Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Very Back to Normal

I didn't even mind the awful vacuum cleaner coming out today 'cos I knew my humans were back into my routine again and that made me very content.

My two friends J. and A. came to see me last night. I think they had been missing me, and I made my MH laugh 'cos I left her knee where I had been sleeping and curled up on J.'s knee and went to sleep again. I like my friends and I know they like me.

It has been a nice day today so I have been outside a lot and I helped my MH hang out her washing. I did feel sorry for the old dear as she had an awful lot of washing to do, but I helped cheer her up when she was hanging it on the rope 'cos I ran round and round my garden and climbed the poles just before she reached them, and that always makes her laugh.

I took my DH into our greenhouse and showed him all our tomatoes which are starting to go red, so he was very pleased with me too.


So you can see that we are all back to normal again and that is just the way I like it, thank you very much!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It's me, Squeak! I am back!!

I hope you haven't missed me, but as I told you a long, long time ago, my humans went away to leave me all alone, so I couldn't write to you, but now I can and that makes me a very happy pussy cat.

They went away, but my friends A. and J. came to stay with me and look after me so we all had the bestest of fun and I just loved it! They looked after me really well, but I kept them busy and made sure they played with me lots and lots.

I was away for a long time one day and managed to get sand on my paws so the boys told my humans that I had gone to our beach, but nobody knows for sure where I went and of course I am not telling them. :-) I like to keep them all guessing.

I did get a big surprise last night when my door opened and I saw my humans standing in my kitchen and I was so, so happy. My DH is all brown and my MH has millions of freckles. I was sitting on her knee last night and I decided I would try to count them, but I fell asleep, so I don't know how many she has. Maybe I will try again tonight.

I hope you are all well and that you haven't missed me too much.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Well, I did try, but I failed. :-(

My humans were packing their big case today to take away with them when they go away their holidays tomorrow, but when they weren't looking, yours truly nipped into the case and snuggled down in a wee corner hoping that they wouldn't notice me, and then when they opened it up again, out I would pop and say 'surprise!'

It didn't work though 'cos they saw me and very gently lifted me out again. Mind you, when my MH told me what would have happened to me if I had stayed in the case, I was very glad they DID find me! I don't think I would have liked being in the case in the boot of the big aeroplane.

So I have decided to content my dear little self and have good fun with my friends J. and A. until my humans come back again laden with presents for moi!

I will write to you as soon as I can and tell you all about their holiday and what they brought me, so I hope you keep well and have a very good time until then.


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Quiet Day

That's what I have had. My humans have been out for a while but when my MH came home, we went into the garden and I went rock climbing again while she watched me.


We had a lady visitor in the afternoon and she made a fuss of me and let me have a sniff at her bag which I liked. My MH says I am nosey, but I tell her I am just widening my education!

We had visitors last night too and they tickled me and cuddled me and that made me happy and they liked it too.

I had a message from my pussy cat paw pal in Germany who is called Satchmo and he told me it is OK to be sad and excited at the same time, so that has put my mind at rest. I am feeling a wee bit less sad and a wee bit more excited so I am sure it will be fine.

I think I might be able to write to you tomorrow but that will be the last for a long time so I hope you don't miss me too much.

I suppose I will have lots to tell you when I DO come back and I hope you are all safe and well until then.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Question

Can a pussy cat be sad and excited at the same time? I think that's what I might be and I shall explain.

As you know, my humans are going away on holiday and today they started looking out all the things they want to take with them and I got this funny feeling as I watched them.


I am sad 'cos they are going away. I love them loads and loads and I will miss them so that's why I am sad, but I love my friends A. and J. too and I know I will have great fun with them so that's why I am excited, but I just wondered if this was OK?

I don't want to mention it to my MH in case she gets worried about me, so maybe somebody out there can help me.

I have had a good day today 'cos both my humans have been home and they have played with me whenever I wanted them to and we have all had good fun and my MH has just told me that my friend S. is coming to see me to night so that has made me very happy AND excited!

I know I am a very clever puss but I think there is still a lot I have to learn.

The weather has been naughty again and I have been indoors nearly all day but that's fine 'cos I am a wee bit tired as I was out so much last night, so it's good to have an excuse to rest and be a wee bit lazy.

I will probably go outside tonight after my visitors have gone home and maybe some of my little friends will be able to answer my questions.

Monday, 8 July 2013


I have three lots of WOWs for you today.

The first wow is the tennis match that Andy Murray won last night. It was magic. I sat on my MH's knee for most of it and we both watched my television. I say 'most of it' 'cos sometimes we were behind the couch just hoping that he would win, but he did and we were so happy for him.

The other wow is that the weather today has been absolutely glorious and this little pussy cat has been outside the en-tire day. The only thing that made me sad is that my humans had to go to Kirkwall 'cos my MH had to see the fizzy-o lady again so I  had nobody to play with until they came home again.

My MH told me that the fizzy-o lady was very pleased with her and told her that she should get a gold star 'cos she had worked so hard, and she doesn't need to go back again. We have just to keep doing all our exercises and she should be fine, so that is very good news and the nice lady told my MH to tell me that she wished she had a pussy cat like me, so I think I should get a gold star too.

The last wow happened when my humans were home and the weather was so good that they left my door open and when I was in the kitchen I heard a funny noise and then I saw the most ginormous bumble bee I had ever seen. It was huge! I think it was so huge it could have carried me away!  :))

My MH heard it too and she came in to investigate and when she saw what it was, she lifted me up and put me in the living room so that I would be safe and then my DH came in and managed to put Mrs. Bumble Bee into a box and let her go outside and she flied away. Phew!

I wonder if I will have any more wows before bedtime?

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Oh Dear

I was in a lot of trouble this morning from my MH 'cos I stayed out really, really late.

My humans were up quite late too and I decided to go out exploring about eleven o'clock 'cos it was a very nice night. I am not going to tell you where I went 'cos it is a pussy cat secret but I was so happy that I didn't come home even when I heard my humans calling for me.

My DH eventually went to bed and my MH said she would stay awake until I came home and I am afraid that I didn't return until half past four o'clock in the morning and my MH was very worried that something had happened to me and as well as getting a big cuddle I got a big telling off!

I think I had better behave myself today!

 I have been very attentive and I helped the old dear hang out her washing and did my usual running up and down the clothes poles which amused her.

Then we had a wee wander down my garden and did some acrobatics on my gate, but now I am lying on my MH's knee and we are watching the tennis, because between you and me, I am a wee bit tired, but I don't want to complain 'cos my MH will say it all my own fault for staying out all night.


And I think she just might be right, but that, dear reader, is between you and me!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Play Time

I have been watching more tennis today and I am getting to like watching my television. My friends J. and A. came over to see me and to get all the instructions for looking after me. My MH need to know that I am being well looked after and my friends do a very good job---I make sure of that!

Since it was a good day, my MH cut our grass again and I followed her round the garden at a safe distance from the lawn mower, but I had a wee roll in the grass when she was all finished and then we sat on our bench and had a chat again.

We were sitting in our living room and looking out of my window when the naughty bird came back again to try and steal the food from the little birds and my MH took this brilliant picture which I know you would like to see.

I am having a rest now but I shall be heading out later on and if I see this naughty seagull I shall give him a piece of my mind and then send him quickly on his way.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Thought for today

It's a good job that pussy cats don't bite their nails 'cos I would have none left by now. I have been watching the tennis with my MH! Does that explain it?

I am exhausted after the first semi final and had to have a wee rest but then suddenly Andy was on my television and my humans were watching it in 3D but I still don't have any special glasses so I just had to screw up my adorable little eyes and I could see it fine. Come on Andy! He has just won the second set. Phew!

I have had a good day just wandering around doing pussy cat things and generally keeping an eye on the old dear and making sure she didn't get into any trouble, but when I saw her  settling down to finish off some cards, I knew it was safe for me to wander about on my own.

She came outside for a while and we sat in my garden just watching the birdies and that was nice 'cos I could hear them singing and it was nice and warm and we were both very happy, but I did get a wee bit of bad news while we were there.


When my MH has anything to tell me, she puts me on her knee and talks to me and that's what she did today and they are going away to leave me soon! :-(   I am sad!

They are going on holiday next Friday for two whole weeks and three whole days. Oh dear, woe is me. What will become of poor little Squeak?

Don't be sad 'cos you all know what will happen to me. I will have a brilliant time 'cos my two friends J. and A. are coming to my house to stay with me and we always have super fun when they are here and my MH has already bought me enough food to last about a century!

I will be very fine. Naturally I will miss my humans, but I will be very fine. I only hope you don't miss me too much, but I will be here all next week to talk to you, so don't be too sad.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Naughty Birdy

Now, you all know that I am a very good puss and I don't hurt the birdies 'cos I told you yesterday, but today I saw something that might make me change my adorable little mind 'cos I saw a great big bird stealing the feed ball that my humans put out for my little feathered friends, but unfortunately I was inside at the time and couldn't chase it away.

It made me and my MH angry 'cos the little birds might be hungry now and that would be a shame. My MH managed to take a picture of the naughty bird and I thought I would show it to you. It's not very clear but you can see the seagull and the green thing it has in its beak is the feed ball. Shame on you naughty seagull!


Me and my MH have been a wee bit busy today and my DH has been away in Stromness again so I have been helping the old dear with her exercises and I kept her company when she went into the gym.

She had a wee wander round the garden and I sat on my wall just watching the world go by and I was perfectly content. I will go outside later on and I might go into the field in front of my house to se if I can find the feed ball.


I will let you know tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Another Wednesday

I don't really like Wednesday's 'cos I am left alone for a long time while my DH is at the Cats shop and my MH is out, but then she always plays with me and cuddles me when she comes home, so it is worth waiting for.

I was outside a lot and I came across this little birdy and it wasn't afraid of me at all. I think all the other birdies have told him that I am a good, kind pussy cat and that I don't hurt birdies. I think this is a beautiful birdy and when I showed it to my MH she said that she saw some of those birdies when she was in Malawi, and then we looked at the map and she showed me where she had been. It is very far away.


When my DH came home we went into our greenhouse and I showed him my tomatoes which are growing better than his and he wasn't very pleased. Hee hee. I told him that he needs to learn to purr like I do, but he just shooked his head. I don't think he will ever purr!

I am now awful tired because I sat on my MH's knee and we watched Andy playing tennis and it was a brilliant game, but we both thought that he was going to lose and my MH was sad, but I gave him a special purr and a special squeak and suddenly he got better and better until he won and we were both so happy for him, but we are both worn out with excitement.


What will we be like by the final? Well done Andy. Keep it up 'cos I am purring for you.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Baking Day

I jut love when my MH is baking 'cos I sit on the chair in my kitchen and she talks to me all the time she is working and you know that I like that a lot. I listen very carefully and I purr a lot and you know my MH likes that, so we make each other happy.

She made some scones and some fruit buns which are my DH's favourite and then she made some pancakes and this little one is for me. I haven't eaten it yet, but I might have a wee bit of it when I come back in from an evening's hunting.

I have had another good day just doing a lot more of the same kind of things that make me just a happy little pussy cat and when I get a bit tired, then I go and find my MH and I snuggle up beside her if she is sitting on my couch and we have a wee rest  then I get a big cuddle and I purr some more. I purr a lot, you know.

My DH is still busy working on my garden to make it nice for us all and at one point he was outside the fence with all the cows and they were standing beside him as he was working, but he came inside the garden very quickly when he saw the big bully-boy coming to see what was happening. My DH can move quite quickly I have discovered!

I was just settling down for my afternoon siesta when I was asked to pose for today's picture and I think I have done very well.

What do you think?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy, happy, happy

I am having the bestest time ever and I am just a happy, happy wee pussy cat. I love the summer and I am having lots of fun playing outside and talking to all my little animal friends.

There are lots of birdies on my island 'cos they come here for their holidays and I am always happy to see them and I don't hurt them, 'cos as you know, I am a good puss. I am also a clever puss and I very quickly worked out that if I chase the birdies, they just fly away and as I can't fly---yet!---I will never catch them, so I just save all my energy for doing other things.

I have been outside nearly all day and so has my DH 'cos he is doing lots of work in our garden so I always have some company when I need a cuddle or a wee chat.

I am not very pleased with my MH 'cos she has bought a new machine and it is a steamer for cleaning and it spits and makes awful noises and it's just another machine I do not like, so while she was playing with that, I went outside and played with my DH on the grass and then I went mountaineering on my little garden wall. OK, I know it's not very high, but remember I am just little---and adorable! Don't forget the adorable bit!


After I helped her with all her exercises, in the gym and her leg exercises, we settled down and watched Andy winning his tennis match.We were a wee bit worried at one point, but he did it, so well done Andy.

I have got my little paws crossed for him and I will tell all my cow friends and birdie friends to cross whatever they can cross, so if you see birdies and cows moving funny, you will know why!

I am now going to settle down for my after-dinner nap and then I shall go outside again to find out what is happening on my little island and I think I might stay out for hours and hours before coming in to cuddle up beside my MH.

Oh yes, I am certainly having lots and lots of fun and I am certainly very happy and I hope you are happy too.