Friday, 7 June 2013


I don't have any news at all for you today because I haven't done very much. In fact I have been quite tired and have been in my wee hoose quite a lot today.

The weather hasn't been very good and it is a bit cool, but me and my MH were outside for a short time 'cos she washed the summer curtains for my living room and we went outside to hang them out to dry.

I managed to find enough energy to run round and round my garden and I climbed the three clothes poles while my MH hanged up her curtains but she was laughing at the funny things I was doing.

The fizzy-o lady told her that she doesn't have to do some of her exercises now but she has other ones to do and there is not an awful lot for me to do, but I still sit with her while she is working 'cos I know she likes it and it helps her a lot.


I had a sleep in the afternoon until my DH came home with all our messages and he had lots of boxes tonight so I had great fun playing with them and the string.

So I suppose I have done quite a lot really. Especially for a sleepy pussy cat, but I am sure I will have lots more energy tomorrow and I shall be busy doing lots of things with my humans 'cos they are both at home with me all weekend and I like that a big lot!

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