Monday, 24 June 2013

Gardening again

I have been very busy helping my DH in the garden, but I don't think he appreciated my help 'cos he was shaking his head a lot.

He was putting in some wee plants and just because I went over to them and was trying to move the soil closer to them, he told me to 'shoo', so I very quickly shoo-ed!


I went into my house and told my MH what had happened so she took me into the gym with her and we did some more exercises and then we went and talked to my DH who was pleased to see us this time 'cos we were admiring all his hard work, and I didn't dig anything up. I think I am learning!

We are having my friend S. in tonight for her dinner and my DH is making Chinese lamb with orange and he is making it in his wok. He like playing with his wok and my MH likes when he cooks 'cos it is always very good and it means she can get a wee rest which she needs when she has been in the gym and doing her exercises.

She said if the fizzy-o lady gives her many more to do, she will have to get up a lot earlier and that means I will be up early too. Mind you, I can always have a snooze in the afternoon, but my MH doesn't do that. I shall have to teach her how to cat nap.

Anyway, I am looking forward to my friend S. coming to see me 'cos she always makes a fuss of me and calls me her ickle wickle and tells me I am beautiful.

And that, my dear friend, is what I was born to hear!

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