Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Still Happy

I had a lovely evening last night when my friend S. was here. I got lots of tickles and all the humans made a great big fuss of me which I just loved. I didn't want it to stop as I was having so much fun.

I have had a good day again today and we have all been outside lots and lots. Me and my DH were in our greenhouse and me and my MH hanged out her washing and I climbed all the clothes poles and then I ran and ran round the garden until I was tired and then I just fell down on the grass and wagged my little wagger to show my humans that I was happy.

Then it was time to walk down the path and put some water in the big bath for all the cows and when they saw me and my MH, they all came running towards us, but my MH wasn't frightened 'cos I was protecting her. I was right behind her, but I am sure the cows could see me. Hee hee.

My friend M. came to see me for a wee while but she doesn't make a fuss of me the same as S. but she did bring me some of my favourite treats, so I was very pleased to see her and gave her a special purr and a wee rub to say thank you and she was happy.


My MH took this video of me when I was playing with my wee green ball and she thought you might like to see it and if you watch very, very carefully, you will see me wriggling my adorable little bottom and I am sure it will make you smile.

I hope so.

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