Sunday, 11 August 2013

Disappointed Puss

You can see from my picture today that I am not at my happiest and I know you will be desperate to find out why this adorable little pussy cat is a wee bit sad. So I will tell you.


The nice farmer next door was putting the mummy cows and the baby cows out around my house to eat up the grass before he puts them into another big field and my DH had left our big gate open.

So, just as the nice farmer man was doing this, I went out to look and see what was happening. I think my interest in all things is one of my endearing qualities, but my MH says I am a nosey puss. Anyway, when I went out, the little while calf saw me and wanted to come into my house and he had just reached the gate when the farmer man closed it and chased away my little friend.


We were both so disappointed 'cos I wanted to show him all my toys although he is maybe just a wee bit big for my climbing frame, but he could have sat on my couch, sure he could?

Anyway, it was not to be, but I have had a big thought. If he is still there tonight, and if the weather is good enough to leave the window open, I could maybe go out and try and get him in my window. Brilliant eh?

I just need to work out how to get him over the fence, but I shall have a sleep and then give it some serious consideration.

I shall not be beaten!

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