Thursday, 31 October 2013


Well, it is official. My glittering career is behind me! I shall sparkle no more :-(

My MH has finished making her cards, so all the glittery paper is away in its big box where this adorable little pussy cat can't get to it------ unless I try very hard!!

I have had another very lazy day and I am slowly getting into a new routine which suits me very well, and it is this. I get up with my humans and we all have breakfast together and discuss the day ahead, and then they each do their own thing, and sadly my  MH's 'thing' usually involves the vacuum cleaner, so I have decided that the best place for me is back in my little bed, so I give them a wee cuddle and a big purr and I nip back to bed and curl up and snooze.

Every now and then my MH comes in to make sure I am OK and sometimes she sits with me for a while and tells me a wee story and I like that, and sometimes we have a wee play together which makes me a very happy Squeak.


I normally carry on this way until early in the afternoon and then I wander through the house to see which human is doing something that appeals to me and I help, and today it was card making, but I nearly got silly-coned onto the desk 'cos I put one of my dear little paws right on top of the silly-cone gun and my MH said that if I stood still long enough, I would stick to the desk! Oops.  I let her clean my little paws and that made us both very happy, and me a lot less sticky.

I stayed with my MH all afternoon until she was finished and then it was time for my afternoon snack and a snooze on my couch. Well, all this watching is tiring for a peedie puss!

I am still resting but I will soon be having another wee bite to eat and then I am off into the outside world to see what is happening on my lovely little island, and I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nothing to Report

I have been an idle puss today and to be perfectly honest I have spent most of my day snoozing.

I got up early with my humans---well, I have to show willing, don't I? So when they get up, so do I and we all have breakfast together which is nice and I listen as they discuss what they are going to do with their day. I usually have a wee think about what I am going to do with my day as well, but that is very easy 'cos it involves eating, sleeping and playing in any order I want. Soooperb!!

So, oft they both went to do whatever it is they do on a Wednesday and I took my adorable little self back off to bed where I settled down until my MH came home.

I ran to meet her when I heard the door, and I tried to pretend that I had just come home too, but then for some reason, she went into our bedroom and discovered that the place where I had just been lying was hot, so she knew I had just wakened up! Foiled again!! Why is she such a clever MH?

In the afternoon, we glittered again 'cos she was making more cards and she told me she would have them finished tomorrow, so I think I might be sparkling again tomorrow. I like sparkling and the little mouses have told me that I look very fetching, so I think it is a very good look for me and my MH.

I was very patient while she was working and so I got played with when she was finished as my reward and we had brilliant fun. I am playing lots more with my toys now that I am not outside as much and I love it when my humans spend time with me and make such a fuss of me, so I think I will manage to get through the winter quite easily.


I prefer the summer, but I will manage the winter and I hope you do too.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Normal Day

Things are just back to normal again and I haven't been doing anything too exciting. I didn't get any mail today but maybe I will get another letter one day. I would like that.

My humans had thought they might go shopping today, but it was a bit too wet for them, so they stayed home with me instead and I liked that too.

I helped them do some things around the house and then my MH started to make some more cards and I sat with her while she did that, and when my DH came in to the room, he started to laugh 'cos me and my MH were all glittery from the paper she was using and he said we were sparkling.  I think I like sparkling, but it all washed away when I went outside and got caught in the rain. I will help her tomorrow and we will sparkle again, I am sure, and I will stay out of the rain so that I will glitter and shine for a long time.

We all got a surprise in the afternoon 'cos when me and my MH were looking out of the window, we saw a wee mouse right inside the bird feeder eating up all the dinner we had put out for the little birdies. My MH took this picture of it for you, before it jumped out and ran away. I just watched it, but I was making angry purring noises and my little wagger was swishing as well so my humans knew I wasn't happy.


I nearly got into trouble this evening when my MH took off her jacket and put it on the chair 'cos I decided that I would play with the bits that she ties and she took this picture of me so that you can see that sometimes I am just a wee bit naughty, but I am never VERY naughty and my humans always smile when I do these things 'cos they know I am just being a kitten and they love me, so I get away with everything really.

It must be because I am adorable that they don't get upset with me. :-))

Monday, 28 October 2013

Guess What? Part 2

I got a letter today! All for me, with my name on the envelope and my friend the postman brought it to my house all for me!

Oh, I was SO excited. I jumped up on my MH's knee as she sat on the couch and  read it out to me and I purred very, very loudly so she was laughing at the same time.

It was a letter from my friend J. and there was one each for my humans as well as a very special one for me. Oh, I am still excited and I think I will keep it under my pillow when I go to sleep tonight. I think it is my very first personal letter and I just love it to bits, so thank you very much J.

I have had a good day but I haven't been outside very much 'cos there has been a lot of rain on my little island and the ground is very wet and I don't want my adorable little paws to get stuck in all the mud, so I decided to stay inside and my MH played with me and my toys and that made me very happy. I love playing with my MH and she likes it too.


The nice farmer from next door came to see me today and I gave him a special purr as he stroked me when we were sitting on my couch, but I gave him a wee bit of a fright 'cos I was sitting on the back of my couch behind him and I sniffed at his head which hasn't got hair on it like my DH has and I made him jump 'cos my adorable little nose was quite cold. But then he smiled at me and we all laughed.

I think I have done this before and I am sure I will do it again. Hee hee!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lazy Sunday

Although the weather on my dear little island hasn't been too bad today, I have been rather a lazy puss and have only been outside for a wee while.

I like Sundays and normally  we all have a long lie and get up later than usual, but my poor old MH was up early this morning, 'cos she forgot to put our clocks back! Doh!!! Normally, she does one clock on a Saturday afternoon. In fact one year, before I was even a twinkle, she put the living room clock back at tea time and my DH put it back at bed time! Sometimes, they are not the brightest humans in the world. It is a good job they have me now to look after them, isn't it?

So, you can see, it has been a long day for me and my MH, although I must admit that I did have a snooze in the afternoon, and it was while I was snoozing that my friend S. came to see me, so I very quickly wakened up and ran to see her.

I always like when she comes to see me 'cos she makes a great big fuss of me and I do so like that, and then after she had played with me, her and my MH played on the Wii and I just lay on my couch and watched them and I liked that too.

I am resting now, but I will probably go out for a while later on tonight.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Guess What?

Do you remember that I told you that if the little weather man didn't send me some good weather, I would tell  him I wasn't going to be his friend any more? Well, he has sended me good weather today and I am a very happy puss 'cos I have been outside all day.

My MH took this lovely picture of me with the Jacobs sheep and I know you will like it.  Me and my MH had a wee giggle when we were talking about the sheeps 'cos I asked her why they were all called Jacob? Why did the nice farmer man next door call them all the same name and it is a boys name and most of the sheeps are girls? I told her I would have called them Dolly, or Molly or Maisie or Daisie---nice names like that.

Well, my dear old MH nearly fell off my couch she was laughing so hard and when she told me Jacob wasn't their name, it was their breed, I had a good giggle too.

Oops, I am a wee bit silly, but that is another thing I have learned now. I have learned lots of things and I am not four yet, so can you imagine how much I will know when I am the same age as my humans?

A question. Will my brain still be able to fit into my adorable little head when it learns all this new stuff, or will I need to keep all the old knowledge in a box somewhere?

That's something else I need to learn!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Deary, deary me

The weather man has been sending my little island some very bad weather with lots of rain and it is making me not a happy puss. I think if he doesn't stop doing this, he might not be my friend any more.

You know how much I like to get out, but this weather isn't good for me 'cos it makes me all wet and sometimes I nearly get blowed away and that is definitely not good at all. Methinks I shall have to have a word with him.

I had a long sleep on my couch last night, but then I decided that I needed to be outside, so my DH opened the door for me and I scooted as quickly as these adorable little legs could manage, straight over to all the hay bales where I could get some shelter.

Mind you, I was nearly too late 'cos all the best bits were already taken up with lots of little mouses, so I had to be a wee bit of a bully and shift one or two of them out of the way, so that I could get into the dry bit, but I don't think they minded!

I had good fun just sitting watching all the wee creatures in the grass and listening to some of the birdies that stay on my island forever, but by the time I decided to go home, I was a wee bit very wet and my humans know this immediately 'cos as soon as I jump in my window, I stand beside the box of tissues till my MH takes some out and dries me. Sure that is very clever?

She played with me for a long time before we went to bed, and today's picture of me playing hide and seek under the coffee table, but I think she found me. I blame my wagger. It sticks out everywhere and for some reason it is always behind me, so I will need to remember that in future!

I hope we have a better weekend and I hope you have a good weekend too.



Thursday, 24 October 2013


That's what I have been today. Absolutely fearless.

The weather on my little island has been horrendous and my little weather man friend says it might get worse, so I lay on my couch and had a long think to my adorable little self. Should I just become a couch pussy cat and let the bad weather beat me, or should I be an intrepid little Squeak and brave the elements to go outside and play?

I had a long argument with myself and decided that I was brave and fearless and intrepid and outside! So, oft I went and played in my garden and then I went into the field where the nice farmer man next door keeps all his roondy bales and I play in among them 'cos it is nice and sheltered and quite warm too and there are lots of little mouses for me to talk to when I am there, so I had great fun and I have decided that the wind and rain will not stop me from doing what I want to do. So there, decision made!

When I came back inside, my MH had finished all her work and so we played on the floor with all my toys for a long time and I had great fun and I think the old dear was happy too.


Now, I have a new friend, A. and my friend has never seen sheeps and asked me what baby sheeps looked like, and because I am something of an authority on them, I thought I would give you the benefit of my wisdom.

When they are brand new and just born, they are all small and their four little legs are all wobbly and they stay right beside the mummy sheep where they sleep a lot and drink the milk from their mummy. Now I am not sure where the mummy sheep keeps the tap for the milk, but I will find out and let you know.

The baby sheeps grow up quite fast and as they get a wee bit older, they start to play with some of the other sheeps in the field and they run round and round and round and they do funny jumps and leaps and that's when I love playing with them, but then a mummy sheep will shout 'baa' and all the babies run back to their own mummy for some milk and a cuddle and  I run home to my MH, but we have all had a great time.

I am afraid that when they baby sheeps grow up, they are not much fun, so I just love when it is Spring time and there are brand new little lambs in my fields all ready to play with yours truly.

I hope this has helped you understand a wee bit more about lambs and sheeps, but if you want to learn more, just ask. :-))

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ho Hum

What a horrible day it has been today. Wet and windy and NOT good weather for a pussy cat of my calibre.

My poor old humans both went away on the early boat today and I waved them off from the kitchen widow, but by the time they were out of the gate, I was snuggled back up in my little bed!

My MH had to  go to the dentist and my DH took his knee to the doctor 'cos it is still a bit sore and the doctor said he might need to see the fizzy-o lady that fixed my MH. He was away all day, but my MH came home at eleven o'clock and she was a wee bit wet, so I gave her a cuddle and a big purr and that made her feel a lot better.

I haven't been out much at all, although I ventured into the garden after my dinner for a wee while and nearly got blowed off my window sill when I tried to jump back up again.

I am now having a snooze and I might go out later on, but on the other paw, I might just stay where I am until this wind and rain disappears.

I think I am becoming a fair weather puss.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Having a Great Time

Well, the weather hasn't been too bad and it certainly hasn't kept me in, so I am still a happy little pussy cat.

I have been outside a lot today. Sometimes all by myself, sometimes with my DH and sometimes with my MH and I have loved every single minute of it. I took my MH into our gym and watched her little legs doing all their exercises while her little lugs are listening to some music on her ipod. She tries to sing along, but the poor old dear doesn't have enough puff to sing and cycle at the same time and it does make me giggle when she tries! Some day she will catch me laughing and I will be in BIG trouble!

My friend M. came into see me today and he brought me a big bag of my favourite biscuits which had come off the boat, so my little tummy won't be empty for a long time. My MH went on her Wii this afternoon and she decided that it was time I got weighed again, so I had to go on it too and my Wii MII was very happy with me 'cos I am just a perfect weight. I eat lots, but I exercise lots too, so I think I must be doing everything just right. No surprise there, then!

I played with my toys for a while and my MH took this lovely picture of me when I was having a wee rest. I think I look very fetching and I am sure you will agree.


I really must try to be less modest! Hee hee :-)))

Monday, 21 October 2013


I have been bouncing today! I am so full of energy and happiness that I have been bouncing and running and happy, happy, happy all day!

My humans don't realise that while I am lying sound asleep, I am still listening to them and last night I heard my MH telling her friend that I didn't play with my toys so much now. SO! I thought I would give her a big surprise today and every time she moved, I did my funny run in front of her which is my sign that I want to play. And she remembered it! What a very clever MH.

So, she put her duster down---well, it is Monday, and you all know what happens Chez Squeak on a Monday?---- and she lied down on the floor and she played with me for a long, long time and we both just loved it. She told my DH that she thinks I will always be a kitten, no matter how old I am, and I think she is very, very right!


Later on, after she had been away to feed the other pussy cat and the chooky hens, I took her into the gym and then we played some more on the grass when her wee legs fell off the bike and we had super fun again, but I am a wee bit tired now and I think I will have a rest before I go outside tonight.

I think I like being a kitten-cat and playing with my toys and I know my humans like it too, so I will keep doing it as long as they are able to play with me. Hee hee.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Another Sunday

And a slightly better Sunday 'cos the wind has stopped blowing and the rain has gone off for a while so this adorable little pussycat has been able to get out to play in her garden.

I don't have very much news for you 'cos I have been a wee bit lazy. I lay on my MH's knee last night while we watched all the dancers doing their stuff and we both liked it a lot. My DH doesn't really like it, but he gets his football programmes in the afternoon, so night time is for us girls.

 I wonder if Craig's new hip will be a dancing one? and I wonder if I could get four new dancing hips, then I could be the only pussy cat in the en-tire world to be dancing on the telly.

I shall ask she-who-thinks-she-knows-it-all!

My MH hasn't been in her gym for a while and she hasn't been using her Wii either, but I heard her telling my DH that she was going to start again next week, so I suppose I shall be expected to help her again, but I don't mind really especially if it helps the old dear and keeps her well enough to play with yours truly. I am totally selfless, sure I am?

I did get out to play for a while last night, but we all had an early night and I was quite happy curled up in my little bed. I am nearly four now, so I need to take care of my adorable little self and make sure that I get my beauty sleep.


So I will go out again tonight, but probably not for too long and it will all depend on the weather.

I hope you have had a super weekend and that this week will be a good one for you.

Saturday, 19 October 2013


.....and double boo! I am not a happy Squeak.

It is raining and winding on my little island and definitely NOT weather for a delicate, adorable little creature such as I to be outside, so I have been on my couch nearly all day.


My DH has been inside too, but my dear old MH went out to feed the hens and pussy cat like she promised and she was all dripping wet when she came home.

I ran to meet her and she shooked her coat at me and I got a wee bit wet, so I stayed well out of her way until she had changed all her clothes into dry ones again. I am not silly!!!

I think it might get a bit better tonight, so I may venture out to see what is happening on my little island. I know there is a lot of water lying around and my MH said that the links were nearly flooded and she thought she might have to leave her little car and swim through all the water, but she just drived slowly and made it safely there and back.

My MH is a very clever lady, although she would never tell you that herself (!!!) and she could have swimmed if she had wanted to, but she didn't want to, and I think that was very wise.

I think she gets all her wiseness from me! Hee  hee!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Back to Normal

That's what we all are. Right back to normal after all the celebrations.

My DH was away back to the Cat Shop today with lots of bits of his birthday cake for the ladies there, and it was just me and my MH in my house and we were quite lazy today which I liked.

I sat for a long time on my MH's knee and purred a lot 'cos I was happy. It was quite a nice day but a wee bit cool, but my little weather man friend says it is going to be very wet and very windy during the weekend, so I think I might be inside for a lot.

My MH went out for a wee while 'cos she was looking after a pussy cat and some hens for my friend S. who is away for a wee while, and she will have to go out even if it is wet and windy, so I will need to give her some very special purrs when she comes home.That will make her feel a lot better, I am sure.

We are all going to have a lovely lazy weekend and I am looking forward to being the centre of their universe again.

Which is just as it should be.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a Night!

What a night I had last night! I was played with and stroked and talked to and made a great big fuss over and I loved every single minute of it. It was just magic!

As you know, it was my DH's birthday yesterday and he and my MH took all the people from my little island over to a hotel to get their lunch together to help him celebrate. Do you know? There were no humans at all left on my little island yesterday? It was just all of the animals who were here. Somebody might have come and stealed us all away!!-----but they didn't, so it was OK.

Anyway, my humans came home and told me that they had had a lovely time, so I was very happy for them. They made a fuss of me for a while and then got my house ready for visitors who were coming at night time to wish my DH a happy birthday and that's when I got made a fuss of.

There were three children who came to my house with their mummies and daddies, but they played with me nearly all night and we had the bestest of fun. I played as long as I felt like it, but when I needed a wee rest, I hided under my couch or went out of my window where they couldn't get to me, so it worked out very well.

I had a great time and so did my humans especially my DH. He got a beautiful birthday cake which was made to look like him in our greenhouse with all our tomato plants and I am there as well. It was so beautiful that it made us all smile and my MH didn't want to cut it up---but she did and everybody liked it----but they didn't eat me! I definitely put my little paw down at that!!

I have asked my MH to put on a picture of the cake so that you cane see it and today's picture of me is when I am having a snooze on my couch 'cos I have been a wee bit very tired today with all the excitement of last night.

And I think that is very understandable

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Another Crackin' Day

I am just loving these days and nights. My little island is dry and calm and I am having the bestest of fun being inside for a wee while and outside for a big while, and I am so happy and so, so fit with all this running and jumping and climbing. I am just the happiest puss in the en-tire world!


I was out late again last night and I played in among the hay bales which are just beside my house. The nice farmer man next door wraps them up in black polythene and he calls them 'roondy' bales 'cos they are round, but there are lots of wee mouses beside them, so when I go out at night, I talk to them (the mouses, not the bales hee hee) and we all like that.

We had some visitors in my house today, but two of them were childrens so I just took myself off to my little bed, 'cos I don't really like childrens, although they love me! Naturally!

AND! There was a birdie inside my living room this afternoon. I just stood and watched it 'cos I was a wee bit bemused, but my DH lifted it gently and put it out and let it fly away again.

I was a wee bit sad 'cos I would like to have played with it, but it wanted outside with all its birdie friends, so I quite understand. I am just that kind of puss!

Now, I won't be able to write to you tomorrow 'cos my humans are going to be out all day and then there will be lots of peoples in my house at night so my MH won't be able to use her computer. Tomorrow is my DH's birthday and we are having a party for him in my house so there will be millions of knees for me to sit on.

I will tell you all about it when I write to you on Thursday but I hope you will manage without me for one day. :-))

Monday, 14 October 2013

Still Busy

I was able to stay out late again last night 'cos my humans could leave the window open for me. The weather has been very lovely and there is hardly any wind at all which is unusual, but it makes me very happy.

It also means that I am quite tired through the day so I just take my adorable little self off to bed while The Boss is doing all her housework and that means that I don't get upset by the vacuum cleaner.

There was a lot to do so I was quite happy snoozing and dreaming until it was time to go with my MH into the gym and I sat on the chair as she did her exercises and then we played in the garden and while we were there, the nice farmer man from next door came and had a chat with us and that made me happy 'cos he always gives my little lugs a rub and I give him a purr.

We were out for a long time so by the time we went in, we were both a wee bit tired and my MH sat on my couch while I jumped up on the back of it and had another wee snooze until dinner time.


The weather is still very good and my living room window is still open, so I think I shall be in and out all night again. It is getting  dark very early now but I can see very well in the dark so I am not frightened at all and I don't need a torch like my humans do.

My MH doesn't like the dark, she told me. She's not frightened, but she doesn't like not being able to see where she is going.

Maybe she should have been a pussy cat, eh? :-)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Like Sundays

...but this one has been a wee bit wet, so I haven't been out very much. Just for a wee while with my MH and she took this picture of me playing on my gate. I was actually showing off a wee bit 'cos the sheeps were watching me and I could see they were very impressed at my agility.


I had an absolutely brilliant night last night. It was very calm and still and there was no rain, so the living room window was left open for me and I went in and out hundreds of times, having a simply soo-perb time.

I found lots of mouses to play with and I told them to stay up at my end of the island 'cos my pussy cat friend B. who lives at the other end of our little island, has been chasing mouses and I think she has been eating them all up, but I told them that I was a good puss and I wouldn't do that to them. I have a feeling that if they do what I have suggested, my humans won't be best pleased. Ho hum :-(

I had been sitting on my MH's knee watching Strictly and when I went outside, I tried a couple of wee pirouettes and glides, but I think I will need to practise. It is obviously easier with two feets than four! You can tell I have been listening to Bruno and Craig. I think I love Bruno, he is funny.

Oh yes, I do like my weekend and there is more dancing tonight so I shall see if there is something a four legged dancer can do easily, and I shall let you know.

I hope you have had as good a weekend as me.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Good Fun

 Oh, I am having such good fun just now and I have been in and out lots and lots today and my humans have both been out with me and played with me and you know that makes me a very happy pussy cat.

Now, I am a girl puss. My MH got a message from one of my followers who didn't know if I was a boy Squeak or a girl Squeak, so I am definitely a girl puss. OK?

I was on my radio last night 'cos there was a request programme and me and my MH sent in a request for Beardy 'cos it will be his birthday soon, but the lady on the radio said that Squeak was a brilliant name and my MH told her it suited me very well and then the radio lady told everybody my name and it made me smile.

I stayed out late last night as it was such a lovely night and I told all the mouses that I had been on the radio and I think they were a bit jealous. :-)

I went out into my garden today with my DH and I watched him as he went underneath my MH's car to see what was making the funny noise, but then I decided that I would go underneath too and he got a fright when he turned round and there was yours truly sitting on the ground beside him. It was quite funny and it made him smile.


My MH came out and played with me and we chased round my garden and then she went in and made some more cakes so my kitchen smells very lovely now.

I hope you have had good fun like me.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Still Happy

I am still having very good fun and my weather is still lovely which means I can get into my garden whenever I want to, and today I have wanted to lots of times and my MH came with me which always makes me very happy.

My humans were both out today but my MH came home at lunch time and that gave  me a surprise  'cos I thought she would be away all day.

I helped her bring in all the messages and then we played on the grass and I attacked all the flies and bits of grass and I ran round and round until my little legs were tired, so I went and had a wee lie down on my bed when we went inside.


But I am afraid I gave my dear old MH a big fright this afternoon although I didn't mean to. I shall explain.

After she had done all her work, she was feeling a wee bit tired and so she lay down on my couch for a wee napette. Now, I am nearly four years old and I have never seen her doing this. So, I just happened to wander into the living room and noticed her head on the cushion and decided to have a closer look at what she was doing.

I wriggled my adorable little bum, pinned back my lugs, yelled 'Geronimo' and launched myself over the cushions and landed-------right on her tummy! Ooops

She made that really funny noise again and nearly fell off the couch, but once she had stopped shaking, we both lay down, and this time I did it very gently and cuddled in beside her and we snored for about an hour and both liked it very much.

I think I shall have to be very careful where I land in future as I might be the end of the poor old soul. Hee hee

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Much Happier

 I have been much happier today 'cos the weather has been good and I have been able to do exactly as I wanted all day and, as you know, that makes me a very happy little puss.

I didn't stay out too late last night 'cos the nights are getting a wee bit cooler and I don't really like being cold, so I was home before half past one o'clock in the morning. Normally, by this time my dear old MH is sound asleep but my DH stays up late, so he lets me in and gives me some wee biscuits and a big cuddle and then I nip in beside my MH and we snore in unison and even sometimes manage to harmonise! Hee hee

We have all been at home today and the bad wind has gone away, so I have been out playing nearly all day which I like. I even sat on the outside of the kitchen and looked in as my humans were getting all their work done and then I went in, had a big cuddle and sat on my MH's knee.

And it was when I was sitting on her knee that she was on the phone to our friend S. and I put my adorable little head up close to the phone and gave S. a great big purr and that made her laugh, and that made me happy.

When I had rested, I went back outside and told all my little animal friends that I had been talking on the phone, but they didn't really believe me so I will need to take my friend S. out to the fields with me and she can tell them that I wasn't telling porkies.

As if I would do that!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

So so

I have had a so-so day, but a good sort of so-so day. Both of my humans have been home with me and I have had their undivided attention which has meant lots of knee sitting for me, but the weather has been very bad.

My little weather man friend was right when he said it was going to be very windy and my poor old MH nearly got blowed off her little feets when she went out. I was watching from my window and I did feel sorry for her, but not enough to go out and save her! But she managed to get back in beside me again so that's OK.

I had a long snooze after my dinner, but it is now early evening and already I have been out twice! I went out of my living room window just as a big blow of wind was passing and I nearly landed in beside the nice farmer man next door.


Oh, he would have got a big surprise if I had blowed into his house, sure he would? I think he would have smiled, but knowing the nice farmer next door, that's not all he would have done!! :-)))

The next time I went out, my MH made me go out the door so that the curtains wouldn't go horizontal again and my DH wouldn't need to hold on to his chair, but it's not so much fun that way.

I shall have to put my little paw down and start getting my own way again. I was not born to do as I am told. Hee hee

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Another Lonely Day

Oh dear, that sounds so melodramatic doesn't it? And actually I was alright, as I always am in my own little house 'cos I am safe and warm and I always have lots of food and water left for me, but I just miss my humans! :-(

They were away doing more First Aid today, so I just had a few snoozes and some looks out of my window until they came back again and then I ran to the door and got a great big cuddle from my MH and then a littler cuddle from my DH, but it was still good and made me purr.


My poor old MH was tired when she came in, so after she had done a wee bit of housework---but not with the vacuum cleaner---Hoorahh!!--- she went for a wee lie down on our bed and I went with her to make sure she was OK. I think we were both snoring, but I know SHE certainly was! Hee hee

I have been in and out a lot this evening but it is quite wet and a bit windy, and my little weather man friend says it is going to be very windy on Wednesday so my DH is staying home in case he gets blowed away, and me and my MH wouldn't like that at all, so I may not be going out much either tomorrow.

We shall just have to wait and see.

Monday, 7 October 2013

A Mixed Day

I didn't stay out too late last night 'cos I decided that I would go outside a lot today, but I am afraid it didn't work out that way  'cos my humans were out all day doing their First Aid training and I just slept until they came home again.

I had lots of dreams about chasing mouses and things like that and then when my humans arrived back, I sat on my MH's knee and cuddled up to her and purred to show her I had missed her and she told me all the things they had been doing. The poor old dears have been working very hard and I think they will be a bit tired tonight.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to go out early this evening so that I can be in early and

let them get to their bed 'cos they have to do more training tomorrow and I will have another day all to my adorable little self.

I don't like being on my own, but I can always look forward to a great big cuddle when they come home and my favourite position is sitting on my MH's knee  facing her with my little head on her shoulder while she just strokes me very, very gently and that makes us both so very happy.

I am a very lucky puss, sure I am?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

I Like Sundays

I like being lazy and being able to do what I want. My humans don't do very much on a Sunday and we all rest and get ready for the new week, so that's why I like Sundays.


And another thing that makes Sundays good for me is that my friend S. nearly always comes to see me and she makes a fuss of me which is what I like, so when I hear my door opening and I hear her shouting 'hello', I stop whatever I am doing and run to meet her and she lifts me up and cuddles me and I give her some of my very special purrs to show her I am pleased to see her.

Today when she came to my house, I was in my wee hoose very busy sleeping, but I managed to open my eyes just long enough to get a cuddle and then I went back to sleep. I was a bit tired today 'cos I stayed out last night until half past two o'clock this morning and when I finally decided it was bedtime, I nipped in my window and my poor old MH was sitting on the couch waiting for me.

It was a bit wet and the wind was blowing the rain into my house, so my humans had to close the window and because I hadn't come home when my MH shouted for me, she had to stay up. I was a wee bit sad, but she was not angry 'cos she understands that I have to do what a pussy cat needs to do.

However,she did say I was getting another five minutes and then the window was being shut, she was going to bed, and I would have to be out all night!

I wonder if she meant it?

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Same Old Routine

I am well and truly into my routine now. I have been experimenting with different ways of doing all my little things and I think I have finally found the way that makes me happiest.

I get up in the morning with my humans and my dear old MH gives me my breakfast which I gobble up 'cos I am usually very hungry when I waken up. When I finish that, I take a minute or two to see what the weather is doing on my little island and then I go out. Sometimes through the window and sometimes out of the door, just depending on which way the wind is blowing, but if it is very strong, then I just stay in and sit on my window sill.

 If I am able to go out, I check that all my animal friends are OK and then I go home again and usually take to my bed while the humans are doing all their work, but as soon as I hear one of them going outside, then I am right there beside them.

This makes them laugh 'cos it looks as though I am sound asleep, but then suddenly I am right beside them as bright as a little (adorable!) button. This goes on for most of the day although sometimes I spend quite a while in the gym with the Boss and we did that today until her little legs were all tired with cycling and walking and then we had to go in while she sat on the couch for a rest, so I helped her to do that as well.

I generally sleep for a while in the afternoon and then after my dinner I have another snooze on my couch until about ten o'clock at night and then it is out to play time for this little pussy cat. This is the time I just love the very bestest 'cos there is so much to see and do and so many animals and little creatures to find and spend time with and if the weather is good, then I sometimes stay out until about two or three o'clock in the morning and then I nip in my window, have a wee biscuit which my humans have very kindly left out for me, give my adorable little body a wee wash and then cuddle up beside my MH and sleep till morning when it all begins all over again.


I just think this is the brilliantest life ever, but I hope you have a happy time too.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Happy, happy, happy, me!

Did I tell you I was happy? No? Well, I am. All my little problems are well behind me now and me and my MH are all back to normal again which is lovely.

And. I have come to an enormous decision. I am going to put my 'How to be a magic cat' book away until I learn to use it properly. I seem to be able to DO magic, but I can't do it back again when I need to, so I think I will give it all up and just be a normal puss. Normal and adorable, that will do nicely, thank you.

My DH was in Stromness today so me and my MH played together in the garden and then we went into the gym while her little legs worked hard on her bike and her walking machine. I found lots of places and things to sniff at and I even found a snail on my path and I gave it a wee sniff too, but it was so cold on my adorable little sniffer that it made me sneeze and that made my MH laugh.

I thought you might like to see some of my animal friends that I can talk to whenever I feel like it. The cows are in the field at one side of my house and the sheeps are in the field outside my living room, so even when I don't want to go outside, I can watch them from my window sill and they can see me too.

That makes us all happy.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

You will never guess.....

I have surpassed my adorable little self. Even I am speechless----well, purr-less!---at what I have managed to achieve. And I did it all by myself without even moving off my couch.

You will know that I am having on-going problems with the vacuum cleaner and with my dear old MH who drives this awful machine? Well, last night, we were all sitting quietly in my living room and we were all full up after our dinner. My MH was watching my television and my DH was reading his book and I was lying on my couch pretending to be asleep, but actually I was thinking.


I was trying to think of some way that I could get rid of the vacuum cleaner once and for all and I did mutter (in cat speak, of course!) 'I wish it would disappear for ever and ever' and suddenly all the lights went out; the telly went off; the computer went off and all the machines in my house went off!

Oh dear. I didn't really mean to be as dramatic as that but maybe I am just a wee bit more magic than I thought and this was my way of getting rid of the Hoover. So far, so good.

There was just one wee problem and that was that my magic spell spread all over the island and everybody's lights and machines and computers stopped working too, but the good thing was that there wasn't a single vacuum cleaner on my en-tire little island that could work! Yippee

So. Once my humans got the idea that I could do this wonderful thing, I decided that they had learnt their lesson and tried to do more magic to make all the lights come on again, but I am afraid it didn't work and everybody on the island had to go to bed in the cold and in the dark and I had to cuddle up to my MH to keep us both warm. Oops. I think I need to keep practising, don't I?

Anyway, it all worked out OK 'cos my MH phoned the electric man and he had to come to my island and fix all the cables and wires and the lights came on again this afternoon, so we are all warm and bright and cosy again.

I wonder if it really was me? Am I a magic puss, or was it just a coincidence? Who knows?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Decisions, decisions

Oh what a day I have had. My humans have both been out for a while, so I have had all day to myself to work out just what I need to do with my adorable little self and I think I have almost come to a decision.  Almost.

When my MH came home, we went into my garden for a while although it was quite windy, and we had a look at a wee baldy bit on the grass, and my MH asked me if I knew how it got to be like that, and you can see my reply! Hee hee


This is the bit of my garden that I used during the summer, and I am afraid I scratched away all the new grass seed that my DH had put down, so he will need to put some more down in the Spring and hope that the grass will grow again.

We went inside after a while and I sat on my MH's knee and told her all my worries and how I was thinking of moving house and the poor old dear was nearly in tears and I felt so very, very sad 'cos I know she loves me more than the whole world and I love my humans too. But!

We had a long cuddle and then my MH said that if I would stay, she would try and control the vacuum cleaner and make sure it never disturbed me again, so I have reconsidered and I have delayed the 'big move' until later, but the vacuum cleaner has been given a red card! A great big red card!! Guess who was watching football last night? :-)

Now, I have another wee problem. How am I going to tell S. that I might not be moving in with her? She is going to be so upset. Devastated, almost, but she has to be told.

Oh, decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

News Flash

I may not be writing to you for a while because I am moving home.

I can't give you any more details at the moment I am afraid, because.... well..... because nobody else knows and I am still working out how I am going to do it.

I came to this momentous decision this morning, and to be quite honest, the logistics of it all have kept me awake all day! This is what happened.

There I was, lying adorably on my chair having a wonderful snooze when The Boss arrived with the awful vacuum cleaner and hoovered right under where I was sitting and that wakened me up right away, so I was not best pleased, I can tell you. It just seemed today, that wherever I went, that MACHINE followed me, but of course, it didn't come itself. No, my MH was pushing it and so I began to think.

I was in the middle of a think when my friend S. phoned my MH and when they were talking, my MH told S. what she had done with the Hoover, and S. was aghast and said she would NEVER do that to her pussy cat, and suddenly a  light bulb went on in my little brain.

'I will move in with S.' Such a simple plan, but how do I explain it to the humans and get them to agree? I know my MH will be distraught at my leaving, but I can visit, can't I?

There is just another little snag to this plan. There is a pussycat  already living there and I don't know if the house is big enough for two divas. I wonder if we could do a swap?

I am going to sleep now 'cos my wee brain is tired with all this thinking but then I think I shall call a meeting of all those concerned and see what they can do to make my situation better. However, I am afraid the bottom line is 'it's me or the vacuum cleaner'.


The adorable one has spoken!