Sunday, 9 June 2013

Still Happy

I have had another brilliant day and we have all been outside for most of the day and that's what I like. My DH and me were in our greenhouse for a long time and then we both wandered down the path to put some water out for the bull and the baby cow and they drank it all up quickly so I think we made them happy, but I still don't go too close to the bull, just in case he doesn't like pussy cats---even adorable ones like me!

When we went back to my house, my MH had the lawn mower out and she was cutting my grass. I have accepted the lawn mower as part of my life in summer. I will never like it, but it does leave my grass lovely and short and soft for me to lie on, so I really need to stop complaining about it.

I sat on the path and watched her and when she was finished, we went into the gym and I helped her as she was doing her cycling and she took this picture of me so that you could see me helping her.


Then came the best bit of my day 'cos me and my MH went into my house and I sat on her knee while we watched the tennis and Rafa was playing. Oh he is lovely! When he frowns, I sometimes get a wee bit frightened, especially when it is a close up 'cos I have got a big television and it looks as though he is right in front of me, so I snuggle into my MH, but then he smiles and my four little knees go all weak. Oh, he is lovely!

When the tennis is finished, I will have a wee sleep and then I will go outside again and because the weather is so good, my humans can leave the window open for me and I can stay out as long as I want.

I like the summer time a lot and I hope you do too.

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