Monday, 17 June 2013


I am still having a great time spending nearly all of my day outside in the field or in my garden 'cos it is still warm and it isn't raining and the big bad wind has gone away, so I am a very happy little Squeak.

I was able to go in and out ALL night 'cos my humans left the window open for me so I had a sleep quite early in the evening until I built up some energy and then I went out in the middle of the night when it was still quite light  and I was able to  meet all sorts of different little creatures and we all had a chat.

I stayed on the grass for a long time and just listened to all the birdies who were up very early and I liked it a big lot, but when I got tired, I was able to nip in through my living room window, have a wee biscuit and a drink of water and then I snuggled up beside my MH and had a long snooze.

I was as fresh as a daisy when I wakened up again and went straight back out to my garden, straight through the fence and into my field where I rolled and sniffed and just thinked! I love being in the fields 'cos there is always something to see or to hear or to sniff. Sometimes, life as a pussy cat is simply wonderful!

 My humans were both outside a lot and so I was able to play with them whenever I felt like it and I really have had a most brilliant day.

 My  MH took this picture of me this afternoon and I like it a lot 'cos I have my adorable little tongue out and I think I look even cuter than usual. I am sure you will agree with me.


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