Sunday, 16 June 2013

I am a mole....

.... not the spy kind of mole, although that does have a certain attraction for this little pussy cat. I quite fancy being all dark and mysterious, but maybe that's for another time.

No, I am the kind of mole that digs holes. That's what my DH told my MH, but he was just joking, so I shall explain.

I have been telling you that my humans have been working in my garden and last night my DH rolled the soil again and watered it with his big garden  hose that I stay well away from in case he scoots water on me, and then he rolled it some more and put grass seed on it and was very pleased with himself.

So, during the night when I was outside, I needed to find a place to settle and do what all pussy cats need to do and where do you think I went? Yep. I went where the soil was nice and soft on my delicate but adorable little bottom and when my DH went to look at his garden this morning he saw that it was still all smooth except for one wee bit where there was a wee hole and right beside it, a wee bump of soil where I had buried what I had done.

So he told my MH that maybe we had a mole in our garden, but really, they both know it was me. And it's OK 'cos they love me and don't mind that I did that. My DH fixed the soil and made it all smooth again but I don't think you want to know what he did, do you? No, I thought that.

We have all been outside today 'cos the weather has been beautiful and so warm that I had to keep finding a cool place for a rest, but I have done lots of hunting, lots of resting and lots of rolling. I just love rolling on the warm ground and my adorable little legs have been up in the air lots of times today.

I hope it stays like this forever!

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