simply wonderful!

 My humans were both outside a lot and so I was able to play with them whenever I felt like it and I really have had a most brilliant day.

 My  MH took this picture of me this afternoon and I like it a lot 'cos I have my adorable little tongue out and I think I look even cuter than usual. I am sure you will agree with me.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

I am a mole....

.... not the spy kind of mole, although that does have a certain attraction for this little pussy cat. I quite fancy being all dark and mysterious, but maybe that's for another time.

No, I am the kind of mole that digs holes. That's what my DH told my MH, but he was just joking, so I shall explain.

I have been telling you that my humans have been working in my garden and last night my DH rolled the soil again and watered it with his big garden  hose that I stay well away from in case he scoots water on me, and then he rolled it some more and put grass seed on it and was very pleased with himself.

So, during the night when I was outside, I needed to find a place to settle and do what all pussy cats need to do and where do you think I went? Yep. I went where the soil was nice and soft on my delicate but adorable little bottom and when my DH went to look at his garden this morning he saw that it was still all smooth except for one wee bit where there was a wee hole and right beside it, a wee bump of soil where I had buried what I had done.

So he told my MH that maybe we had a mole in our garden, but really, they both know it was me. And it's OK 'cos they love me and don't mind that I did that. My DH fixed the soil and made it all smooth again but I don't think you want to know what he did, do you? No, I thought that.

We have all been outside today 'cos the weather has been beautiful and so warm that I had to keep finding a cool place for a rest, but I have done lots of hunting, lots of resting and lots of rolling. I just love rolling on the warm ground and my adorable little legs have been up in the air lots of times today.

I hope it stays like this forever!

Saturday, 15 June 2013


My MH is very pleased with herself today because she cut her grass yesterday and it is raining today, so she is a very happy MH and when she is happy we are all happy.

It's not too wet, but just wet enough to keep the mower in its shed and that makes ME happy! We all went into the greenhouse today 'cos I had to show my MH my strawberries which are coming along very nicely, thank you. I am convinced it is because I give them a wee purr every day, but my DH thinks it is because he keeps watering them, so I will let him think that 'cos I suppose he might be right, but it is my purring that makes them HAPPY strawberries, sure it is?


I went outside with my DH and watched as he was rolling the big bit of my garden that the nice farmers next door helped us with. It was all bumpy ground and my MH wanted it level so she could get the mower in easier, so the nice man came with his big digger and rotovator and helped my DH do what my MH wanted so she was -----yep! she was happy. My garden is looking nice and soon there will be brand new grass for me to lie on 'cos when he was finished rolling----well, HE wasn't rolling, he was using the roller, see?---  my DH put some grass seed on it and he told me I could help him to look after it and watch for the grass to grow and maybe if I purred at it, it will grow quicker. I shall let you know.


So I think you will have worked out by now why I called today's post 'Happy' 'cos we are all happy chez Squeak and I hope you are all happy too.

Friday, 14 June 2013


I have the bestest day in my en-tire life! The sun has been shining and it has been warm, so I have been outside the whole day and I have had a ball!

I went outside early 'cos my DH was up to go to the Cat shop, but my MH was having a wee rest 'cos her little legs were a bit sore after doing all their swimming stuff, so I left her in peace until I decided it was time she was up, and up she got. I have her very well trained!

She had to do some housework so I went away exploring and hunting and I know I was away for a long, long time and I think my MH must have been a bit worried 'cos I heard her calling for me and when I saw her in the garden, I ran as fast as I could and sprang straight through the fence which always makes her smile.

We worked about for a while in my house and did 'our' exercises and once I knew she was OK, I went away outside again and found some lovely long, warm grass to lie in and I think I fell asleep for a while.

My friend M. came to see me and we all sat outside in my garden and had a chat and then me and my MH went down the path to give the bull and the baby bull a drink of water. I stood quite close, but not too close and the calf had a good look at me.


When we were there, I saw this lovely starling and I asked my MH to take its picture so I could show it to you. I think his colours are beautiful. I think I might like to have some more colours. Do you get fur dye for pussy cats?

My afternoon ended with my MH cutting my grass and then we both waited for my DH to come home and I went into the greenhouse with him before having a rest in my peedie hoose to build up some more energy for my evening excursions.

Roly poly pussy cat

Thursday, 13 June 2013

I'm Just a Lonely Puss

My MH used to sing a song something like that and that's what I have been today---a lonely puss!

Both my humans were out today for a long time 'cos my DH was at the Cats shop and my MH was swimming so I was left all by my little self and because the weather wasn't good, the window had to be closed and I had to stay inside all day.

I had enough to eat 'cos my MH makes sure there is plenty food in my dishes to keep my adorable little tummy filled up and I had plenty of water so I was fine---just a wee bit lonely, but I lay on my bed most of the day and had lovely dreams.

As soon as I heard my door opening I ran into the kitchen and purred a big 'hello' at my humans and my MH lifted me up and cuddled me then tickled my (full!) tummy and you know I like this lots.

We went outside for a run round the grass before we went into my house where I sat on my MH's knee while she told me all about her swimming. She had a good time but her little legs are a bit tired tonight and they are not going to do their exercises, and I told her that unless she gives me her undivided attention and lots of cuddles tomorrow, then I am going to tell the fizzy-o lady that she didn't do them! Hee hee! :-)))


I think she knows I was only joking----but on the other paw-------.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


.... it is Wednesday again. The weeks just seem to fly past and so we are back at today when my DH was away to the Cat shop and my MH was away out until lunch time.

I went out to play for a while until my MH came home and then I sat on her knee as she had her lunch and she talked to me all the time. Then it was exercise time and I watched her as usual but this time she was doing a new exercise and I heard a funny noise which made me listen very carefully.

She has a rubber strap which goes on to the leg of the bed and then she puts her ankle through it and pulls her leg back and forward and as she does this, the strap makes a funny noise and that's what I was listening to.

Now. When I listen carefully, I seem to move my adorable little head from side to side and my MH smiled when I was doing this and she told my DH that I looked so cute and of course I just had to agree!

I think 'cute' might be my middle name.


What do you think?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


This is me having my afternoon nap.


 My MH thinks I have Spanish blood 'cos I do like my little siesta, but I need a nap after I have worked so hard during the day and then I need to build up some more energy for when I go outside at night time.

The days are getting much longer now and it hardly gets dark at all, so I have lots of fun being outside until it gets really late and then I nip in the window, have a wee biscuit and cuddle up beside my MH who us usually fast asleep by then.

I was out until very late last night, so I have had quite an easy day today, but I still managed to get everything done. I am quite a busy pussy cat 'cos I have to look after all my plants as well as looking after my humans and make sure that my MH does all her exercises properly.

The old dear has been working hard but she says it is easier when I am beside her and she always gives me a cuddle when we are finished and I like that a lot. We did our exercises today and then went into the gym for a wee while and after that I had a big long play in the garden.

My DH is still working in my garden and he has moved the pampas grass so that he can put down some more grass seed to make it easier for my MH to get the lawn mower into all the bits of my garden. It is looking good but he has a lot of work still to do and I will send you some pictures when it is all finished.

Me and my MH finished the afternoon by doing some baking and I have put on some pictures of my scones, pancakes and fruit buns. These are my DH's favourite but I like them too.


I'm sure you would like them if you could taste them.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Giggle Time

 Me and my MH have had a brilliant day today and we have had lots of giggles.

My day started off just like all my other days with me getting my breakfast and then heading out of my living room window to see what all my little animal friends are doing. I love having a chat with them and making sure they are well.

Normally, by the time I am finished, my DH has finished his coffee and is wandering into our greenhouse, so I hop along with him and check my little plants and give them a sniff and a purr. They are all coming along fine and my DH reckons we will soon be eating our very own tomatoes. I will ask my MH to take some pictures of them for you before they eat them all.

I went off by myself for a while to do pussy cat things and then I went into my house to see what my dear MH was doing and that's when we had such a giggle. I still smile when I think of it.

I looked everywhere for her and finally found her in the bedroom where she was doing her exercises, so I lay on the floor beside her and purred lots of encouragement. At one point I decided to see if her lugs were clean, so I poked my adorable little nose in as far as it could go and that made her start to giggle and I liked that.

Her next exercise is when she uses a wobble board and this is like a rubber cushion that she has to stand on and try to keep her balance. So, in case she falls off, she does this in front of the wardrobe and every now and then she has to lean on the wardrobe to steady herself. Well, I was watching this very closely and decided that I could do this too, so I went in between my MH and the wardrobe, stood up on my adorable little back legs and put my front paws on the wardrobe door and stretched as high as I could, then I looked up at my MH as if to say 'that's how to do it'
Well, she looked down at me and she started to giggle again and she laughed so much that she nearly fell off her wobble board. Oh dear friends, it was so funny.

I wish you could have seen us.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Still Happy

I have had another brilliant day and we have all been outside for most of the day and that's what I like. My DH and me were in our greenhouse for a long time and then we both wandered down the path to put some water out for the bull and the baby cow and they drank it all up quickly so I think we made them happy, but I still don't go too close to the bull, just in case he doesn't like pussy cats---even adorable ones like me!

When we went back to my house, my MH had the lawn mower out and she was cutting my grass. I have accepted the lawn mower as part of my life in summer. I will never like it, but it does leave my grass lovely and short and soft for me to lie on, so I really need to stop complaining about it.

I sat on the path and watched her and when she was finished, we went into the gym and I helped her as she was doing her cycling and she took this picture of me so that you could see me helping her.


Then came the best bit of my day 'cos me and my MH went into my house and I sat on her knee while we watched the tennis and Rafa was playing. Oh he is lovely! When he frowns, I sometimes get a wee bit frightened, especially when it is a close up 'cos I have got a big television and it looks as though he is right in front of me, so I snuggle into my MH, but then he smiles and my four little knees go all weak. Oh, he is lovely!

When the tennis is finished, I will have a wee sleep and then I will go outside again and because the weather is so good, my humans can leave the window open for me and I can stay out as long as I want.

I like the summer time a lot and I hope you do too.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


... I am just full of beans today, so my day of rest yesterday has done me the world of good.

Although it is cool, the sun has been shining and it is just purr-fect weather for this adorable little pussy cat. I was up bright and early and after a light breakfast, I was outside and running around like a three year old---which is just what I am 'cos I am now three and a half years old and as adorable as ever, if not even adorabler! And oh so modest!

I sat in the grass for quite a while and just listened to the birdies as they were singing and I liked that and then I saw that my DH had come out and we went into the greenhouse and watered all our plants and as usual I purred to mine, but my DH just shook his head and smiled at me.

And then I got a big surprise 'cos the nice lady farmer from next  door arrived just outside my garden in her tractor with a  great big load of soil just for me! Well, it is really for my garden, but it is oh so lovely and soft when I am doing what all good pussy cats have to do, and I am helping to make it even better soil by leaving my little deposits, sure I am?


I was a wee bit frightened but both my humans were with me and that made me feel safe so I watched as the tractor stopped and then C. lifted the big bucket on the front of it up really high and then tipped it over and I saw all the soil come falling out into my garden. My DH was a wee bit too close and he got some soil dust on him so he will need a long bath tonight to get all squeaky clean again . Poor DH!

I helped him when he was raking it all out and I had great fun rolling in the soil and digging it and I really love doing that, so I think I will be playing there tonight when I go out. I helped my MH with her exercises for a while, but I have spent most of my day outside and I have loved every single minute of it and I hope you have liked your day too.

Friday, 7 June 2013


I don't have any news at all for you today because I haven't done very much. In fact I have been quite tired and have been in my wee hoose quite a lot today.

The weather hasn't been very good and it is a bit cool, but me and my MH were outside for a short time 'cos she washed the summer curtains for my living room and we went outside to hang them out to dry.

I managed to find enough energy to run round and round my garden and I climbed the three clothes poles while my MH hanged up her curtains but she was laughing at the funny things I was doing.

The fizzy-o lady told her that she doesn't have to do some of her exercises now but she has other ones to do and there is not an awful lot for me to do, but I still sit with her while she is working 'cos I know she likes it and it helps her a lot.


I had a sleep in the afternoon until my DH came home with all our messages and he had lots of boxes tonight so I had great fun playing with them and the string.

So I suppose I have done quite a lot really. Especially for a sleepy pussy cat, but I am sure I will have lots more energy tomorrow and I shall be busy doing lots of things with my humans 'cos they are both at home with me all weekend and I like that a big lot!

Thursday, 6 June 2013


I have a mushroom! Just one mushroom, but it is MY mushroom and my DH is a wee bit jealous 'cos he doesn't have a mushroom. But he doesn't purr to them like I do and that's why I have a mushroom and he doesn't.


I have been very busy today in my greenhouse and watching what my DH has been doing. He has been digging up one of our big pampas grasses and I have found the most adorable soft soil to --- well, I will leave it to your imagination what I do there, but it is oh, so comfortable. Aaah!!

My dear old MH was away swimming again so I only had one human to look after and I had quite an easy day with a lot of time to myself to do pussy cat things so I hunted and chased and slept and lay on the grass just watching the world go by and I was extremely content.

When I heard my MH's car, I ran back to my garden and waited for her 'cos I know I always get an extra special cuddle 'cos she misses me as much as I miss her.

I sat on her knee and she showed me some pictures of the sea mist which rolled in last night and I thought you might like to see this one. We can watch it rolling up the Flow and then in a wee while all my little island is covered in white until it rolls away again. I like it, but I prefer when the sun is shining and it is nice and warm and that's what I am keeping my paws crossed for  for tomorrow.


I hope you have weather you like too.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I should have known----

I should have suspected that something was afoot when my cage arrived in my kitchen from the gym where it usually stays, but I wasn't thinking and it creept up on me. Oh, dear feline friends, and human friends too, I am still traumatised. I have been to the VET!!!

I got up bright and early today 'cos the sun was shining and as I wakened up, I had my day all planned out in my adorable little head.

1)  Have a light breakfast and take a wander round my estate

2) Find a nice warm, soft bit of grass and lie down to let said breakfast settle.

3) Look for mouses and birdies to have a chat to.

4) Wander back home and help my humans.

Sounds good, doesn't it? But it didn't work. As I went into my kitchen, my MH was putting my blanket into the cage----they call it my travelling box, I call it a cage! And before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was lifted up and thrown inside the cage, then put in the back of my DH's car with him driving and my MH sitting beside me trying to console me, but I was so shocked that I was even meowing! Now, as you know, I rarely meow, but I did the pussy cat nation proud today. I started off with an angry one, then a pleading one, then a 'I promise I will be good for ever' one and then a sad one and this made my MH upset too.

Anyway, we arrived at the pier and I was taken out, still in the cage, and a nice lady came into the waiting room and gave me an injection and a big examination and she said I was beautiful and very well indeed and then she put me back in the cage and we went back into the car where said yowling started all over again 'cos I didn't know where I was going.

When we got back, I didn't recognise my house and my DH opened the cage in the car, but I thought I was somewhere else and I wouldn't get out. But then I saw my grass. Oh my lovely, lovely grass-- and my path and I runned up the path as fast as my little legs would take me, but I am afraid that they were still a wee bit shaky from all the upset and it took me longer than usual, but I ran into my kitchen, saw my feeding bowl and my water bowl and knew I was back in my own house again. Phew!

I have been a wee bit tired today due to all this excitement, but I did find a little birdie to talk to and told her all about my trip to the V-E-T and the little birdie was very sympathetic.


And the CAGE is back in the gym, but they won't catch me the next time. Of that I am very, very sure!

Monday, 3 June 2013

What a Day

I have had one of the best pussy cat days of my en-tire little life today and it has made me a very happy pussy cat.

The weather is still very good and so all my doors and windows are open which means I can come and go just as I please and I love being outside when the weather is good.

When the dreaded vacuum cleaner came out, as it always does on a Monday, I just ignored it and walked nonchalantly outside with my tail in the air and sat on the grass until my MH was finished all her work and then she came outside to see where I was and when she found me, we played and played for a long time and I loved it.

We went into they gym for a while and I sniffed around for a bit and then went into my garden to wait until her little legs were finished and then we went inside for a wee seat and some lunch and I sat on her knee and she talked to me and I purred back.

My DH was in our greenhouse, so I went to have a wee look to see what he was doing, but I was soon outside again enjoying the sunshine and it was then that I noticed that my MH was heading out with the lawn mower to cut my grass, but I just ignored that too and sat on the bench and watched her and she liked that. I think it helps her when she sees me there giving her some encouragement.

When she finished that and put the mower away, we went down the path to put some water in the big bath 'cos I have a daddy bull and a baby cow in the field in front of my house and they like it when I give them a wee drink. I don't think I will go into the field though 'cos the bull is HUGE, so I will just watch the baby cow from a safe distance.

By this time I was feeling a wee bit tired, so I am having a nap in my peedie hoose, but I am sure I shall be outside until very late tonight and if I shall tell you all about it tomorrow, but I hope you are as happy as I am.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Happy Squeak

I have had a very good weekend so far and I am extremely happy. Much happier than I was last week when I was abandoned for days and days and days!

I know that is a slight exaggeration, but that's what it felt like. My MH says I have the makings of becoming a pussy cat diva and I have far too much imagination, and that got me thinking!


I have decided to become a world famous author and I am going to write books all about ME! I shall call them The Adorable Squeak which I think says it all. I know the world is waiting for just such a series of books and I could become the cats world's J.K. Rowling.

I will take myself off every morning to a quiet place on my little island and there I shall pen the adventures of the day and I am sure in no time at all my fame will have spread around the world and people will flock here in their millions to see me, to stroke me and to get my paw-tograph! The boat company will be very happy 'cos they will make millions of pennies through my fame, and I shall definitely become a diva then.

I shall wear dark sunglasses, a straw hat and learn to purr in a very sophisticated manner, although that will just be for my fans. I shall just be normal me for my humans and all my friends 'cos I really don't think my MH would let me away with any nonsense.

Yes. I think that is definitely a cracking idea and all I need to do now is learn to write! Hee hee  :)))

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Almost! I was nearly done-for today, and it was all my own fault for being nosey. It was nearly my last bout of nosiness!

I shall explain. My MH was putting away some of my DH's T-shirts in his drawer and I was wandering about the bedroom when I noticed that the drawer was open. SO! As my MH turned away, I nipped in the back of the open drawer and she didn't see me, so she tried to shut the drawer, but oddly enough, it wouldn't close properly!! And we all know why, don't we? She pulled it right out to see what had fallen down the back and there was ME! Not very happy and rather sheepish, but I got a big cuddle when I finally managed to wriggle my way out and my humans called me a silly sausage. And I don't suppose I can argue with them, can I?

After that the day just got a lot better. We were all in the greenhouse as you can see from today's picture, although this is me looking in at them for a change. Then me and my MH played with her window machine and now all my windows are sparkling and after that we sat outside for a while and I played on the grass and then sat on the bench with my MH and we had a rest which we both liked.


It is still warm and there is no wind and no rain so I am hoping it stays like that so that I can get out to play for a long time later on.

And I shall have to tell all the little mouses about my very narrow escape although I shall change the story a bit so that it wasn't my fault at all.

I can't have them thinking I am a silly puss, can I? Definitely not good for the image!