Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I have had a fairly quiet day today and have been resting a bit 'cos I was outside hunting and doing all the things that I love to do until about four o'clock this morning, so I am a wee bit tired.

It was a fine night so the window was left open after my humans went to bed and they went quite early 'cos they were tired with all their shopping yesterday. I did say to them that they shouldn't buy so much---just enough cat food and biscuits is all they need and I'm sure and all the other stuff is really a bit unnecessary, but they did disagree with yours truly.

My humans were out for a while today and I watched the nice farmer next door putting all my cow friends back into the field in front of my house and oh how I did giggle at the antics of the little white bull.


He must have been in a very good mood, 'cos he ran round and round the field doing funny jumps and turning circles and it was just magic to watch him. In fact, the nice farmer man had a wee bit of difficulty getting him into the field until his mummy gave a big roar---the bull's mummy that is, not the nice farmer man's mummy!-- and he ran straight beside her.

I did smile at his antics, but then I am so much older and maturer than him and I know he will learn.

I helped my MH cut our grass today and I know she likes it when I sit and watch her 'cos she smiles at me and talks to me when she passes wherever I am sitting, so my garden is looking lovely again.

I am still resting after my dinner, but I have no doubt I will be heading out the window very soon and goodness knows what I will get up to tonight.

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