Thursday, 13 June 2013

I'm Just a Lonely Puss

My MH used to sing a song something like that and that's what I have been today---a lonely puss!

Both my humans were out today for a long time 'cos my DH was at the Cats shop and my MH was swimming so I was left all by my little self and because the weather wasn't good, the window had to be closed and I had to stay inside all day.

I had enough to eat 'cos my MH makes sure there is plenty food in my dishes to keep my adorable little tummy filled up and I had plenty of water so I was fine---just a wee bit lonely, but I lay on my bed most of the day and had lovely dreams.

As soon as I heard my door opening I ran into the kitchen and purred a big 'hello' at my humans and my MH lifted me up and cuddled me then tickled my (full!) tummy and you know I like this lots.

We went outside for a run round the grass before we went into my house where I sat on my MH's knee while she told me all about her swimming. She had a good time but her little legs are a bit tired tonight and they are not going to do their exercises, and I told her that unless she gives me her undivided attention and lots of cuddles tomorrow, then I am going to tell the fizzy-o lady that she didn't do them! Hee hee! :-)))


I think she knows I was only joking----but on the other paw-------.

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