Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy Squeak

I am a happy puss and still bouncing around my house and making my MH tired watching me. I do feel sorry for the old dear but I am so happy that they are home that I just keep running around and then suddenly jumping up on my MH's knee frightening the life out of the poor old soul.

My humans have been doing a lot of work in my house and in my greenhouse and I was even able to give my MH my very first tomato but before I could ask her to take a picture of it, she had eaten it! Hopefully, she will remember to take a picture of the next ones when I bring them in 'cos I want to show them to you!

I have been out playing and I helped her while she was pulling up some of the weeds from my paths and when she threw them into the field, I went and chased them so I ran and ran and ran and she watched me and smiled.

My DH was away to the cats shop again so it was just us girls in my house and we had a good time together and when my DH came home he brought raspberries for her so she was a very happy lady. I have never tasted raspberries but maybe I will get one tomorrow.

The sun has come out this afternoon so I have been outside nearly all day and I like that a lot, but the best bit is when I come popping in the window and I see my MH in my living room or sitting on my couch and that makes me purr a lot 'cos I am happy.


I heard them talking about the lawn mower needing to come out so maybe it will appear tomorrow but even that doesn't upset me 'cos I have decided that I am going to be very laid back from now on and let all my little troubles wash over me.

I hope you are going to be laid back too, 'cos that's the way to go.

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