Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Magic Puss

 Oh I have had a brilliant day and I have been outside lots and lots and it's when I was outside that I was magic and it gave my MH a great big fright, but she is OK so don't worry.

 Both my humans were out this morning but as usual my MH was back at lunch time and we had a play together and then we sat on the couch---well, she sat on the couch and I sat on her!

 She did some washing and while it was in the machine, we went outside and played with her window cleaning machine and then it was time to hang out the washing and that's usually when I play in my garden and climb my clothes poles and just run and run and run. And then I have to have a wee lie down and a roll 'cos I like doing that.


 My MH watched me running and that made her smile and then she turned her back for a second and when she turned back to see me, I was gone. Vanished into thin air! Nowhere to be seen! Gone!

She called but I didn't answer and she looked round and round, but I was nowhere, so she called again, but still silence. No Squeak any where in the entire world, so it seemed.

 By this time my poor MH was very worried 'cos it looked as though I had done a vanishing act and she didn't know if I would un-vanish and come back to her, so she decided to put her washing in the basket and start a big search all over my little island, and guess what she saw?

Me! Squeak! In the basket! I had decided to have a wee look---well, you will remember yesterday that I told you I was very nosey---and I just jumped into the basket and sat there for a while playing hide and seek and I was trying so, so hard not to make a noise when I heard my MH calling for me, but I wasn't going to let her worry too much and I was just about to climb out when she found me.

Oh we did giggle a lot and so did my DH when we told him all about it when he came home.

Another brilliant day for this adorable little pussy cat.

Today's picture might look a bit odd, but my humans were sitting outside in my garden and I was inside watching them and my MH decided to take this picture of me which I think is quite funny but I hope you like it.

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