Tuesday, 11 June 2013


This is me having my afternoon nap.


 My MH thinks I have Spanish blood 'cos I do like my little siesta, but I need a nap after I have worked so hard during the day and then I need to build up some more energy for when I go outside at night time.

The days are getting much longer now and it hardly gets dark at all, so I have lots of fun being outside until it gets really late and then I nip in the window, have a wee biscuit and cuddle up beside my MH who us usually fast asleep by then.

I was out until very late last night, so I have had quite an easy day today, but I still managed to get everything done. I am quite a busy pussy cat 'cos I have to look after all my plants as well as looking after my humans and make sure that my MH does all her exercises properly.

The old dear has been working hard but she says it is easier when I am beside her and she always gives me a cuddle when we are finished and I like that a lot. We did our exercises today and then went into the gym for a wee while and after that I had a big long play in the garden.

My DH is still working in my garden and he has moved the pampas grass so that he can put down some more grass seed to make it easier for my MH to get the lawn mower into all the bits of my garden. It is looking good but he has a lot of work still to do and I will send you some pictures when it is all finished.

Me and my MH finished the afternoon by doing some baking and I have put on some pictures of my scones, pancakes and fruit buns. These are my DH's favourite but I like them too.


I'm sure you would like them if you could taste them.

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