Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ho Hum

Oh dear, I have been a wee fed-up pussy cat today 'cos the weather outside my house has been awful with lots of rain and a great big wind, so I was only able to get out to play for just a little while and then I had to go back inside 'cos I was getting wet.

It was fine really 'cos I have lots of toys to play with me and my humans always keep me busy when they see I am getting a bit bored but I like it better when I can get out.

I was out late last night and I am afraid I got my DH into trouble when he wakened up this morning. I shall explain.

Last night when my dear old MH went off to bed, me and my DH were still up and she knew I would be going out to play for a while 'cos I always do that late at night, but it was very windy at the window side of my house so I usually go in and out of the door because it is calmer at that side, and the last thing my MH said to himself was 'don't leave the window open'. Simple, eh? Not if you are my DH!

About half past three this morning, there was a great big bang which wakened my MH with a fright. My DH didn't hear anything at all, but I have told you all about that before haven't I?

Well, the poor old dear got up and stumbled through to the kitchen to see what had happened and found that it was the living room door that had slammed shut with a great big bang. And why? 'Cos my DH had left the window open for me and the wind had blowed right into my living room and slammed the door shut and my poor old MH got a great big fright and my DH got a great big telling off, and yours truly just slept on the couch and pretended it had nothing whatsoever to do with me.


Oh, I am very wise, am I not? :-)))

Friday, 30 August 2013

Oh Dear

What a night it has turned out to be. It is raining and the naughty wind is rattling across my roof, so guess who is going to be inside all night? Yep, me, Squeak.


I don't mind getting a wee bit wet, but I am not going outside 'cos I just know that I would get blowed away and maybe I would land miles and miles and miles away from my house and my humans, so I am staying on my couch or on my MH's knee.

My DH went to the doctor today 'cos he is not feeling well, but I am a bit confused 'cos he said he brought his Aunty Biotic home with him, but I haven't seen her yet and I have looked everywhere---even up the ladder in my special cupboard but there is only me and a peedie spider. I wonder where she is? I hope he finds her soon 'cos the doctor told him she would help to make my DH feel better.

My MH went away to Kirkwall for a swim today and she had a very good day. She told me all about the big new swimming pool they have built there and she liked it a lot except the man in the pool wouldn't let her play on the slide 'cos she wasn't a children. I hope she didn't have a tantrum when he told her that. I have seen her tantrums and they are not pretty.

So there we are. I will let my humans have a rest and then I shall ask if they will play with me and we all know what the answer will be, don't we? :-)))

Thursday, 29 August 2013

What a day

 I didn't stay out too late last night, but by the time I went home, I had done all I wanted to and I had seen all my little friends so I decided that my place right then was in my little bed beside my little MH.

I have been outside a lot today and have been nipping in and out of my window at regular intervals, but what an afternoon I have had.

I was lying on my couch having a little siesta and resting my adorable little bones when my door opened and in came a daddy with a little human child who decided that she wanted to play with me. This was fine, but she wanted to cuddle me and catch me and hug me tighter than I like being hugged, so I did my famous disappearing trick and went underneath my couch!


I can get underneath my couch at the back, but the humans can't reach me--not even little children humans and that suits me just fine. I go there when people I don't know come into my house and I lie there and listen to what they are all saying and if I think that I will like them and if I think that they will see I am adorable, then I suddenly appear! Hey Presto! It is a very good hidey place.

So anyway, back to this afternoon. After the baby human and her daddy went away, I decided that I needed a cuddle so I nipped up on my MH's knee and we were just settling down to some 'together' time, when blow me, my door opened again and in came a lady to see my MH.

Now this lady has been before and she has a very loud voice, so I decided that my little hidey place was the best place to be, so hey presto (again!), I was off under my couch where I stayed until she went away.

I thought that I would be able to continue where I had left off on my MH's knee, but I was not at all happy when she told me she had to go out. Boo :-(

Anyway, she came back soon and guess where I went? Yep. Right up on her knee where I got my cuddle at last, and because it was so late, my MH told me it was a very special one, so that's OK.

I hope your afternoon has been better than mine. :-)))

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Normal Service

I was out very late again last night but 'cos it wasn't raining, I didn't get wet so I wasn't ringing, and when I went home, I just went straight into my little bed and cuddled up beside my MH and we both snored until the alarm clock wakened us all up this morning.

I have had a very easy day and I have been playing nursemaid to my DH who isn't feeling very well and he stayed in his bed instead of going to the cat's shop, so instead of him helping the pussy cats, this pussy cat helped him. See?

He has got the cold and is coughing and sneezing, and to be honest, my dear friends, at one point I had to put my little paws over my adorable little lugs 'cos he was making so much noise, I am sure he frightened the little mouses in the fields! :-))

When my MH came home, I sat on her knee and told her all about it and we had a wee giggle together, which is a shame really 'cos he isn't very well. Oh dear.

I played in the sink in the utility room today while my MH was doing her ironing and I paddled in the basin which had a wee drop of water in it and then when I came out again, I shooked my little paw and soaked my dear MH who had to go and dry her glasses before she could find her iron again. Oops!


After that, she ran round the house with her window machine washing all the insides of the windows and it was then that she noticed a wee birdy had done something not nice on the outside of the window that she  had cleaned on Monday and she was not best pleased, I can tell you. I stayed out of her way until she had calmed down---just in case.

So, that has been my day and we are all watching my television now, but I shall be going outside later on and I think I might be out for a long, long time.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ring Ring

 Oh my dear readers, this adorable little pussy cat is in deep, deep trouble.


I went outside last and I was a long way away from my house when the rain came on, so I did the wise thing and sheltered for a while, but alas, it stayed on a lot longer than I had thought, and my little tummy was telling me that it was almost empty and would I please take it home and fill it up.

So, being a good little puss cat, I ventured out in all the rain and by the time I jumped up on to my window sill, I was ringing again!  Do you remember my story about when I was ringing? Well, I was soaking wet, dear friends. I was dripping wet and I knew I was so wet that I wouldn't be able to dry myself, so.........  You know what's coming, don't you?

I went into the bedroom and jumped up beside my MH but instead of curling up at her feet and going to sleep, I whispered in her delicate little lug. She put her hand out to give me a cuddle and then roared when she realised that I was dripping all over our bed, but she knew right away what I wanted and she leapt out of bed, took me into my kitchen and dried me with a great big bit of kitchen roll while I purred my thanks at her. I don't like being wet and I do like it when she makes me all dry again.

So after that, I settled down and had a very good sleep. My humans have been out today, but I got a cuddle when they came home, so I think I might not be in trouble any more. However, I'll try and stay out of mischief for a wee while and worm my way back into the good books.

Ring, ring! :-))))

Monday, 26 August 2013

Oh Yes

Another brilliant day for this little puss. I didn't stay out too late last night, so I was rarin' to go as soon as my humans got up.

I followed my usual routine which is having a feed and then sitting on my MH's knee as she finishes her breakfast and waiting patiently until she is finished 'cos I get the last little drop of milk from her cereal bowl. After this, I go out into my garden and then into the fields to see what is happening to all my little animal friends.

As it was Monday, I stayed out of the house for a long time so that the hoovering would all be finished by the time I got back. And, oh boy, did I get back just in time 'cos my dear old MH was steaming!

Oh no, she wasn't steaming 'cos she had been drinking, hee hee, 'cos she doesn't. No, she was steaming the kitchen floor with the steamy mop and I had the most brilliant time chasing it round my kitchen floor and jumping up on the chair when it got too near me.

Oh my dear friends, it is a new game 'cos the steamer is new, but I think it is going to be my favouritest game of all times. I hope she is steaming every day. Then she played with her window cleaning machine and when she was finished I played with her in my garden and we chased each other for a long time which was magic.

In the afternoon, I played all  my own games and helped my DH in our greenhouse and we are still bringing beautiful little tomatoes into the Boss and that makes her happy, and then this evening, I became a great big hunter.


I'm afraid I can't tell you what I was waiting for here, 'cos my humans didn't see it going into my honeysuckle bush so they can't tell you and alas, they can't tell you if I caught it, but I had great fun just sitting there, hoping!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

I have had a fabulous weekend just doing lots of pussy cat things and being adored by my humans and my friends.

The weather has been good so the door and the windows have been left open and I have been able to come and go just as I please. I like being independent and if I could open my little packets of dinner, then I would be just that, although I do need my MH to hold me and cuddle me and tell me that she loves me and that I am just the adorablest little pussy in the whole world. So maybe being independent isn't for me after all.

I stayed out late last night and had a long sleep today and then me and my MH sat outside for a while and I sat on her knee and we listened to the birdies singing, and then she felt the grass, and I always know what that means. Yep. She is thinking about bringing out the lawn mower if the grass is dry enough, and it was. Sigh! :-(

Anyway, it didn't take too long and as she and her little legs ran round my garden pushing the mower, I sat on the bench and purred encouragement while my DH hided in our greenhouse. Hee hee.

Soon she was finished and we sat down again until I got too hot and had to find some shade for a while.

 When I was sitting there, my friend S. came to see me and I just love when she comes. She always calls me her ickle-wickle and she lifts me up and cuddles me and tells me I am beautiful, so you can see why I like her so much.

We had a lovely afternoon and she looked at  some pictures of my MH walking on the sea bed and feeding fishes when she was on holiday and S. was very impressed. I think my MH is very brave 'cos she has been up in a parachute and now she has gone under the sea and played with fishes. I wonder what she will do next?

I hope it is something we can do together, but I think I would need to choose! Sometimes I am a wee bit not too brave but if my MH is there, then I will try anything---I think!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Lots to do

 I am much happier today for lots of reasons. Both my humans have been at home with me all day, the weather has been good enough to let me out to play as often as I want, and as you can see, I have found my little green ball again.

Those of you who read all about me will know that this little green ball is just about as old as me and is my very favourite toy in the en-tire world! I play with it and then I carry it away someplace and I am afraid I forget where I put it, so it gets lost for a long time, and then suddenly I find it and I am just the happiest little pussy cat ever! I love it to bits.

When my MH was watching me playing outside, she saw this beautiful sailing ship passing my living room and she thought you might like to see it too. We think it is called The Swan, but it is beautiful.

Then, when she had finished watching the beautiful ship, she looked at the window sill and found this little fellow and she thought you might like to see him too, before she put him back into the garden 'cos she didn't really want him in my house.

So there you are. You will now understand why I have been so happy today and I hope you have been happy too.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Do you ever.....

ask a question and then wished you hadn't? Well that's what I did today.

My humans were like the weather men again. As one went out, the other came in and poor little me was getting a tad confused. My MH was up early again this morning and she was not very happy about it 'cos that makes it  two mornings in a row, and she doesn't really like getting up early. In fact, she does not like it at all!

However, off she went, and then a while later, my DH went away to work in the Cat's shop and I settled down for some peace and quiet, but then the door opened again, and in popped my MH. I was surprised, but very happy to see her and when she sat on my couch, I nipped up beside her and sat on her knee and I asked her where she had been.

That was OK 'cos she just told me she had been to get her hair cut and then she had to see the nurse. And then I asked her why did she need to see the nurse and she told me, and it was still OK 'cos she said the nurse wanted to check her blood, and that's when I asked one question too many.


I asked her how she did this and when my poor old MH was telling me, I could feel my adorable little self getting all light headed and I thought I would need to put my little head between my paws or I might faint!

My MH saw that I was a bit upset and she gave me a big cuddle and told me we would both be very OK.

But I tell you this, dear human and feline friends, the nurse is not ever, ever getting any of my precious blood!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Poor Lonely Me

My humans have been away out the whole day today leaving me all alone. They went away at half past eight in the morning and didn't come home until after six o'clock at night, so it was a long, lonely day for this little puss.


They had to go away to a funeral on another island, so I do understand, and since the weather was good, they left the window open for me, but it's not the same as having them home here with me all the time.

So, I don't have any news for you 'cos my MH doesn't know what I have been doing all the time. I could make up lots of stories and tell you that I climbed up onto my roof and chased all the starlings away, or I could tell you that I went down to my little beach and went for a swim, but you might know that I was telling porkies, so I shall just tell the truth and tell you that I spent most of my day having a snooze then a run round my garden.

That means that I am so well rested that I shall probably be out very, very late tonight and I will have lots of news for you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Busy Little Pussy cat

 I had my usual late night perambulation around my happy hunting ground last night and I had a lovely time. I came home about three o'clock and my house was all in darkness, so I nipped in very quietly, had a wee biscuit and a drink and then I slipped into the bedroom to see that the old dears were OK and, as they were both sound asleep----I actually could tell by the noise before I got in the window! (Hee hee)----- I cuddled up beside my MH and had a good sleep until this morning when we were all up quite early.

This was my DH's day in the Cat Shop so he was away and my MH was out for a wee while but when she came back, I helped her hang out her washing and I did all my pole dancing tricks which keep her amused and then we went into the gym for a while until her little legs were tired and then we played on the grass and I ran and ran and ran until my little legs were sore too.


So, after we had both limped home and settled down on my couch, my friend A. came in to see me and we all had a chat. I like when A. comes in 'cos he always talks to me and tickles me and I give him my special purrs which makes him happy too.

We had a quiet time until my DH came home and then I went into our greenhouse with him and we brought my MH some more wee tomatoes so that was good and made her smile.

So you can see I have been quite busy and I need a wee rest now until I go outside later on tonight.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Climbing Puss

I know you all know that I like climbing and that I am a very inquisitive (adorable) pussy cat. Well, today I climbed to even higher heights much to the surprise of my humans.

My MH has been in a spring-cleaning type of mood and that usually involves my DH as well 'cos she needs him to reach the bits she can't. I did tell you my MH is just little, didn't I? She is bigger than me, of course, but not as big as himself.

Anyway, she decided that she wanted a clean out of the big bookcase in our bedroom and has to take the step ladders in to reach up to the top.

They took all the books off the shelf to do some dusting and when they weren't looking, I nipped up the step ladder and sat on the top shelf looking down at them which made them giggle. My DH said that if I had been twins, they could have used us as book marks, but I had a bit of strop then and told him that I am unique.

There is only one Squeak and that is me--the adorable one! He got the message loud and clear.

I had good fun when they were doing all the cleaning 'cos I was able to get into bits that I hadn't been in before and I was able to climb up and down the ladder as often as I wanted. Sadly, 'cos my humans were busy, they didn't have a camera, so I cannot show you the photographs of what I was doing, but I am sure you can picture me in your mind.

I have been playing outside quite a lot today as well, but I am happiest when I can play with my humans, so I hope my MH keeps in this cleaning mood, 'cos I like it a lot.


Monday, 19 August 2013


I am feeling a lot chirpier today and I am a lot happier so that is very good news. My weather still isn't as good and warm as I would like, but at least the gales aren't blowing any more and I am not getting soaked as soon as I put my adorable little head out of my door.

As you know, it is Monday, and that means cleaning Chez Squeak and my poor old DH got roped into it as well this morning. He just didn't escape to our greenhouse quickly enough before the Boss caught him.

However, it was just a quick job and as soon as he was finished, me and him scooted into the greenhouse and had a wee chat together and a wee chat to our tomatoes and we managed to spin that out for a long time until her indoors was finished.

We have been bringing lots of tomatoes in every day and that makes the old dear happy and me and my DH get brownie points and that's good. I get big cuddles when I come in, but my poor old DH doesn't! That's a shame, sure it is?

I went out late again last night and I really love being a night time pussy cat. I stayed out until about half past three this morning and then went straight to sleep when I went home and I had a very long snooze and didn't get up  till quite late this morning.

There really isn't any point in getting up out of my cosy little bed when my MH is flying around the house with the hoover and the dusters, is there? It is better if I stay out of her way.

I did go into the gym with her though and helped as her little legs did some cycling and then we had a wee wander round our estate and talked to some of the flowers and we all liked that.

She has bought a new camera so I have been photographed millions and millions of times and now I am just a tired, adorable, pussy cat! It is very exhausting having to smile all the time!!  Maybe I should become a grumpy Squeak! I shall have to have a think about that.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ho Hum

Not a happy puss. Not a happy DH and not a happy MH.

And why, I hear you ask. Well it has not been a good weekend for weather and we have all been in the house instead of being outside and we are not happy.

I even came home early last night 'cos by about two o'clock in the morning I was getting a bit cold, and then the wind started to shout at me and it nearly blowed me off my adorable little feets, so I decided I would go home and cuddle up beside my MH in our bed, and that's just what I did.


I thought that it would be better when we all got up this morning, but alas, it was just the same and when me and my DH went into our greenhouse we just talked very quickly to our tomatoes and then went back to sit on the couch. Well, I sat on my couch, but my DH sat on his own chair. I share my couch with my MH, but my DH sits all by himself.

Remember I told you that I wakened my MH up early the other morning 'cos I was hungry? Well she got her revenge last night and I did not like it at all!

I shall explain. There was I, as pretty as a picture, lying sound asleep on my rocking chair and having lovely dreams about mouses and things when up crept my MH and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable', she had put the awful de-wormer stuff on my neck and I could not escape.

Oh my dear friends I was not a happy puss at all, but my humans smiled at me as I ran round my living room saying very bad word in pussy cat language, but I think they got my meaning. :-)))

I know it is for my own good, but I still don't like it and I never, ever will.

Saturday, 17 August 2013


This is me having a seat outside on my path while I work out what I am going to do with my day. I think I look very fetching and I am sure you will agree.


I came home early this morning, about half past two o'clock and my humans were sleeping, but I was a bit hungry and my biscuits didn't really appeal to me. I wanted some meat dinner, so I nipped into the bedroom and gently asked my MH to feed me please.

So, when that didn't work, I stood on the radio until the CD drawer popped up knocking off the magazine that was on the top, and that worked! I sometimes surprise myself at how clever I can be.

Anyway, my MH worked out at once what was needed and groped her way into the kitchen, then into the cupboard and put some of my favourite food on my plate and I am sure she did all this without really wakening up 'cos when I snuggled up beside her five minutes later, she was already snoring.

So that's OK, sure it is?

It has been a bit wet today so I have been inside sleeping on my couch for most of it, but I am just getting ready to go out now and see what is happening.

One thing I know is happening is that there are a lot of daddy-long-legs on my windows and my MH doesn't like them so we have to keep the windows closed which is a bit of a bother really 'cos I like to sit on my window sill with my adorable little bottom inside and the rest of my adorableness outside, and this doesn't work when the window is closed, so I hope the daddy-long-legs go away soon.

Question. Where do they go when it is raining, 'cos we don't see them then?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Still no news

My days are very much the same just now, but I am not complaining 'cos I am very happy with what I am doing.

I am getting into the habit of going out to play about half past eleven at night and not coming in until about three or four o'clock in the morning. I just love being out at that time 'cos my lovely little island is so peaceful and quiet.

All the humans are sleeping and it is just us animals that are up and about. I talk to the little mouses and I have found some baby mouses, but I didn't touch them 'cos they looked so lovely and little. Then I went into the field and had a chat to the little baby cows who were lying down and the mummy cows were sleeping so they didn't chase me away.

I didn't get up very early and when I did, I just lay on my path and had a think about what I would do with the rest of my day. My DH was away to the Cat's shop and my MH was having an easy day just doing all the wee things she likes to do and she went away to the boat to bring back her box of messages which had some dinners in it for me.


When she came home, we went down the path and put some water out for all the cows and one mummy cow was in such a bad mood that she shouted and shouted at us until my adorable little head was getting sore, but then a very funny thing happened.

My MH was getting fed up with all the noise so she just said 'Be quiet, Mrs. Cow' and guess what? The cow stopped making a noise and me and my MH started to laugh!

Maybe she is magic after all!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

So Busy

I have hardly stopped today. I have been a very busy puss doing all the things I love.

My humans have both been at home and they were each doing their own thing, so they didn't need me to look after them and I could go and play all by myself as long as I wanted. I love my humans dearly, and I love being with them and sitting on my MH's knee and getting my adorable little tummy rubbed, but it is the bestest fun in the world when I can run in the long grass and play and run and jump without a care in the world, and that's what I have been doing today. Magic, sheer magic!

So that's been my day. I'm afraid I was out very late this morning and didn't come home until about half past three, but my humans don't mind 'cos I come in very quietly, have a wee biscuit and a drink and then I snuggle up beside my MH who, by this time, is sound asleep and snoring.


I had a bit of a long lie but when I got up I noticed that it was a lovely warm day with no wind and no rain and so I was off!

I lay on my path for a while to work out what I would do with my day and I had a couple of wee roly-polys on my path while I decided, and that always makes my MH smile, so once I knew she was happy, I nipped through my fence and disappeared into the long grass which I call my happy hunting ground and I was there for hours and hours until my little tummy told me it was beginning to get empty so I took it home and my MH was happy to see me and she gave me my dinner and a great big cuddle.

She always does the same thing when she gives me my dinner. She puts the bowl on the floor, then she pats my back and runs her hand up my tail telling me that I am the bestest puss in the whole world, and I just purr in agreement.

After all, MHs are always right, sure they are?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I have had a fairly quiet day today and have been resting a bit 'cos I was outside hunting and doing all the things that I love to do until about four o'clock this morning, so I am a wee bit tired.

It was a fine night so the window was left open after my humans went to bed and they went quite early 'cos they were tired with all their shopping yesterday. I did say to them that they shouldn't buy so much---just enough cat food and biscuits is all they need and I'm sure and all the other stuff is really a bit unnecessary, but they did disagree with yours truly.

My humans were out for a while today and I watched the nice farmer next door putting all my cow friends back into the field in front of my house and oh how I did giggle at the antics of the little white bull.


He must have been in a very good mood, 'cos he ran round and round the field doing funny jumps and turning circles and it was just magic to watch him. In fact, the nice farmer man had a wee bit of difficulty getting him into the field until his mummy gave a big roar---the bull's mummy that is, not the nice farmer man's mummy!-- and he ran straight beside her.

I did smile at his antics, but then I am so much older and maturer than him and I know he will learn.

I helped my MH cut our grass today and I know she likes it when I sit and watch her 'cos she smiles at me and talks to me when she passes wherever I am sitting, so my garden is looking lovely again.

I am still resting after my dinner, but I have no doubt I will be heading out the window very soon and goodness knows what I will get up to tonight.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just as I thought....

.... the humans went away and left me today to do some shopping in Kirkwall and when they left, the weather was good so they left the window open for me, but as soon as they got off the boat in Stromness, it poured and poured with really heavy rain and my poor humans got wet. In fact, my dear friends, they were 'ringing'---both of them!


Now, as you know, my MH is just little, and when she was telling me all about getting soaked, I was worried that she might shrink with all the wet and be even littler and then she might not be able to reach the shelf that all my dinners are on, but she said she was still OK, so that's good, but I think I might just measure her tonight when she is sleeping. Just in case!

Anyway, when they came home, I ran to meet them as usual and I saw lots and lots of packets of my favourite dinners and some packets of pussy cat treats and my little tummy was so happy, I am sure I heard it gurgle and that made me happy too.

I will go out to play in a wee whole and see what is happening on my little island, but right now, I am sitting on my MH's knee and I am just the happiest little pussy cat in the whole world.

I hope you are happy too.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Not Much News

I have had a very easy day today and I haven't done very much at all. In fact I have been quite lazy, but my humans have been busy, so while they were doing all their work, I just took myself off and talked to all the little cows.

While I was watching my little friend the white bull, he started to run round the field outside my gate, so I just sat and watched him for a while but he looked as though he was having good fun. Maybe I will run round with him tomorrow.

My MH washed all the kitchen walls today, but she made my DH do the bits she couldn't reach so they were both working hard, but then my DH escaped to the greenhouse for a rest before she could make him do anything else!

We didn't go into the gym today as her wee legs are a wee bit sore. I think it is 'cos she was climbing up and down the step ladder this morning, but she played on her Wii and I lay on my couch and watched her as she got beaten at tennis, but I pretended I was sleeping so she wouldn't know that I knew that she wasn't very good at it. She needs more practise methinks.


So apart from that, I don't have any news for you and I don't think I will have much tomorrow either 'cos I heard my humans saying that they were going shopping tomorrow and I would be left all alone. Maybe they will leave the window open, but my little weatherman friend said it might rain tomorrow, so it will depend.

My MH said she will bring me some lovely things back home, so that will keep me excited until they come home again, and then I will tell you all about it.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Disappointed Puss

You can see from my picture today that I am not at my happiest and I know you will be desperate to find out why this adorable little pussy cat is a wee bit sad. So I will tell you.


The nice farmer next door was putting the mummy cows and the baby cows out around my house to eat up the grass before he puts them into another big field and my DH had left our big gate open.

So, just as the nice farmer man was doing this, I went out to look and see what was happening. I think my interest in all things is one of my endearing qualities, but my MH says I am a nosey puss. Anyway, when I went out, the little while calf saw me and wanted to come into my house and he had just reached the gate when the farmer man closed it and chased away my little friend.


We were both so disappointed 'cos I wanted to show him all my toys although he is maybe just a wee bit big for my climbing frame, but he could have sat on my couch, sure he could?

Anyway, it was not to be, but I have had a big thought. If he is still there tonight, and if the weather is good enough to leave the window open, I could maybe go out and try and get him in my window. Brilliant eh?

I just need to work out how to get him over the fence, but I shall have a sleep and then give it some serious consideration.

I shall not be beaten!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Normal Service

All is back to normal Chez Squeak and I have been smiling all day. My MH thought I had wind, but I assured her I was just a happy puss and I was practising my smile. Hee hee.
(PS She would KNOW if I had wind!!!!)

I apologise for lowering the tone of my blog, but I thought you might enjoy that and it might make you smile too, and then I think I shall say no more on that subject.

I have been outside all day and me and my DH were in our greenhouse quite early this morning and then we went down the path and gave all my cow friends some water.

I helped my MH in the house but she was having a lazy day, so once I knew she was OK and didn't need me, I went away to play on my own and that was good fun. There is so much for an adorable little pussy cat like me to do on my little island and I really do have the bestest of fun.

I made my MH laugh again today 'cos I was outside and she decided to open the living room window but she didn't know I was on my way home and I heard the window open and just as she stuck her head out to see if she could see me, there was I running across the grass like a little race horse and she laughed, and then when I jumped up on to my window sill I got a great big cuddle and I smiled again!

It is time for a rest now, and then I shall go outside again tonight and see what is happening and how many mouses I can talk to. I have lots of little friends outside and I know I make them happy when I go out to see them.

And that's what I am here for---to make you all happy. :-))

Friday, 9 August 2013

Not so happy

My little world has not been just as happy today because it has been raining and I haven't been able to get out to play as much as I wanted to. And to crown it all, the only time I did get out this morning was when my MH was changing the duvet covers and I nearly missed playing my favourite game of hide and Squeak! I got back into my house just in time, but I did tell her I wasn't at all happy with her.


We played in my house for a while and I sat on my MH's knee and gave her my special cuddles and then I had a sleep while she did some of her work, and when we looked out of the window, we saw that the rain had gone off and so we went outside for a while.

We walked down the path and gave some water to the cows and while the bath was filling up I went and played and rolled in the long grass and I liked that.

But apart from all that, I haven't done very much today so I don't have any news for you.

However, the weather is a bit better now, so maybe I will get out to play later on tonight and then I will have some news for you tomorrow.

I hope so.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

More of the Same

I hope you are not getting bored with my ramblings of being a happy puss in this lovely weather, but I am such a happy puss in this lovely weather that I want to share it with you. I just hope you are happy too and that your weather is lovely.

I just did a lot more of the same type of wonderful pussy cat things today and I have had a very good time. It was just me and my MH at my house 'cos my DH was away at the Dounby Show working at the Cat Protection stall and he had a very good day too.

This is the time of year when there are lots of cattle shows in Orkney and as well as all the cows and sheeps and ducks and horses and doggies on show, there are lots of stalls and people come and buy things, so my DH was helping and he said he sold lots of goodies.

I wonder why there are no pussy cats at the Shows? Perhaps it is because we are such independent creatures and have our pride!

I played by myself for a long time and then I went down the path with my MH and gave some water to the cows and that made them very happy too.


I know this isn't the most delicate of pictures, but I was having another of my now world- famous rolls and my MH took this picture of me and it made her smile, so I hope it makes you smile as well.

I am now cuddled up on my MH's knee dictating this blog to her so that she gets it right and as she is typing, I can feel my adorable little eyes beginning to shut, so I think I will need a snooze before I go outside again.

Oh, yes, my life is so, so good.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Oh I am so, so happy. I have had another fantastic day and I just love the summer.

I went outside last night about ten o'clock and I stayed out for hours and hours and when I went into my little bed, my dear old MH was snoring so I just curled up beside her and snored too.

The poor old soul had to go to the dentist today for a check-up, so that meant that we were up early 'cos she had to get the boat at 8:30am, so I had an early breakfast and was out on my happy hunting grounds before she went away and I was outside nearly all day.

I went into the field in front of my house to speak to the baby cows and I liked that. One mummy cow kept watching me, but I just gave her one of my special smiles and hoped it would do the trick, but I have discovered that mummy cows do not fall under my charms as easily as my dear old MH, so I will need to remember that. I think this mummy cow is telling the baby cows a story. Maybe it is about me?

However, I was OK and I played for a wee while before coming home and sitting in the garden with the Boss. My DH was away to Stromness again so it was late in the afternoon when me and him went into our greenhouse and we came back with lots of little tomatoes which made us very popular with you-know-who.

My MH was playing with her camera and as usual, I was the favourite subject, so I did some very fetching roly polys on the grass as she captured me for posterity---and for you too!

By the time I got back to my house I was feeling a wee bit tired and she caught me as I was nodding off at my door, and thought you might like to see that too.

I just love all this good weather and I am keeping my adorable little paws crossed that it will last for a long, long time and I hope you are liking it too.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Still Happy

I am still having a great time and I was outside nearly all day today which is my favourite place to be.

My poor old MH is still doing lots of washings so we were outside hanging them up and then when she was finished, she played with me in my garden and I liked that. I like being outside but I like it the bestest when my humans are with me 'cos they play with me and that makes me very happy.

I took my DH into the greenhouse and we picked some wee tomatoes for my MH and I asked her to take a picture of them so that you could see what I have been doing. My DH thinks they are his, but I know they are mine 'cos my tomatoes always look happy and you can see that these ones are happy.

Later in the afternoon, me and my MH went over to the field to see my little friends the baby cows and she took her camera with her so you could see them too. They were all playing and I nearly went in beside them, but my MH adorable little tummy told me it was getting empty, so I went into my house for my dinner. Maybe I will play with them tonight.

I am very pleased with my MH today 'cos she has done everything I have asked her and she has taken lots of picture.

I will give her a very special purr and a big cuddle tonight.

Monday, 5 August 2013

What a Crackin' Day

I have had another brilliant day. I just love these days and I hope I can get a lot more of them.

I went out hunting quite late last night and I am afraid that I didn't come home until four o'clock this morning when my humans were sound asleep. It was brilliant and because the weather was so good, my DH left the window open for me, but only after he went to bed and put out the light so that the daddy long legs wouldn't get into my living room. You know what the Boss would say!

Anyway, after I had done all my hunting and wandering, I decided to go home so I nipped in my window, had a wee drink and a biscuit and then curled up on my bed beside my MH and we both snored for hours.

Now, as you all know, Monday chez Squeak is cleaning day, but my humans left the door open so I helped my MH in the living room and then disappeared when the vacuum cleaner came out. I went to find my DH in our greenhouse and I have decided that he doesn't like the vacuum cleaner either 'cos he disappears too when it comes out!

I was in the garden when my MH brought out the washing so that meant it was pole dancing time and I did not disappoint. In fact I think I excelled my adorable little self, and my MH was laughing out loud at me.

We played in the garden and I ran and ran round and round in circles till my little legs were tired and told me to stop, so I lay down for a wee while on the grass and had a rest.


After that, me and my MH went down the lane and fed the mummy cows and all the little baby cows came over to the fence to see me and we all said hello to each other. There is a beautiful wee white one and I think that will be my new bestest friend. I will ask my MH to take some pictures of the baby cows so that you can see them.

So you can see that I have had a brilliant day and as it is only dinner time, there is still a lot of time for me to have more fun which I will tell you all about tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Lovely Day

We have all had a good day today and we are all happy. Because it is Sunday, we didn't need to get up too early, but I got up in the middle of the night and nipped out of the window while my humans were snoring and sleeping.

I stayed out for a while and then after a wee drink and a biscuit, I went back to bed and curled up beside my MH and had another big sleep.

We were all quite lazy and just went for a stroll round my garden and I sniffed the grass and listened to the birdies and I liked that a lot. My MH hasn't taken her wee legs into her gym yet, but she said she will start tomorrow and I am to make sure she does!

My DH and me went into the greenhouse and our tomatoes are looking quite good and some will soon be ready to eat so my MH is looking forward to that.

In the afternoon, my MH went away with my friends M. and S. to visit another lady so me and my DH enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while, but when she came home, she informed us that the awful lawn mower was about to appear as it was grass cutting time. Boo :-(

My DH did some strimming and I just wandered about my garden behind them and sat watching as they worked quite hard and then we all went inside and settled down for the rest of the night.

My MH took these pictures for you.

 This one needs no explanation 'cos it is me, Squeak, but the other one is my little present that my humans brought me from Cyprus and my MH says it is a Cyprus Squeak and it reminded her of me when she was away.

I like it and I think I will try to teach it to purr and squeak just like me. I think I shall be a very good mentor to the peedie puss, eh? I might even take it wee walks with me.

I shall let you know.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sleepy Saturday

It hasn't been a very nice day today so I haven't been outside too much. The sun shone for a wee while and I went to play and I was getting all set to have a lovely day playing and hunting and sniffing and doing lots of pussy cat things when the rotten old rain came on and the wind started to blow on me, so I went inside where I found my MH sitting on the couch and I nipped up on to her knee and had a snooze.


We had a long cuddle and she told me that she had missed me lots and that made me happy. I did have a wee word with her about the fact that there is no room for me in her camera as it is still full of holiday pictures, but she assured me that I would be in it again soon, so be on the look out for new pictures of yours truly.

I don't have much news at all for you but the other night my humans were out and they left the light on and the window open for me, but when they came home, my living room was full of daddy-long-legs and I was busy jumping around the house trying to get rid of them all, but with the help of my DH we managed to get them all out of the window and my MH closed it tight!

She doesn't like them so she keeps the window closed normally, but she had to leave it open for me and that's how they got in. Oh dear.

I hope you are all doing well and I hope that I can get some better weather tomorrow as I need to be out playing and running. There are some baby cows in my field so I need to get to them and see how they are getting on but I don't go when it is wet 'cos I am in danger of putting my adorable little paws in something rather not very nice, if you get my drift!

I don't think the Boss would let me in if I came back with paws covered in you-know-what!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy Squeak

I am a happy puss and still bouncing around my house and making my MH tired watching me. I do feel sorry for the old dear but I am so happy that they are home that I just keep running around and then suddenly jumping up on my MH's knee frightening the life out of the poor old soul.

My humans have been doing a lot of work in my house and in my greenhouse and I was even able to give my MH my very first tomato but before I could ask her to take a picture of it, she had eaten it! Hopefully, she will remember to take a picture of the next ones when I bring them in 'cos I want to show them to you!

I have been out playing and I helped her while she was pulling up some of the weeds from my paths and when she threw them into the field, I went and chased them so I ran and ran and ran and she watched me and smiled.

My DH was away to the cats shop again so it was just us girls in my house and we had a good time together and when my DH came home he brought raspberries for her so she was a very happy lady. I have never tasted raspberries but maybe I will get one tomorrow.

The sun has come out this afternoon so I have been outside nearly all day and I like that a lot, but the best bit is when I come popping in the window and I see my MH in my living room or sitting on my couch and that makes me purr a lot 'cos I am happy.


I heard them talking about the lawn mower needing to come out so maybe it will appear tomorrow but even that doesn't upset me 'cos I have decided that I am going to be very laid back from now on and let all my little troubles wash over me.

I hope you are going to be laid back too, 'cos that's the way to go.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Super Fun

I have been helping my MH today and I have had great fun doing it. I was so full of energy this morning I nearly tired the old dear out before lunch time! Hee hee.

It was bed-changing time and you know that is my favourite game. My MH was washing all the sheets and stuff from the beds that me and my friends slept in while my humans were away and it was when she was putting the clean sheets and duvet covers on that I gave her a wee help, and I know she liked it.

I had been outside playing but came in just in time 'cos I heard her in the spare room and I bounced in and made a ginormous leap up on to the bed and then decided I would chase my tail which I do quite a lot.

Well. I went round and round and round and at one point I nearly fell off the bed, but just managed to stick my adorable little claws in to the mattress in time. I love chasing my tail and what I have noticed is that when I have been going round really fast, when I stop, my eyes don't! They keep going round in my head and this makes me a wee bit dizzy so I have to lie down for a minute. But then I am ready to start again!

I'm afraid my dear old MH had to struggle a bit to get the beds made as yours truly was helping, but it seemed to take her a long time and I was lifted off the bed quite a lot, but I was so happy and in such a good mood that I just kept jumping back on again and this made her laugh a lot.

After all her work was done, we went outside for a while and I used up a lot of my energy running and climbing and I am sure I heard my MH heaving a great big sigh of relief!!