Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Puzzle

Spot the pussy cat! Can you find me in this picture? I promise I am there but I am hiding.


We were all outside today 'cos it has been a smashing day and the sun was lovely and warm. In fact, I had to go inside for a wee cool down some times. My DH was in his greenhouse and it was REALLY hot there. I just hope it isn't too hot for my tomatoes!

My MH cut our grass again and then we played outside for a long time and I was very happy 'cos we were altogether and that's what I like the best. I am a people cat and I love company especially if it is company that loves me!

I went down the path with my DH to give some water to the lady cows and they were very pleased with us 'cos they were thirsty. There are lots of good smells and long grass that I can play in and hide in, so I like when we go to the cows.

When my humans were finished all their work, they sat in the garden and that's when the nice farmer from next door came and stopped his ginormous big tractor outside my gate and had a chat to my humans.

Now, being an intrepid little pussy cat, I went exploring 'cos I have never been on a tractor and I have always wanted to see what it was like, so oft I went and I had a great big look all round the tractor and I just loved it.

I am going to ask the nice farmer if I can have a ride with him sometime and I am sure he will say yes. My humans have both been on a tractor, so why can't I?

I have had a very good day and I am looking forward to having a very good night too.


  1. Ooo Squeak - I had to look really hard, but I found you there. As expected, you look adorable!

    Send care, love and huggles, Michelle xxx (with zzzzzzz from Zebby - to be expected as he is now an elderly man-cat)

  2. Hello Michelle I am glad you found me. I liked hiding under the ginormous tractor but I made sure I was well away from it when the nice farmer started to drive it or I would have ended up a very flat Squeak!:)

    I hope you and Zebby are well