Wednesday, 12 June 2013


.... it is Wednesday again. The weeks just seem to fly past and so we are back at today when my DH was away to the Cat shop and my MH was away out until lunch time.

I went out to play for a while until my MH came home and then I sat on her knee as she had her lunch and she talked to me all the time. Then it was exercise time and I watched her as usual but this time she was doing a new exercise and I heard a funny noise which made me listen very carefully.

She has a rubber strap which goes on to the leg of the bed and then she puts her ankle through it and pulls her leg back and forward and as she does this, the strap makes a funny noise and that's what I was listening to.

Now. When I listen carefully, I seem to move my adorable little head from side to side and my MH smiled when I was doing this and she told my DH that I looked so cute and of course I just had to agree!

I think 'cute' might be my middle name.


What do you think?

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