Friday, 21 June 2013

Lots of Friends

 It is very busy just outside my garden 'cos the nice farmer man next door has put out all the lady cows and some of the baby cows into the field beside my house, so I have plenty of company when I go out to play.

Me and my MH were out in my garden for a long, long time today and I had great fun. When she was cutting the grass, I just nipped through the fence and sat with the cows until she was finished, but it was quite funny at times 'cos she put the cut grass over the fence and all the cows rushed  to gobble it up, and I nearly got trampled on. It's a good job I can move very quickly.

Later on, we played on the grass and I ran and ran until my little legs were tired and then I sat and watched the cows for a while and my MH took this picture of me with them so that you could see us.


I think it is a funny picture and I am sure it will make you smile. I think even the cows had a smile when they saw me.

When we had finished in my garden, we went inside for a rest and I sat on the window sill while my MH sat on my couch and when I was looking out of my window I couldn't believe my adorable little eyes 'cos I saw a house floating past my window in the sea!

I rubbed my little eyes 'cos I was sure they were playing tricks on me, but when I looked again, it was still floating, and it was a very strange sight so I made some wee squeaking noises until my MH came to the window to see it for herself and we both had a giggle.

I don't know what it was or where it was going but it certainly made me smile today and I hope you have a wee smile too.

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