Monday, 30 September 2013

I just thought.....

..... that you might like to see some 'adorable' pictures of yours truly, which I am sure will make you smile and say 'aaahhh!'


I have had a good day and a busier day 'cos it is Monday and you all know that a Monday in my house is a very busy day with dusters and Hoovers and washing machines and irons and all sorts of cleaning stuff that I can't really help with.

So I just watch, and sometimes I watch from the comfort of my little bed, and although I might look as though I am sleeping, I am really thinking about what my dear old MH is doing.

It was quite windy today on my little island and my DH stayed inside 'cos he has a wee cold and is doing a lot of sneezing which sometimes frightens me and my MH, but I went outside to have a wander round my territory and a chat to all my little animal friends and when I came home, my MH was all finished her work and was sitting on my couch having a rest with her little feets up.

I took a great leap from the back of my couch and landed on her lap and she made that really funny 'whoa' noise again. I love it when I make her do that, but between me diving on her from a great height, and my DH making very loud sneezes without warning, the poor old dear is a nervous wreck!

She went into the gym for a while, but between you and me, my very dear friends, I think she only went in for a bit of peace and quiet! Hee hee.

I think I will be gentler with her tonight----or she might not feed me!!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Still Lazy

So we have all had a very lazy weekend except my DH who went over to Stromness to do a wee bit of work so I kept my MH company and we had a very easy day which we both liked.

She did some baking to cheer up my DH when he came home and as usual I got a tiny mini pancake which filled my adorable little tummy. I love those pancakes! Yum, yum.

After she finished her baking, she had to go out for a while, so I had a snooze in my wee hoose till she came home again and then I ran to greet her and give her a big purr and she gave me a ginormous cuddle. We sat on my couch for a while until we had a visitor to my house that I had never met before, and guess what? He thought I was adorable! He stroked me and gave me a cuddle and I gave him a shy purr and a wee nuzzle and he laughed 'cos I made him happy.

We were just sitting quietly again when my friend S. came to see me and she brought me a box of dinners, so I was very, very happy to see her and I told her that---in cat language, of course! She played with me and called me her ickle-wickle again and that made me smile.

Now, I am going to tell you a secret, but it is just between you and me. I have no earthly idea what an ickle-wickle is, but if I am it, then it must be something wonderful!


Today's picture is me waiting outside my house watching for my DH to come home and soon after my MH put her camera away, he arrived and told us all about his day and we told him about ours.

I am having another of my famous snoozes now, but I shall be wandering through my window soon to have a big play in my jungle and I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

I hope you have had a good weekend and been a wee bit lazy like me.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Taking it Easy

That's what we have all been doing today. My humans have been working, but not very hard and just doing the things that they like to do because it is the weekend and they like to take it easy, so I thought I would do the same.

I helped my MH with her ironing and she put some water in the basin for me so that I could have a paddle while she was playing with her iron. It's not her favourite job and she likes to talk to me while she is doing it.

My next job was to help my DH clean out my litter tray. It is not a very good job, but it has to be done and now it is all clean and ready for me again whenever I feel the urge.

When all that was finished, me and my MH went out into the garden 'cos the rain had stopped and we needed some fresh air and we bumped into the nice farmer man from next door, so we all had a chat before the midges came to bite us and make us go inside again. I hate the midges and so do my humans.


It was time for us all to have a seat and then we all had our dinner before we settled down to watch my favourite telly programme which has just started again. Yes,'Strictly Come Dancing' is back again, so Saturday nights will find me on my MH's knee on my couch watching my television.

Oh, I am a happy puss!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Fun Time

I have had a cracking day and I am liking it a lot, and it is only early!

Because it was Friday, it was just us girls at home 'cos my DH was away at the Cats shop, but between you and me, I like it when it is just me and my MH 'cos she talks to me all the time and tells me what she is doing and every now and then she gives me a cuddle or lifts me up and tells me she loves me, and that makes me very, very happy.

We did a wee bit of house work and I helped as my MH threw the duster over the furniture until it was shining. Actually, I think it was me that made it shine the best, but I'll not tell her that, eh?

Once we had finished that, we had a rest on my couch and I sat on her knee and we had a chat about what is happening in the world and we sorted it all out before we went outside to play with the lawn mower. Ugh! I knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier and I nearly had a nasty accident. In fact it was a nearly accident number 1 'cos I had 2!

Anyway, as my MH and her little legs were running round my garden trying to keep up with the lawn mower, I sort of mis-judged one of my runs and instead of running beside the machine, I took a wrong turn and nearly ran straight INTO it! Phew! I nearly ended up as a shorn puss---not a pretty sight, I can promise you. Anyway, with one adorable little body-swerve I turned very quickly and avoided being lawn-mowered! Phew, again!

When all the grass was cut and looking lovely, it was time for yours truly to give it a very good inspection and a trial run and me and my MH played for a long time and had very good fun until both our little legs were all tired, so we landed back on my couch again for another wee rest before dinner time and it was then that I nearly had accident number 2.

My humans were having fish for their dinner---real 'straight out of the sea' fish and I was getting a wee bit too, but I was having great difficulty waiting for it and as my MH was cutting it up in little pieces to put in my dish, I jumped up beside her and started to eat it, and I nearly got my adorable little nose cut off! Whoops.

Anyway, my MH very quickly saw what I was doing and shoo'ed me away from the scissors before I ended up with no place to keep my whiskers! Hee,hee hee.

I wonder what will happen with the rest of my night? The mind boggles, but I will let you know.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

More Good Fun

I am enjoying my routine in the evenings 'cos I have a long rest after my dinner and these past few nights I have been taking myself into my wee hoose for my evening siesta. It is lovely and cosy there, but I can see and hear everything that is going on in my living room, so I don't miss out.

I sleep until about ten o'clock and then I sit on the window sill for a while working out my 'plan of attack' for when I go out. I ask my MH for a wee biscuit and when I have had that, I go out to play and usually I stay out until one or two or sometimes three o'clock in the morning and then I nip back in my window, have another wee biscuit and cuddle up beside my MH till morning time. Quite a good life, eh?

I had a long sleep this morning, but then I went outside with my MH as she played with her window cleaning machine and we had good fun in my garden.

My little weather man friend said it would be dry today and tomorrow, so the humans decided that the windows would need to be washed so that they could see what our neighbours were getting up to. Hee hee. We really need binoculars to see our neighbours, but my MH still likes clean windows. Actually, I think she just likes playing with her window machine, but I am not complaining.

Then I heard the words that sent shivers through this adorable little body. LAWN MOWER! Oh I hate that thing, but I think that if it does come out tomorrow, then it might be the last time this year. It will be the last time forever, if I have my adorable little way!! Watch this space.

Now, I am going to share something with you which warmed the cockles of my little heart. My MH told me that she knows somebody who reads all about me at bed time  and they feel so warm and happy when they think about me and read about all the wonderful things I do, that they have a very good sleep. Sure that is lovely? I am such a clever little puss. I can help people and make them happy even when I am not with them. Brilliant!


I have even learned to push open my gate, although I don't have to, 'cos I can nip through my fence when I want out of my garden, but I thought it might come in handy if I was able to open my gate so I have been practicing and I have almost perfected it, which does not surprise me at all. :-))

There seems to be no end to the talents that yours truly has.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Good Day

Nothing too exciting and nothing too much out of the ordinary, but a good day none the less. I am generally a happy little puss, but the incident with 'the bell' has upset me a bit and at night when I am sitting on my window sill, I sometimes forget that it's not there any more and I stretch my adorable little paw up to clout it and then I get all disappointed again.

However, today, I managed to put all that behind me and I have had a good day. As usual, my humans were both out but my MH was back home to me just after lunch time and we had a chat and a cuddle before she started her work at the table and I sat on the back of my couch and watched her.

She has made lots of cards and now she is decorating them, so there are lots of glittery things lying around and these wee twinkly things catch my eye and I try and pick them up with my adorable little paw and sometimes---just sometimes---- I get in the way of my MH's creativity and she calls me a monkey and chases me off the table, but she smiles when she says that, so I know she is not really angry with me. She never is, is she?

I sat on the window sill for a while and I had a rest inside my wee hoose and then I got a big treat 'cos when my MH was finished playing with all her glittery bits and pieces, she took me out into my garden and played with me for a long time and I just loved that.


You all know how much I love being in the garden, especially with my humans, so it was a very special treat for me this afternoon, and I was still outside when my DH came home. He got a surprise too as I ran to greet him when he got out of his car and he gave me a big cuddle, so we have all been very happy today.

He told me that he had taken his sore knee to the doctor and has got some pills to make it better and he also had a shot on my MH's bike to give it some exercise ---his knee, not the bike!,--- but I had to go into the gym with him to show him what to do and he really appreciated that, and so did his sore knee.

I really don't know what my humans would do without me. :-))

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I have had a lovely day today and I have been in a very good mood. I think I told you that I had a paw-pal club and lots of pussy cats from all over the world write me and tell me all the things they do and I like that. Well, I got a message from them today telling me all the things that I might be able to do to try and get my MH to change her mind and give me back my bell.

It was lovely to hear from them and to know that there are lots of pussy cats in this big world that worry about me and want to try and help me. It touched this adorable little pussy cat's heart, I can tell you.

So, I was in a very good mood when I wakened up and my day just got better and better and I was even able to get out to play for a long time when my humans were out and then when they came home, I played with my DH and my MH took some funny pictures of me which I want to show you.

Squeak, the headless puss

Usually, I play with my MH, but today I decided to give my DH a wee turn  and we played with a bit of string which was good fun, but I was moving so fast that my MH got some very odd looking pictures which I hope will make you smile.

They made me giggle.

I look like I'm saying my prayers
This is normal me.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting Better

I am slowly getting over the trauma of finding I have lost my means of communication, but I have found my little voice and I am now speaking to my humans. Sadly, that doesn't annoy them as much as me banging the wind chimes, so they don't jump to attention as much as I would like them to. But I am working on that.

And I felt so much better when my MH read a letter from all my paw pals which cheered me up and it made us both laugh out loud.

I have lots of paw pals all over the world and to be honest, when my MH was reading their messages of support for yours truly over the wind chime incident, I felt a little lump rising in my throat and a delicate little tear ran down my adorable little cheek. I was so touched by the fact that that they cared enough about me to write and give me some ideas as to how I can get back to normal. It was really very touching and I know I am an extremely lucky little pussy cat.

I played in the afternoon with my MH and so far everything is working out fine for me, so I hope it all continues.


I am going to read my paw pal letters again and try out all their ideas one by one to see which one suits me best and naturally I will let you know, so please don't worry about me.

You must know by now that I am an intrepid little puss and I shall work through all the toils and tribulations that come my way, and I shall do it all with a smile, a purr and a squeak!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Question

How do I contact the cruelty to pussy cats man?  I need to make a complaint 'cos I am not a happy puss and I will tell you why. Well, you knew I would, didn't you?

I had a good day today and although the weather wasn't good, I was still able to get out to play for a wee while and then in the afternoon my friend S. came to see me and to have a chat to my MH.

Now, I must admit that I may have been just a tad naughty 'cos while they were trying to chat, I nipped up onto my window sill and clattered my wind chime so loud that my poor old MH couldn't hear what S. was saying, so she got up and put some dinner in my plate thinking that I might be hungry. I was a wee bit hungry, but I think I was just being a tad mischievous and I kept ringing the chimes until my MH was getting annoyed.

My friend S. played with me for a while and that made me very happy, but when she went away my MH told me that I had been naughty, so I went outside until she had cooled down, and when I came in again I noticed something that made me very, very angry and that's why I need to get in touch with the cruelty man.


Are you sitting down? Well, I shall tell you. My MH has taken away my wind chime!! I am distraught! How will she know I am hungry if I can't ring my bell? How will she know I want out if I can't ring my bell? I am worried and a great big bit peeved.

How could she do this to me? She tells me she loves me then does this to me? I do not think so!
I shall have to get my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know as I may never get fed or get out to play again 'cos she won't know what I want.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  :-((

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Late Night Surprise

Do you remember that I told you that my humans were going out last night? Well, they did and I was left on my own, but I was quite happy 'cos I was a bit sleepy and I thought I would have a snooze until they came home again.

I had just settled down and was in the middle of a wonderful dream where I was being a big brave hunter and I was chasing millions of ginormous mouses who were trying to invade my little island. Everyone else was too scared and had all runned away, but I just had a wee bite of my dinner, a wee biscuit and then I started hissing and spitting at all these mouses and they were so frightened of this adorable little pussy cat-----I am even adorable in my dreams!---that they all ran away and I was just about to be given a very special treat by everyone when the door opened and wakened me up! Boo.


It was my DH who had decided to come home 'cos he had a sore knee and didn't think he could dance, so we had a chat together and then I settled down  to see if I could find my dream again, but sadly it had gone, so I never got my reward or my treat. I was not very pleased.

Anyway, after I had had a wee nap, I went outside to play and as the rain had stopped I stayed outside for a long time and it was when I came back in that I got a very pleasant surprise cos my MH had come back and I hadn't heard her coming, so by the time I went inside, she had had her shower and was sitting on my couch with her big furry dressing gown on, so I jumped right up on her knee and purred.

I kneaded her dressing gown with my little front paws and purred so loudly that my DH couldn't hear the television and had to turn it up, but they both laughed at me and because they were happy, I was happy too and I purred louder! It was funny.

When I had finally settled down on the dressing gown, my MH told me that somebody sang a song and it was an Orkney song all about  a house with wee mooses (mouses) in it and my MH said she thought about me when he was singing 'cos maybe these wee mooses were my friends.

So I had a very nice surprise and it did make up for getting my lovely dream spoiled! So my DH is all forgiven again. Hee hee. :-))

Friday, 20 September 2013

Nothing to report...

....except that I didn't come home this morning until three o'clock and that was very late, but it was OK 'cos it was a fine night and my humans kindly left the window open for me.

I was full of energy 'cos I had a long sleep on my couch after my dinner and I am now getting into the habit of going outside about ten o'clock at night and it depends on the weather how long I stay there.

I just love being outside and I know I am quite safe 'cos I have lots of places to hide and my little legs can run very fast when they have to, but last night they didn't have to, so I stayed out until I was tired.

I nipped in my window and wandered very quietly into my kitchen where my MH had left me some biscuits and some water, so I had a very late supper then jumped up onto my bed beside my MH and we both slept until it was morning time and the alarm told us all to get up.

My DH went away to Stromness and me and my MH had a girlie day in and we played lots of games together and I sat on her knee while she told me lots of stories and I like that.


They are going out tonight for a wee while, but I will be fine and they might be able to leave the window open again for me and all the daddy-long-legs have gone away again so that is fine. I don't like them when they are flying about my house and neither does my MH.

I will probably go out to play when my humans come in tonight after I have said hello to them and had a big cuddle, and then tomorrow I will sit on my MH's knee and she will tell me all the things they did and then I can tell you. OK?      Super!! :-))

Thursday, 19 September 2013

A Very Good Day

 Yes, I have had a very good day. My humans have both been spending time with me and I managed to keep my adorable little paws out of my MH's silly-cone which pleased us both.

 The weather has been very good too so I have been outside a lot and me and my MH walked down the path and gave some water to the baby cows who are in the field in front of my house and while I was waiting for the bath to fill up, I rolled in the grass and ran round and round and round. Then I lay down and watched my MH and every time she clapped her hands I jumped up and ran away from her and we did this lots and lots until the bath was filled and the little cows were very happy, and so was I.

We went home then and we played together some more and then I noticed that all the little birdies were playing swings on my pampas grass and I sat and watched them for a long time and they were having great fun.

They would fly up to the top of the pampas grass, sit on one of the branches and then it would swing up and down and so did they, and I am sure I could hear them giggle and that made me smile and I was glad that I don't ever chase these little birdies 'cos they looked so happy.

Now, do you remember that I told you that I like to sit on my window sill with my little head out of the window and my adorable little bottom inside? Well, I was doing that today when I was watching the birdies and my MH took this picture of me, so now you can see what I look like.

This is my favourite seat and it is fine in the summer, but I am afraid that my humans get a bit upset when I want to do this in the winter and the wind is blowing so hard that the furniture is moving about my living room, the curtains are horizontal and my humans are holding on to the table to stop them getting blowed away too!

It is just as well that they love me so very, very much isn't it?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Good Puss

I don't need to tell you that the 'good puss' is me 'cos you will know that.

I went out last night but I came home at a decent hour and didn't cause the old dears any worry about me. I know that they need their sleep on a Tuesday night 'cos they both have to go out on Wednesdays and have to be up quite early and it wouldn't be fair to make them worried about me.

OK. The real story is that there was nothing going on in my little island, so as I had nobody to play with and nobody to talk to, I decided just to go home. But I earned a few brownie points by pretending, so I am not complaining! Hee hee

I have also made a discovery. Remember I told you that my MH was making  silly-cone cards? Well, I have discovered that this silly-cone stuff is quite slidey. So now you are wondering how I came to find this out. Well, (again) I went into the study when my MH was making her cards and I jumped up onto the wee table she was working at just as she was putting one bit of the picture on top of another bit and my adorable little paw just happened to  touch it as I landed and I am afraid it slid all over the place and my dear old MH said a naughty word.

I looked suitably apologetic, and as usual, I was forgiven immediately and my MH just slided the wee bit of picture back to where it should have been, but then she had to take some of the silly-cone stuff off my adorable little paw 'cos she said if she didn't do that, I might be stuck to the table for ever and ever.

And I would definitely NOT like that! What would all the sheeps and mouses do without me going to see them? I think they would be very sad.


I think I need to start looking before I jump up on the furniture from now on, especially if I see this horrid silly-cone stuff! Eh?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pussy cat in BIG trouble

And there are no prizes at all for guessing which pussy cat is in trouble! It is me, Squeak, and I will tell you why I am in trouble.

As you can see from this picture, it was a dreadful night on my wee island last night with lots of rain and wind and so I stayed on my couch for most of the night until I needed to get some fresh air and I asked my humans to please open the door for me. It was quite late but I didn't mind.


I had already worked out that it would be too windy at the window side, but better at the door side, so when my MH opened the door, I sat on the mat for a minute just sniffing, and then I flattened my little lugs, wriggled my adorable little bum, and 'whoosh' I was off.

Off into the dark and the wind and the rain. I was fearless;  I was intrepid; I was daring and --- I was wet! Soaking wet! Oh my dear friends, I was so wet that I was almost ringing again, but there was no turning back and I was determined not to give in. I was staying out and I was going to enjoy myself.

I found a little dry spot where I could just sit and listen to all the mouses 'cos I wanted to see if they were ringing too, but I couldn't hear anything, but when I was listening, I heard my DH calling for me to go inside, but I didn't want to, so I am afraid I was a little bit naughty and pretended I didn't hear him. Oh dear.

Anyway, I stayed out for a long, long time and I heard my DH calling and I heard my MH calling and eventually I decided to be a good puss and go home.

I'm afraid I had stayed out very late and I know this because my MH told me it was half past two in the morning and that she had been worried about me and why hadn't I come home sooner. I did feel a bit sorry, but then she lifted me up, cuddled me and called me a silly sausage, so I knew she wasn't too angry with me.

I know you will be wondering what my DH said, but I am afraid I couldn't possibly repeat that! :-)))

Monday, 16 September 2013

I have had .....

..... a new experience today and I thought I would share it with you 'cos I know you like to read about all the things this adorable little pussy cat does.

It has been a dreadful day on my little island with a great big bad wind that nearly blewed away my dear MH when she was going into her wee gym. She has to go out of my house and then a wee walk round the path till she comes to her wee gym but when the wind is blowing, it hides round that corner just waiting for her and one day it blewed so hard on her she landed right over the grass and on the fence and she wasn't very happy, but it wasn't as bad as that today and she managed all right.

I have asked her to let you see the waves that I can see out of my living room window and maybe you will see what kind of day it has been.


So, because it hasn't been a day for going outside, my MH decided to make some more cards and I wanted to watch her so I followed her into the study and perched my adorable little self on the edge of the couch and watched and then I decided to give my MH a wee cuddle and it was then I smelled a very funny smell off her fingers and I gave her the look which she knew meant 'What is that?' and she told me it is something called 'Silly Cone'.

She puts this 'stuff' in a wee tube and then pushes it onto all the wee pictures she has cut out and then sticks all that lot onto a card and hey presto, she has made a 'silly cone' picture card. She is quite clever old dear, but please don't tell her I said that. I don't want to spoil her! Hee hee

Now, because I was very patient and didn't disturb her when she was working, she played with me when she was finished and we played with my wee green ball and I had a great time and I thought you might like to see this action short of yours truly.

As you can see, I am under my rocking chair and just about to spring onto my little green ball and kill it dead again.

That is my very favourite game and I love it best when my MH plays with me, so I have been a very happy puss this evening and I hope you have a good evening too.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lazy Day

Well, my little weather man friend didn't get it quite right when he told me there would be lots of bad wind over my little island.

There has been some wind, but not too much, so I was able to get out to play for a wee while before the rain came on. My DH went out and picked up anything that might blow away and I went out to help him, but I made sure I came inside again in case I got blowed away!


I played with my wee green ball and I watched my MH as she was doing stuff with her cards, but then she started doing another friendship bracelet and that was the signal for me to sit beside her and pretend I was watching closely what she was doing, but when the time was right, I stuck out my adorable little paw and tried to catch the threads, and oddly enough, she wasn't best pleased with me, but I think she was just pretending when she gave me a row, 'cos she was smiling at me.

I am having a sleep now but as I am listening, I can hear the wind starting to blow again outside my window, so I might not be going out tonight and if I do, I won't be staying out too long 'cos my little cosy bed calls to me on nights like this.

And it would be rude not to listen. Sure it would?

Saturday, 14 September 2013


 Well, I have been perambulating my lovely garden thinking to my dear little self that it is lovely and peaceful and I was just about to have a stretch out on the grass today 'cos it was quite a nice weather-wise, when blow me, my dear old MH decided that the grass could have its last cut of the year!

Peace and quiet completely gone for everybody on my little island as the old dear ran round the grass behind the awful lawn mower cutting all my lovely grass. Hopefully, that WILL be the last time I see it this year. Maybe it is time for pussycat prayers again!

However, the up-side of this was that my MH played outside with me when she was finished and I liked that and just as we were finishing, my friend S. came up to see me and gave me big cuddles and lots of whispers in my adorable little lugs.


Then she lay down on my living room floor and played with me until I was tired and I liked that too. S. knew I was tired but she didn't realise that I had stopped playing and I just sat under my rocking chair watching her play with my toys, but she was so busy talking to my MH that she didn't realise that she was the only one playing, while I was rolling on the floor laughing.

Oh my dear feline friends, some humans are very funny, especially when they realise that us pussy cats are much, much cleverer than them. Eh?

Friday, 13 September 2013

A very quiet day...

... for this little puss as my two humans were away all day and it was just me all alone in my house.

This is my DH's day in the Cat shop and my MH's day for swimming so I am left to fend for myself. I have everything I need 'cos they leave me plenty of food and water, but I do miss them when they are not here to play with me or to cuddle m. I try to amuse myself until they come home again and then I run to the door and when my MH comes in, she lifts me up and gives me a great big cuddle and I purr to tell her I am very, very happy.

I am happy that she is cuddling me but I am extra happy 'cos I know she will soon be feeding me. Hee hee :-))

I think my nights for staying out late might be coming to an end as it is getting a bit cold for this little puss to be out all night and I prefer to be snuggled up beside my MH, either when she is wearing her big furry dressing gown or when she is snuggled up in our bed.


I am a wee bit not best pleased with my MH just now 'cos she is still feeding other pussy cats and some hens too 'cos one of her friends is in hospital and so my MH is playing at being a lady farmer but she tells me all about it when she comes home and I am sitting on her knee sniffing at all the new smells on her fingers.  I think she is being kind but I am a wee bit jealous.

I think it is OK to be jealous isn't it? It doesn't make me a bad pussy cat, does it?

Thursday, 12 September 2013


I have had a very traumatic time today and it has taken me a long time to recover. However, I now feel well enough and strong enough to tell you all about it.

It was a fine morning, so I was out playing a lot and I was having a very good day just running around all my favourite magical places until I was tired, so I decided to go home and see what my humans were doing.

My DH was in our greenhouse, so I had a quick word with him, then I went inside to see what my MH was doing and I was met at my door with a lovely smell and I knew she was doing some baking again, and that made me very happy 'cos I knew I would get a Squeak sized pancake all to my very own self.

And that's when it happened. My MH stood on my tail!! Ouch and ouch again.

Well, I screeched, my MH jumped and she screeched as well and the pancakes nearly all landed on the floor---but they didn't. Phew.

It wasn't really too sore 'cos when she is inside, my MH always wears her slippers, but I did get a fright and my poor MH was so upset at the thought of hurting me that she picked me up and gave me the bestest cuddle for a long, long time and then I got a wee biscuit as a special treat and she rubbed my little wagger all better.

And now I have had just the brilliantest idea ever. Oh, my dear feline and human friends, I think I am just the cleverest puss in the en-tire puss world!

This is what I am going to do. I am going to find a bit of black material from my MH's craft box and I am going to make it look like my little wagger and I shall carry this around with me, hidden about my adorable little person so that MH can't see it. So. When she is busy and not looking, I shall leave said 'wagger' on the floor and when she steps back, I shall screech and she will think she has stood on me again, but when she goes into the cupboard to get my treats, I will hide the tail again and just lap up the sympathy and the treats, of course looking suitably shocked and sore, but very forgiving.


Magic, just sheer magic! Who could think that such an adorable little pussy cat as this could be so devious?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Oh Dear

I have been a wee bit of a wet pussy cat today 'cos the rain has started to come on again and although it is not too heavy, it still means that this adorable little puss gets when every time I go outside to speak to my little friends.

You all know I like being outside, but I am afraid I have spent a lot of today just lying on my couch and dreaming of playing and running and jumping. I asked my MH if dreaming about all these things was as good as doing them, but she said no 'cos she had tried it and it didn't work and that's why she had to keep going into her little gym 'cos she wanted to try and get fit, so I guess I will need to go outside when it stops raining.

I listened to my little weather man friend Sean on my television tonight and he said that there was a great big bad wind just waiting to come and blow on my little island maybe on Saturday or Sunday, so I might be lying on my couch for quite a long time.


I have asked my MH to put this picture on today so that I can remember what it was like when I was able to get outside to play on my grass, and I hope it helps you to remember too.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Oh Good

I am still having the bestest of fun. Although it is a bit cooler on my little island, it is still warm enough for this adorable little pussy cat to be out playing nearly all day.

My humans have to keep the door closed now so I need to go in and out of my window. It is a bit too cold to leave the door open and this is the time of year when the little mouses are looking for a warm bed for the winter and my MH says they are not allowed in my house. I think this is quite a shame 'cos some of my best friends are little mouses, but I will try and do what the Boss says. It is always safer that way! Hee hee.

I went into the gym with my MH and then she sat on the couch to give her little legs a rest and I cuddled up on her knee and had a snooze. That is one of my favourite places to be but my really, really favourite time is when she has her big furry dressing gown on and I climb up on her knee, settle down and in a trice I am sound asleep and having wonderful dreams 'cos I am so, so comfortable there, and that's why I like the winter nights. 'Cos she has her dressing gown on lots of times during the winter.

I thought you might like to see this sunset that we saw last night from my living room window. I think it is lovely and I hope you do too.


I was having a wee seat at my door this afternoon just trying to make up my mind whether I should go to the front and speak to the sheeps or whether I should go to the back and speak to the cows and my MH took this picture of me thinking.

I finally made up my mind to go to see the cows first and then the sheeps and then back to my couch.

Oh decisions, decisions!!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Another Good Day

Even though the vacuum cleaner was out for a long time, I still have had a good day. The weather at my house has been quite good and at least it hasn't been raining, so this little pussy cat has been able to get into the garden to play.

I just love being outside and I play in the long grass that is all around my house and some of it is so long that I can hide and nobody can see me, but I can see them, and I like that. It makes me feel like a secret agent that I sometimes see on my television. Maybe I could be a spy when I grow up!
I went outside while my MH was hoovering but when I went back in, I saw her doing a magic trick and I thought it was a very clever trick, so I shall try and explain it to you. She had dropped some water on the floor and just as I was about to have a sniff at it, she put a bit of paper on top of it and suddenly I saw the paper 'sook' up all the water and I was so amazed at this, that I cocked my adorable little head to the left and had a look, and then I cocked it to the right and had another look and then I touched it with my little paw, and all the time, this paper was changing colour and sooking up all the water. Brilliant!
I was quite amazed and my MH was laughing at me  'cos she knew I was amazed and just a tad confused. But then, a lot of things that my MH does leave me confused!
She is that kind of lady---but I love her! :-)))

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Sight-Seeing Trip

I have had a very good day today just enjoying myself. I like Sundays 'cos it is an easy day Chez Squeak and we all have a rest and just do what we want. My MH doesn't play with her vacuum cleaner and since the grass isn't growing too much now, she doesn't need the lawn mower either so that is good.

I went out to play in my garden and then my MH came outside to hang up her washing and between you and me, my dear friends, I was so very happy to see her 'cos I just love playing with her when she comes out and I think she likes watching me.

So, because I don't have very much news for you, I thought that you might like to see some more pictures of my lovely little island, so that's what I have asked my MH to do today and here they are.

This is Sandside Bay and behind the house where my friend S. stays is our big lighthouse. We have two lighthouses--Hoy High and Hoy Low---and this is the high one. I can see the little one from my living room window. Sometimes there are seals in the water  and my MH told me that baby seals get born down there two times a year, but I am not allowed to go to see them in case I frighten them away and I wouldn't want to do that.

This is another view and the little house you can see at the very top of the picture in where me and my humans live. It is very high up and that's why we get a lot of wind blowing 'cos we have no place to hide from it.

My MH was the teacher on our little island and the building on the right was her little school but it is closed now, 'cos she scared away all the children! Hee hee. She didn't really. They just got all growed up like me, and there were no more, so the school had to be closed and that's a shame. The other building on the left is the Schoolhouse where they lived until they bought my house and now some other people are living there and building it all up again.

This is the island of Hoy that we can see from my island and the wee boat that comes here to Graemsay, goes there as well.

I hope you enjoyed that wee trip round my island 'cos I just love being a Graemsay pussy cat

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Another Weekend

And a good one, I am happy to say. I was out late again last night having a wee play with the sheeps in my field and then I had a long sleep curled up beside my MH.

Both my humans were home today and me and my DH spent a long time in our greenhouse 'cos all the tomatoes are nearly finished growing so we have been clearing things out a bit and that is keeping us both busy.

My MH has been looking after the wee baby hens again and she told me that they ran up to her today and they were all talking to her---in hen language , of course--- and my MH liked that. She is a very clever lady, my MH, 'cos she understands pussy cats and now she understands hens and chicks. She told me one of the baby chicks flied a wee bit today and that made my MH smile. It didn't fly high 'cos it is just little but it is a start. I thought I might try to fly but my MH said that cats don't do that, so maybe I won't.

The nice farmer from next door came in to see me again and he sat on my couch to talk to my humans so I climbed up on the back of the couch and lied down behind him and when he was talking I had a wee sniff at his head 'cos he doesn't have a lot of hair, and I think my adorable little nose might have been a tad cold 'cos he jumped up off my couch and got a fright, but I just closed my eyes and pretended that I was sleeping so it couldn't possibly have been me what done it!!

When my MH came home, she took me out into the garden and we played with the pampas grass and I like d that a lot. It was a fine day so we stayed out for a long time until I was a bit tired again, so when I went home I had a sleep in my peedie hoose. I haven't been in there for a while and my MH thought I looked like the little pussy cat she brought back from Cyprus.

Can pussy cats have dopple-gangers?

Friday, 6 September 2013


 I did a wee bit of mischief today, and after my MH had given me a little bit of a telling-off, I went behind my couch and laughed and laughed until the tears ran down my adorable little face.

In fact, my dear friends, when I think about it again, I still laugh and I am sure that once I tell you what I did, you will laugh too.

Picture the scene. It is a peaceful morning Chez Squeak and I have had my breakfast and a little perambulation around my garden and then I jump up onto my window sill only to find that my humans are both going to be away all day. I am not happy.

My DH always goes to the Cat shop on a Friday and that is fine. I love my DH lots, but I am definitely my MH's puss-cat and if I am worried or frightened, it is my MH that I run to first and it is my MH's knee I cuddle up on at night, so I was a tad annoyed to learn that she was going swimming with her friend.

I thought then that if I sat on her knee she would forget to go for the boat and stay with me, so I wriggled my little bottom, shouted 'geronimo' and threw myself off the window sill meaning to land gently on her knee, but I misjudged it a little and I am afraid I was a little over exuberant and landed with rather a heavy thud right on her tummy which was slightly full since she had just had her breakfast. Oops!

Did you know, my dear feline friends, that humans make a very strange noise when pussy cats land on them? Try it and see. It is the funniest noise you will ever hear.

That, I promise you, or I am not adorable!!!  :-)))

Thursday, 5 September 2013

"Oh Happy Puss"

 I have been singing to my dear little self all day, but I have changed the words slightly. I wonder if you noticed?

I stayed out so late last night. I think it is the latest I have ever been out, but it was such a lovely, still evening that I didn't want to go inside until I was really, really tired.

I lay in the long grass and just listened. There are a few birdies left but mainly starlings 'cos all the bigger birdies like oyster catchers, curlews and lapwings have all gone away to another pussy cat's place but I don't know where. I shall have to ask she who knows all!

When I eventually managed to open these adorable little eyes this morning, I helped my MH feed the birdies and then we played on the grass and she chased me as usual and I ran round and round and then ran up the clothes poles. I keep hoping my MH will try this too, but so far she has shown no inclination.

Now. You would think that a woman who has gone up in a parachute and fed fishes at the bottom of the sea could run up a simple clothes pole, wouldn't you? I shall have to try and coax her.

There was only one slight cloud in my otherwise clear sky today and that was when I got de-flea'd with the stuff in that horrible green packet. I was having a snooze and just did not see it coming.


I keep telling the Boss that I don't have fleas and she keeps telling me that it is because she put the stuff on me that I don't have them, so I don't think I am ever going to win this argument and may just have to give in gracefully.

Watch this (flea-less) space! Hee hee

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I am very happy.....

..... because I have had a very good day and that always makes me a happy puss. I stayed out late last night so I didn't get up very early this morning, but when I did, I got a very pleasant surprise 'cos I saw sheeps in the field in front of my living room and I recognised some of them from when they were baby sheeps. As soon as I had my breakfast, I went to talk to them and they were very pleased to see me. This Jacobs sheep is my bestest friend and we played for a long time together and we both liked it a lot.


The nice farmer next door shifts all his sheeps to different fields so that they can get lots of grass to eat, but I hope they are in my field for a long time 'cos then I will have someone to play with.

You know I love my humans and they play with me whenever I ask, but it is lovely to have some animals to watch and to talk to, so I am very happy right now.

My DH went away to the cat shop and my MH had to go out for a wee while too, and she was even longer today because she is looking after some little animals for a friend who is away on holiday and I thought you might like to see these beautiful little baby chicks. They are lovely, and although I say it myself, they are almost as adorable as me---almost!

My MH was playing with her new camera again, so I decided I would help her out by doing some posing and she took this one of me which I think is very lovely and I am sure you will agree.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Much Happier

Before I went to sleep last night, I joined my adorable little front paws and I said a wee prayer to make the rotten weather go away and, do you know what? It was a lovely day today and I was so, so happy.

I wakened up early and before I opened my little eyes, I opened my little lugs and listened and when I didn't hear the wind and I didn't hear the rain, I was quite excited, so I nipped over to the window for a wee look and I was right---it wasn't winding or raining! Oh, by the way, before I nipped over to the window, I opened my little eyes!! Hee hee---Just in case you were worried.

After our breakfast, me and my MH went out into my garden for walk about and while we were there, we put some food out for the birdies and that made them happy. We can watch them out of my window all through the day when they come to get fed and my humans like that.

Remember I told you that my MH had changed our living room curtains 'cos the summer was nearly over? Well, my DH put away all our little garden ornaments and of course, yours truly had to be there to supervise and that gave me lots of exercise running up and down my garden.


I have a little confession to make, but please don't tell my humans. During the summer, my DH put some grass seeds into a bit of our garden that was all rough 'cos he wanted to make it easier for my MH and her lawn mower, but he has been baffled by a little bare patch on this bit of grass and he thought there might be a mole, but it is only me!

After he had he digged up the garden, I found this little soft bit for doing what adorable little pussy cats need to do and I go there every time I need to----well, go. He smooths it out every time he sees it, and then I go and dig it up again and it makes him shake his head and his little beard wobbles and that makes me giggle.

Me and my MH went into the gym for a while and then when she was finished, we played for a long time in the garden and she chased me round and round with a big bit of pampas grass and I just loved all the fun.

So you can see that I have had a lovely day and I think I might join my little paws again tonight and ask for another good day.

I hope you have had a good day too.

Monday, 2 September 2013


 I have a new word for me. You all know that I am adorable? Well, you should know 'cos I tell you often enough, don't I? Hee hee

 Well, I have discovered that I am intrepid as well. I had to look it up in my MH's dictionary, but it suits me right down to the ground. I am very brave and fearless!

Oh, I nearly forgot. I am modest too. Sometimes I forget that I am modest, and while I love being adorable and modest, I think my favourite word for me just now is intrepid.

Intrepid Squeak or Squeak the Intrepid---they have a lovely ring to them, don't they? Now, I suppose you are wondering why I have decided that I am intrepid? Well, you know that I have been telling you all about our very bad weather and the fact that it was wet and windy and I was a wee bit worried about going out last night?

Well, (again) I did go out late last night in all that weather and I went hunting and playing and I was out for a long, long time before I blew back into my house again and my DH dried my adorable little coat then I had a light supper and went to bed and dreamed of all the adventures I will have now that I am intrepid.

I think they will be endless so I will have lots and lots to tell you. I can hardly wait.

Can you see all the rain on my window? Well, it was more worser than that when I went out. Maybe my MH could take a picture of the open window and you could see my curtains blowing too. I shall ask her tomorrow.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bah, humbug


This is my 'I am not happy' face. And why am I not happy? 'Cos I have been in my house ALL day 'cos the weather has been dreadful and too wet and windy for me to venture out without a parachute and a raincoat, and since I don't have either of these, I am stuck inside!

My humans put up our winter curtains today and I like them 'cos I can hide in behind them and nobody can see me, and I like playing hide and seek with my humans and I am sure they like playing with me.

My poor MH got a fright very early this morning when one of her friends phoned to say she wasn't feeling well and would my MH go and see her. We were both sound asleep but the poor old dear got up and put her clothes on over her pyjamas and I had a wee giggle 'cos she looked funny but I didn't let her see me---that would have been rude and unkind, and I am not those things.

She was away for a long time until the lifeboat came and took the lady into the Hospital, but my dear old MH was tired when she came home so I gave her one of my very special cuddles and stayed close to her until we both fell asleep.

Her friend stayed in hospital all day but she is fine now and came home tonight so hopefully we will all get a good night's sleep tonight although my DH is still coughing and wakening us up, so maybe we won't!

I am keeping my adorable little paws crossed that the weather might improve and I will be able to get out to play before bedtime.

I shall let you know tomorrow.