Friday, 5 July 2013

Thought for today

It's a good job that pussy cats don't bite their nails 'cos I would have none left by now. I have been watching the tennis with my MH! Does that explain it?

I am exhausted after the first semi final and had to have a wee rest but then suddenly Andy was on my television and my humans were watching it in 3D but I still don't have any special glasses so I just had to screw up my adorable little eyes and I could see it fine. Come on Andy! He has just won the second set. Phew!

I have had a good day just wandering around doing pussy cat things and generally keeping an eye on the old dear and making sure she didn't get into any trouble, but when I saw her  settling down to finish off some cards, I knew it was safe for me to wander about on my own.

She came outside for a while and we sat in my garden just watching the birdies and that was nice 'cos I could hear them singing and it was nice and warm and we were both very happy, but I did get a wee bit of bad news while we were there.


When my MH has anything to tell me, she puts me on her knee and talks to me and that's what she did today and they are going away to leave me soon! :-(   I am sad!

They are going on holiday next Friday for two whole weeks and three whole days. Oh dear, woe is me. What will become of poor little Squeak?

Don't be sad 'cos you all know what will happen to me. I will have a brilliant time 'cos my two friends J. and A. are coming to my house to stay with me and we always have super fun when they are here and my MH has already bought me enough food to last about a century!

I will be very fine. Naturally I will miss my humans, but I will be very fine. I only hope you don't miss me too much, but I will be here all next week to talk to you, so don't be too sad.

Have a brilliant weekend.

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