Saturday, 29 June 2013

This and That

We have all been busy doing lots of wee things today 'cos we all try to take it easy in the weekends and have a rest, but we have still been quite a bit busy and me especially as I have a lot of animals and insects to talk to and I like to go and see how the cows are getting on.

My DH has been having bother with his strimmer and couldn't get it to go and even my MH's words of wisdom didn't help, mainly because, in this case, she hasn't a clue what she is talking about! Hee hee hee.


However, the nice man from next door had a look at it and managed o get it going again, so my DH strimmed all the grass and he is a happy chappy, and my garden is looking very lovely again.

We walked down the path and gave some water to all the cows and I am sure one of the baby cows smiled at me, so I smiled back. Well, it's only polite, isn't it?

I wandered home then and went into the gym with my MH and helped her to do all her exercises. She has to get up early these days to fit in all her exercising and to make sure she has plenty of time to play with me, but I try and help her as much as I can and I know she appreciates this.

I took her into our greenhouse and showed her my tiny baby tomatoes and she was very happy, but I think it is a shame to eat them, and I might hide them when they get a bit bigger and they could be my friends, sure they could?


I am having a very good Saturday and I hope you are having a good day too.

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