Saturday, 10 August 2013

Normal Service

All is back to normal Chez Squeak and I have been smiling all day. My MH thought I had wind, but I assured her I was just a happy puss and I was practising my smile. Hee hee.
(PS She would KNOW if I had wind!!!!)

I apologise for lowering the tone of my blog, but I thought you might enjoy that and it might make you smile too, and then I think I shall say no more on that subject.

I have been outside all day and me and my DH were in our greenhouse quite early this morning and then we went down the path and gave all my cow friends some water.

I helped my MH in the house but she was having a lazy day, so once I knew she was OK and didn't need me, I went away to play on my own and that was good fun. There is so much for an adorable little pussy cat like me to do on my little island and I really do have the bestest of fun.

I made my MH laugh again today 'cos I was outside and she decided to open the living room window but she didn't know I was on my way home and I heard the window open and just as she stuck her head out to see if she could see me, there was I running across the grass like a little race horse and she laughed, and then when I jumped up on to my window sill I got a great big cuddle and I smiled again!

It is time for a rest now, and then I shall go outside again tonight and see what is happening and how many mouses I can talk to. I have lots of little friends outside and I know I make them happy when I go out to see them.

And that's what I am here for---to make you all happy. :-))

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