Monday, 12 August 2013

Not Much News

I have had a very easy day today and I haven't done very much at all. In fact I have been quite lazy, but my humans have been busy, so while they were doing all their work, I just took myself off and talked to all the little cows.

While I was watching my little friend the white bull, he started to run round the field outside my gate, so I just sat and watched him for a while but he looked as though he was having good fun. Maybe I will run round with him tomorrow.

My MH washed all the kitchen walls today, but she made my DH do the bits she couldn't reach so they were both working hard, but then my DH escaped to the greenhouse for a rest before she could make him do anything else!

We didn't go into the gym today as her wee legs are a wee bit sore. I think it is 'cos she was climbing up and down the step ladder this morning, but she played on her Wii and I lay on my couch and watched her as she got beaten at tennis, but I pretended I was sleeping so she wouldn't know that I knew that she wasn't very good at it. She needs more practise methinks.


So apart from that, I don't have any news for you and I don't think I will have much tomorrow either 'cos I heard my humans saying that they were going shopping tomorrow and I would be left all alone. Maybe they will leave the window open, but my little weatherman friend said it might rain tomorrow, so it will depend.

My MH said she will bring me some lovely things back home, so that will keep me excited until they come home again, and then I will tell you all about it.

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