Thursday, 4 July 2013

Naughty Birdy

Now, you all know that I am a very good puss and I don't hurt the birdies 'cos I told you yesterday, but today I saw something that might make me change my adorable little mind 'cos I saw a great big bird stealing the feed ball that my humans put out for my little feathered friends, but unfortunately I was inside at the time and couldn't chase it away.

It made me and my MH angry 'cos the little birds might be hungry now and that would be a shame. My MH managed to take a picture of the naughty bird and I thought I would show it to you. It's not very clear but you can see the seagull and the green thing it has in its beak is the feed ball. Shame on you naughty seagull!


Me and my MH have been a wee bit busy today and my DH has been away in Stromness again so I have been helping the old dear with her exercises and I kept her company when she went into the gym.

She had a wee wander round the garden and I sat on my wall just watching the world go by and I was perfectly content. I will go outside later on and I might go into the field in front of my house to se if I can find the feed ball.


I will let you know tomorrow.

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