Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It's me, Squeak! I am back!!

I hope you haven't missed me, but as I told you a long, long time ago, my humans went away to leave me all alone, so I couldn't write to you, but now I can and that makes me a very happy pussy cat.

They went away, but my friends A. and J. came to stay with me and look after me so we all had the bestest of fun and I just loved it! They looked after me really well, but I kept them busy and made sure they played with me lots and lots.

I was away for a long time one day and managed to get sand on my paws so the boys told my humans that I had gone to our beach, but nobody knows for sure where I went and of course I am not telling them. :-) I like to keep them all guessing.

I did get a big surprise last night when my door opened and I saw my humans standing in my kitchen and I was so, so happy. My DH is all brown and my MH has millions of freckles. I was sitting on her knee last night and I decided I would try to count them, but I fell asleep, so I don't know how many she has. Maybe I will try again tonight.

I hope you are all well and that you haven't missed me too much.

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