Saturday, 8 June 2013


... I am just full of beans today, so my day of rest yesterday has done me the world of good.

Although it is cool, the sun has been shining and it is just purr-fect weather for this adorable little pussy cat. I was up bright and early and after a light breakfast, I was outside and running around like a three year old---which is just what I am 'cos I am now three and a half years old and as adorable as ever, if not even adorabler! And oh so modest!

I sat in the grass for quite a while and just listened to the birdies as they were singing and I liked that and then I saw that my DH had come out and we went into the greenhouse and watered all our plants and as usual I purred to mine, but my DH just shook his head and smiled at me.

And then I got a big surprise 'cos the nice lady farmer from next  door arrived just outside my garden in her tractor with a  great big load of soil just for me! Well, it is really for my garden, but it is oh so lovely and soft when I am doing what all good pussy cats have to do, and I am helping to make it even better soil by leaving my little deposits, sure I am?


I was a wee bit frightened but both my humans were with me and that made me feel safe so I watched as the tractor stopped and then C. lifted the big bucket on the front of it up really high and then tipped it over and I saw all the soil come falling out into my garden. My DH was a wee bit too close and he got some soil dust on him so he will need a long bath tonight to get all squeaky clean again . Poor DH!

I helped him when he was raking it all out and I had great fun rolling in the soil and digging it and I really love doing that, so I think I will be playing there tonight when I go out. I helped my MH with her exercises for a while, but I have spent most of my day outside and I have loved every single minute of it and I hope you have liked your day too.

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