Saturday, 17 August 2013


This is me having a seat outside on my path while I work out what I am going to do with my day. I think I look very fetching and I am sure you will agree.


I came home early this morning, about half past two o'clock and my humans were sleeping, but I was a bit hungry and my biscuits didn't really appeal to me. I wanted some meat dinner, so I nipped into the bedroom and gently asked my MH to feed me please.

So, when that didn't work, I stood on the radio until the CD drawer popped up knocking off the magazine that was on the top, and that worked! I sometimes surprise myself at how clever I can be.

Anyway, my MH worked out at once what was needed and groped her way into the kitchen, then into the cupboard and put some of my favourite food on my plate and I am sure she did all this without really wakening up 'cos when I snuggled up beside her five minutes later, she was already snoring.

So that's OK, sure it is?

It has been a bit wet today so I have been inside sleeping on my couch for most of it, but I am just getting ready to go out now and see what is happening.

One thing I know is happening is that there are a lot of daddy-long-legs on my windows and my MH doesn't like them so we have to keep the windows closed which is a bit of a bother really 'cos I like to sit on my window sill with my adorable little bottom inside and the rest of my adorableness outside, and this doesn't work when the window is closed, so I hope the daddy-long-legs go away soon.

Question. Where do they go when it is raining, 'cos we don't see them then?

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