Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just as I thought....

.... the humans went away and left me today to do some shopping in Kirkwall and when they left, the weather was good so they left the window open for me, but as soon as they got off the boat in Stromness, it poured and poured with really heavy rain and my poor humans got wet. In fact, my dear friends, they were 'ringing'---both of them!


Now, as you know, my MH is just little, and when she was telling me all about getting soaked, I was worried that she might shrink with all the wet and be even littler and then she might not be able to reach the shelf that all my dinners are on, but she said she was still OK, so that's good, but I think I might just measure her tonight when she is sleeping. Just in case!

Anyway, when they came home, I ran to meet them as usual and I saw lots and lots of packets of my favourite dinners and some packets of pussy cat treats and my little tummy was so happy, I am sure I heard it gurgle and that made me happy too.

I will go out to play in a wee whole and see what is happening on my little island, but right now, I am sitting on my MH's knee and I am just the happiest little pussy cat in the whole world.

I hope you are happy too.

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