Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Question

How does my little weather man friend know what the wind is going to do? He can't see it and he can't talk to it, so how does it tell him where it is going and if it is going to be a happy wind or an angry wind or a wee wind or a great big gale wind?

I have thought about this all day 'cos last night he told me I would be able to get out to play 'cos the wind would go away from my little island, and it did, so I did get outside and that made me and my humans very happy 'cos I was able to use up all my energy, but I can't figure out how he does it.

I shall have to write to him. Dear Sean.....mmm, I need to think some more, so I will do it later.

I haven't been outside today as I have been a bit sleepy but I have been very content as both my humans have been at home with me and my MH played with me lots and lots and she only stopped when I decided that I needed to do my washing and she got her camera out at the same time as I got my adorable little tongue out to wash my feets and she thought you would like to see me, so I hope you do.


I don't have any more news 'cos I am afraid I am not doing very much but I hope you all have a very good weekend and I will write to you again tomorrow.

Friday, 29 November 2013

What a Day!

I have been stuck inside my house all day and I am not a happy pussy cat at all.

My little weather man friend told me and my humans that it was going to be windy and boy, was he right! We have had a great big gale force wind blowing all over my little island all day and at one point the windows in my house were shaking and I was a wee bit scared, but it was OK and my MH gave me a cuddle and told me not to worry.

All the boats stayed home too and didn't go on to the sea and when you have a wee look at this photograph, you will maybe see why.

My humans did some work inside my house and I watched them for a while and then I decided it was time to play, so I made all the usual signs for my MH and she soon knew what I wanted and so she played with me and made me very happy.

The nearest I got to outside was sitting on the back of my chair looking out at the sea which was full of white horses. Now, they are not REAL horses, but that's what my MH calls the waves when they are all rolling and white and I watched them for a long, long time just wishing I could get out to play---even just for a little while. But I didn't!

I am resting now 'cos I was listening to my television and my little weather man friend told me that the wind was going to go away tonight and he told me I could get out to play. Nobody else heard that bit---just me!

I will probably stay out for a long time because I have a lot of energy and I will need to get rid of it all or I won't be able to sleep, and if I can't sleep, my poor old MH won't sleep either and when she can't sleep she gets cranky and when she gets cranky, me and my DH usually get into trouble, so you know now what I need to do tonight?

I just hope I manage it.

Thursday, 28 November 2013


 My day has been a good one and I hope yours has too. My little weather man friend said that the weather  would be good, but it was going to be very windy tomorrow, so I decided that I would spend a long time outside today as I will probably be indoors all day tomorrow. Sigh.

My MH took her little webbed feets to the swimming pool so it was just me and my DH in my house today.  He went to do some 'stuff' outside and I nipped out too when he wasn't looking which meant he didn't know I wasn't in. See?

So, when I wanted to go in, I had to jump up on all the window sills until I found which room he was in but as soon as he saw me he opened the door and I ran past him so fast he said he could see sparks coming off my adorable little paws!

I was a wee bit cold 'cos I had been out too long, but he gave me a big cuddle which warmed up my little body and some biscuits which warmed up my little tummy, so I was very fine again.

We told my MH all about this when she came home and it made her laugh and then she played with my and my toys and that was very good fun, so you can see why I have had a good day.


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Good Day

I have had a good day today and I have done lots of things which have made me a happy puss.

The weather on my little island has not been very good  and we have had lots of wind, so I made a big decision to stay inside and play, and I rested up on my little bed while my MH was out but as soon as she came home I told her I wanted to play. I do this by going to my toys, sitting beside them and staring at her and she knows right away that it is play time. I don't mind which toy she chooses 'cos I like to keep the old dear happy, but whatever one she takes means that we can play for a long time.

She sometimes catches me, rolls me on my back and tickles my adorable little tummy and I love that SOOOOO much. It makes me feel the happiest and most specialist pussy cat in the en-tire world.

After our dinner, my MH has her coffee on my couch while she watches the news on my television and I usually sit on her knee until she is finished and then I have a lie down and a wee snooze until later on when I need to go out to play before bed time and she thought I looked so beautiful and peaceful tonight, that she took this picture of me to let you see it.


I am sure you will say 'aawww' when you see me. I think I look really fetching and I am sure you will agree.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Up and Down and Up Again

That's what I have been today.

We all got up quite early this morning---well, early for these old dears!--- and I had my breakfast and then sat on my MH's knee while she had hers and as usual, I finished the milk of her cereal and I was very happy 'cos I thought we were all going to be together all day, and then I saw that they were getting ready to go out and I became a wee bit sad.

I am a people pussy cat and I love it the bestest when my humans are both here in my house with me and I get a wee bit sad when they have to go away and leave me, and my MH said that she gets a wee bit sad too when she leaves me, so we were both sad.

But then, just after a short time and just about half a sleep, my door opened and my humans had come back to me, and I got a great big surprise that made me very happy 'cos I thought they were going to be away for a long time.

In fact, I was so happy that I bounced all over my living room playing with my wee green ball and jumping on and off my couch and that made my humans laugh a lot, so we were all very happy again. So you see, I have had quite a good day after all.

When my humans were out, my MH had to take one of her guitars with her and when she came back, she put the case down on my kitchen floor and when she took her guitar out, I went in, and I loved it. It is all furry inside and so cosy and warm. I think I might ask her if I can get it for my bed in the winter, but I think she might say 'no'. :-(


She was telling my DH that she wants Santa Claus to bring her a new instrument called a 'guitalele' which is like her little ukulele but has got six strings like one of her guitars. The other guitar has twelve strings and that's our favourite one. My DH listened very carefully and he said he would speak to Santa Claus, so I am having a think now about what he can ask for me.

I can't decide whether I want something to play with or maybe something to go inside this adorable little tummy---or maybe both if that's not too greedy.

But I am sure it isn't. :-))

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Quiet Day

 That's what I have had 'cos my humans have been away to Kirkwall to do some shopping. I was OK though, as you know I would be and I did get rather excited when they came home 'cos they were carrying a ginormous box and my MH said I hadn't to look as it was my birthday present and it had to be kept as a surprise until the 15th of December.

Like a good puss, I promised, but I kept my paws crossed, so that doesn't count, does it?  I watched very carefully where my MH put it so I may have a wee sniff at it when the humans are sleeping. Oh I am so excited! How will I wait all those hundreds of days until I am four? I don't think I can do it! How many sleeps is that?

 During the day, I had a long rest until my humans came home and  they played with me for a while and gave me lots of cuddles and then I had a sleep on my couch and dreamed of birthday presents and treats.


I will go out to play later on and I will have a long chat to all the little mouses and maybe they will tell me how to open a big parcel without my humans knowing anything about it.

Any ideas please will be gratefully received! Did I tell you I was excited?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

As Promised.....

...... I have been the centre of my MH's universe. Which is just as it should be, I hear you yell.

We all had a long sleep 'cos we didn't have very much to do today and my poor old MH was a wee bit tired after doing all the dishes with S. so she needed a wee rest.

We watched a couple of programmes that we had missed on Friday night and then we had a wee girlie chat about Strictly 'cos that is our favourite programme just now and then I sat on her knee while she showed me all the photographs of the Harvest Home which was on Friday night, and I liked watching them 'cos I could see lots of my human friends on my MH's computer screen and I gave her a special purr for doing that.

I had a wee rest while she went out to post the mail and then she played with me when she came home and at one point I was playing with two toys at the same time! Wow! I think I am getting cleverer and cleverer every day!

I went outside for a quick play but it is a bit cold today and I really wanted to be with my MH so I didn't stay out too long. She gave me my dinner and I am going to have a quick snooze on my couch now before the dancing comes on again. I wonder who will be going home tonight?

I hope you have had a good weekend and that you have been happy doing whatever you have had to do, 'cos I know I have been a very happy little pussy cat and it would make me even happier if I knowed that all my friends were happy too.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

No News

I don't have any news for you today 'cos I was all on my own last night after my humans went away to a party in our Hall.

We had a visitor to my house first and she thought I was just wonderful. She is a cat person and knows wonderful when she sees it.

They all went away out and didn't come back in until I was sleeping but I did manage to get up and run to greet them and I got some special cuddles before the humans toddled off to bed.

Today was quite a busy one 'cos my friend S. came up to help my MH do the dishes from last night's party and as there wasn't much for yours truly to do, I just stayed in my little bed until they were finished and then I toddled through and S. was so pleased to see me and lifted me up to give me  a big cuddle so I was very happy.

My MH has told me that she has nothing to do tomorrow and I shall be the centre of her universe, so I am going to spend the rest of tonight thinking up all the things I want her to do  and all the games I want to play, and I know she will do that 'cos she always keeps her word.

I make sure of that!!


Friday, 22 November 2013

Back to normal again

All warm and cosy and happy, happy, happy. Even the rain hasn't made me angry. I have just stayed in my house with my MH 'cos my DH is away to the Cats shop.

I have been a sleepy puss and have just watched my MH doing her work as I lay on the back of my couch, so I am perfectly content. I am also happy 'cos my MH doesn't have webbed feets! How do I know, I hear you ask?


Well, last night, just before she went to sleep, I cuddled up beside her and when the walls began to shake with all her snoring---well, she had been busy through the day!--- I nipped under the covers and sneaked very, very carefully down to the bottom of the bed where her little tootsies were, and I had a good look and they are definitely human feets. Not pretty, but human, so that's another worry I can cross off my little worry book. Phew. :-))

They are going out tonight and a friend of ours is coming to stay for the night. F. is my MH's friend and plays a great big accordion and tonight is the island Harvest Home where everybody goes to the Hall to have a meal and then a dance and a wee dram or two and it is a good night.

I try to be in the kitchen when they come home again 'cos the wee drams make my DH's legs go all funny and rubbery and me and my MH have a good giggle when he tries to walk in a straight line and can't manage it. It is very funny although my DH doesn't think so. Hee hee

My MH doesn't take any wee drams so her wee legs are all right---not pretty, but all right :-))) I hope she doesn't read this, or I am in trouble!

I will tell you all about it tomorrow, but tonight I am going to be very lazy and just have a sleep until they come home again.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Worry, worry, worry

Well, just when I think my little life is sailing along quite nicely, thank you, something happens which worries this adorable little pussy cat, and it happened yesterday.

I began to think my humans had spent all our money and we had none left! Oh woe is me! Now, I hear you asking why I was thinking that. I am a very clever pussy cat 'cos I can hear all these things even when you are not in the room with me, or even the same house, or even the same COUNTRY! I think I must be a super puss.

Anyway. Why do I think that? Well, last night we all had our dinner and were sitting down for the evening. My DH was reading his Kindle and I was on my MH's knee watching our television when 'ping' our lights went off and the television went off and my little house was in darkness and my humans didn't do anything at all to make it better and that's when I got really worried. Why was my house all dark and cold and why did my MH go to bed with her jumper on over her jammies and her socks on? I hardly slept for worrying and even when I got up this morning, they still hadn't made it better and that's when I thought maybe we were too poor to have the electric on any more. Oh the shame of it all. How would I hold my adorable little head up in front of all the mouses?

But then! Oh then. I looked out of my window and I saw a man outside my window with a bright yellow coat on. It was so bright I had to rub my little eyes and he was doing something with all the wires, so I had a wee bit of hope, but then my MH went away and left me and my DH and I got worried again.

I tried to find a warm place in my house and I curled up and worried some more, but suddenly there was another 'ping' and guess what? YES!!! All my lights and television and heating came on again. Oh I was such a happy and relieved little pussy cat. It wasn't our fault at all, it was the big bad wind that broke some of the electric cables and the nice, nice man in the bright yellow coat fixed it all up again. Phew!

My DH told me that my MH was just away swimming and she was home soon and told me she had swummed fifty lengths of the pool and now I have another wee worry. I think my MH might be part duck. So tonight when she is sleeping I am going to sneak under the covers and see if she has webbed feets! I will be able to do that 'cos she won't have her socks on tonight, I hope. I will let you know.

 I am going to have a sleep now and I just want to let you know that I am back to being a very happy, contented, warm little pussy cat, so don't worry about me.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More Climbing

I am afraid I am frightening the life out of my poor old MH with all my climbing escapades. I have suddenly discovered that I like being up high and I have been having a wander round my house looking to see which high bits I can reach easily. It is a very good game and one I am very good at! Is my modesty showing again?

The poor old dears are just getting used to looking for me up on top of the kitchen cupboard but their nerves are getting a wee bit frazzled with my new adventures.

For example, this afternoon, me and my MH were in our bedroom and I was sitting with her on the bed, but while she was doing things, I was having a good look around. Now, you all know that I have been up on top of the wardrobes before, talking to all my MH's soft toy animals, but today I managed to get to the top of her video cabinet which is quite high and she got a big fright.

I was sitting on her wee bedside cabinet, then I moved up on top of the hi-fi thingy, leapt from there on top of a CD cabinet and then 'spring' I was up at the ceiling again! She called for my DH to come and see me but by then I was plummeting towards the floor at a great rate of knots and he missed me. So I will have to do it again, just for him, won't I?

It has been a dreadful day on my little island with a horrible gale and my poor wee MH had to go out in it and she said she nearly got blowed away, but thankfully she got blowed back again! My DH didn't get to the Cat shop 'cos the boat didn't want to come out so he stayed home and looked after me while The Boss was out.

I went outside for a wee while, but it was too  cold and wet and windy, so I sat up on the kitchen window sill and asked to be let in, and let in I was! I played with my toys for a while and then had a wee rest and today's picture shows me telling my MH what I want to see on my television tonight. :-))

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I am the most excited pussy cat in the en-tire world tonight. I am bouncing with excitement and now you will be wondering why, so I will tell you.

I am going on holiday on a magic carpet to visit my friend J. and I will meet some of my paw pals!! How brilliant is that? In fact, I have just had a thought. If this magic carpet works, could it take me to Germany and New Zealand and Australia to meet all my other paw pals? I could become a jet set pussy cat! Oh I am even MORE excited now!

Anyway, my friend J. has a wee moose in her hoose, hee hee, and she needs yours truly to go and sort it out and my MH said I could go but just for a wee while 'cos she would miss me too much and I don't want to make the old dear sad. Plus, I want my birthday present!

I have had a very quiet day today 'cos my little island has been very cold. In fact when I went to go outside this morning, I skidded to a halt just inside my door when I noticed there was snow on my path and as I didn't have my little boots on, I scooted back up on my couch for another snooze until it had disappeared.

It didn't last long, but it is now very windy and my little weather man friend Sean, says there will be a big gale on my island tomorrow and my DH might not get to the Cat shop. Ah. My little weather man friend didn't say the bit about my DH 'cos he doesn't know my DH. It was me that said that bit OK?

I just played with my MH and my toys and this picture is me in my very favourite hiding place and I can still get under the table like I did when I was just a baby Squeak, so I haven't got too fat.

I need to look my very best for visiting all my paw pals, sure I do?

Monday, 18 November 2013

More Climbing

Oh what a crackin' night I had last night. I was up on top of the cupboard TWICE! Oh and I loved it, loved it, loved it!

Mu humans were watching the television and they heard a funny noise in the kitchen, so DH was sent in to see what it was. He looked everywhere but couldn't find anything and then MH arrived and looked UP and what did she see? Yes. It was me right up at the ceiling and feeling oh so very happy.

They had a wee giggle and then told me to come down which I did 'cos I am a good puss, but once they were settled and watching the telly again, I sneaked out of the living room and jumped up again and this time they didn't hear me until I came down 'cos I landed with a wee kind of 'squeak' and this time my MH just shooked her head.

Geronimo! On my way down

I was so excited when I got back into my living room that I ran round and round and then my MH played with me for a while.

I think she was trying to make my adorable little legs too tired to jump any more, but I am sorry to tell her, it didn't work!! Hee hee

Sunday, 17 November 2013

More Adventures

I have had another big adventure and I know you will be wondering why my MH has shown you a picture of my kitchen. Yes. it is a very nice kitchen, especially when it is being used to make food for my adorable little tummy, but not everybody in the world wants to see it.


BUT! If you look closely at the picture, you might gasp a little or at least shake your head in disbelief when I tell you that I was right up on top of those cupboards last night! Yes, right up near the ceiling. WOW!!

I had found a little mouse in my big walk-in cupboard and I chased it a bit 'cos it wasn't one of my little friends and I didn't want it in my house, but it got away, but only until this morning when my DH catched it. He is a better mouser than me, I think. Hee hee.

Anyway, I could still smell it and was determined to try and catch it to prove to my humans that I am a very clever little Squeak and I hunted all over my house and managed to get right up on top of the cupboards. I cannot tell you how 'cos my humans didn't see me going UP, but my MH came into the kitchen and when she put on the light, she got a big fright when she saw where I was and told me to come down.

Now, it was then that I had a wee bit of trouble 'cos I wasn't sure how I was going to manage it and the poor old dear was just about to get out the step ladder when I gritted my little teeth, pinned back the little lugs and gave the adorable little bum half a wiggle---well, there wasn't much room up there!--- and ran down the cupboard door, hopped off the worktop and landed with a 'squeak' on the floor.

I gave myself a little shake, held my little wagger right up in the air and sauntered off to the living room, but inside me, my little heart was beating fast, 'cos I have never done anything like that before and I was a wee bit nervous when I thought of it.

But, I might do it again. :-)))

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Good Fun

I had a very good night last night and even though it was windy, I still went out to play for quite a long time. There was rain on my little island and my DH has finally learned not to try and get me in when it is raining, but to wait until it goes off and then when he calls for me, I go racing in to my house. I don't like getting wet, so I shelter somewhere and then I can race for my door before the rain comes back on again.

It has taken him a long time to realise that, but finally he knows what to do, so my hard work and all the hours of training him have finally paid off. Phew!

I have two surprises to share with you. Last night when I was lying on my couch sound asleep, I was listening to my humans. Now, before I go on, I can hear you ask, if I was sleeping, how could I hear my humans? Well, when I go to sleep, I always leave one lug wakened in case I miss anything. See?

So, they were listening to the radio 'cos it was a programme for Children in Need and I heard them saying that they were going to bid for  something which would be for my birthday, and they got it!! Yippee. I don't know what it is 'cos they won't get it until next week, but I am sure it will be brilliant and I am really excited, but I will have to wait until the fifteenth of December 'cos that's when I will be four. Wow, That is so grown up, sure it is?


The other surprise was waiting for me this afternoon when I jumped in the window and there was a wee bit of duck on my dinner plate and I gobbled it all up. It is the first time I have ever had duck and I wanted more and more and more, but my humans had eaten it all.

I have asked my MH if she will get it for me again sometime and she said maybe I will get a wee bit more for my birthday. Yippee--again!

I think this birthday is going to be the bestest one EVER!! And I can hardly wait!

Friday, 15 November 2013

What a Day

I have had such a long sleep! In fact I sleept so long that my MH was worried about me, but as you can see, I am OK.

Today was bed changing day which means that I get to play in among the sheets and under the duvet and generally have a great time helping my MH and I know she really appreciates my help. So, when she was finished, she put my own special blanket on the bed and I dived under it and she played with me for a while tickling me and wrapping me up 'cos she knows I just love that.

Then when she had finished, I just lay down under the blanket for what I thought might be a wee ten minute cat nap, but I fell sound asleep and was still there two hours later! My MH told my DH when he came home that she had to keep coming in to see if I was OK and she could see this 'lump' gently breathing up and down, so she knew I was fine. Oh how I enjoyed it!

It has been very windy, and I think it might be my fault for not learning the 'How to Switch the Wind OFF' dance. I will need to take lessons I think.

It is just as well that my friend B. lives at the other end of the island because she is not at all happy with me for making all this wind and has given me instructions---spelled O-R-D-E-R-S!!!---to switch it off NOW, so I think I will need to get on to the internet to find out how to switch off this wind.

Maybe I should stop interfering with the weather and just leave it all to my little weather man friend who seems to know what he is doing. Maybe!?

Thursday, 14 November 2013


I still have it! Do you remember that I told you I was keeping my little paws crossed and hoping my MH wouldn't go away to leave me today? Well, it worked, so I guess I still have the touch.

I didn't want her to go away so I did my famous wind dance and my little weather man friend must have noticed 'cos he made the wind blow all over my island today and it was a very big wind so my dear old MH didn't feel like going on the boat, and that made me very happy.

My MH was a bit concerned as I was wandering all over my living room last night muttering to myself but I was trying to remember the words to sing while I was doing my wind dance, and eventually I did and then went into full song and dance mode. What a sight! The next time I need to do it, I shall ask my MH to video for you. I think it would be a You Tube hit!

The only problem I still have, I am afraid, is trying to get it to stop! I seem to be able to make it rain and wind, but I can't switch them off and I have lost the OFF page in my weather book! I think I will need to leave that bit to Sean, my little weather man friend.

I went outside last night after my dinner and it was so windy that I couldn't get out of the window, so I had to ask my humans to let me out of the door and it was then that I realised that there is a slight down side to my weather interference. It was so blowy that I could hardly walk!

So, I stood at the open door, pinned back my little lugs, wiggled my adorable little bum and ran as fast as these four little legs could go, right under the car where I got a wee bit of shelter and caught my breath again. Oh, don't worry, the car wasn't going! It was just sitting there, and I shelter under it lots of times.

My next plan was to reach the roondy bales which are just outside my garden and to do this I have to scoot through the little squares in the fence, and this is when I discovered another problem with the wind. These squares are quite small and I have to aim my adorable little self at the centre of one of them, then  jump through, but I worked out that if the wind blew as I was mid-jump, I would get blown off course and I wouldn't get through and might smack my little face against the fence!

Now, as well as being painful, could you imagine how it would look to all the wee mouses who would see me and who would be rolling on the grass laughing with their little feets up in the air? I could never hold my adorable little head up again.

So. I gritted my little teeth and went through the lug and bum  routine and took off, and guess what? I made it through the fence in one go! Geronimo!

I am an incredible little pussy cat, am I not? Do I hear a resounding YES!!!!?

I swaggered over to the bales and had a chat to all the little mouses who were rather in awe of yours truly, and rightly so, I think. Oh yes, rightly so :-)))

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

No News

I have no news at all for you today because I have done absolutely nothing at all the en-tire day.

I have quite liked doing very little and I might do it more often.

I was up very early this morning 'cos my poor old MH had to go to the dentist, but she was back in a short time just as my DH went away to the Cat shop. Some days  they are like the little man and woman in the weather clock! One goes in and one goes out. Hee hee.

I had a sleep until my MH came back, but when I ran to see her she looked so funny that I nearly had a wee giggle, but I didn't let her see me 'cos she would have been a bit upset. I asked her what was wrong 'cos she sounded funny as well and she told me the dentist had given her a big jag  and her face was all froze. Oh what a shame---but it was a wee bit funny too.

When she was feeling a bit better---and sounding more like herself!---she played with me and I decided to play with my little green ball and that's what today's picture is.

It is an action shot of yours truly and I think I look very fetching, and I just KNOW you will agree!

I am now going to have a snooze on my couch and I might be able to go out and play in a while, but my little weather man friend said that a great big wind is coming to my island tonight, so I will need to have a think.

My MH was hoping to go swimming tomorrow, but she might not go if it is too windy and between you and me, I am keeping my little paws crossed that she stays home with me.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Oh boy. It has been a very windy day on my little island and me and my MH nearly got blowed away when we were going into her little gym, so we had to run fast.

I had a long sleep this morning 'cos I knew I wouldn't want to go outside in all the bad weather and also the vacuum cleaner had to come out today 'cos it had a wee rest yesterday when my MH was in Kirkwall, so I knew it was better for me to stay in my wee bed until it was all finished.

When all the work was finished, my MH played with me for a long time and I just loved it. I ran all over my living room and jumped up on the chairs so fast that it made my humans laugh, but then my MH did something that made me a very unhappy little puss.

She put the de-wormer stuff on me when I wasn't looking and I was so annoyed that I left home--- immediately---although I had to get my MH to open the window for me which did spoil the effect just a little but I think they got the message that I was not best pleased.

Thank goodness my humans don't have very good memories 'cos it was a bit wet and windy when I left home in a bad mood and I didn't want to stay outside too long, so I sheltered under one of the little bushes for a minute or two and then jumped up on to the window sill and asked to be let in, and they had forgotten that I had stormed out, and  let me back in, so we are all the best of friends again.

I don't think I will go outside tonight 'cos as I am lying on my couch now I can hear the wind blowing, so I think I shall just stay in and cuddle my MH and then I definitely won't get blowed away.

Monday, 11 November 2013

A Question

 What is the difference between being inquisitive and being nosey?

I have had plenty of time today to have a good old think to my adorable little self and I have been trying to work this out.

You see, I like to find out as much as I possibly can and I do tend to get into some very odd situations, and while I think I am being inquisitive and on a learning curve, my MH says I am a nosey puss. Beautiful, wonderful and adorable, but nosey nonetheless, so I just wondered what other pussy cats out there might think.

I have had a very quiet day as both my humans were away to the town, so I don't have any news for you. I was fine in my house but the window had to stay closed 'cos it wasn't a very good day so I was quite content lying on my little bed and snoozing, but as soon as I heard the door opening, I jumped down and ran into the kitchen where I got a great big cuddle.

I had a good look through all the bags but apart from a couple of packets of pussy cat biscuits there was no  birthday present.

 Maybe it will come by post! Ah! I may need to be up early to have a look and a sniff at all the mail before the humans get up. Yes. I will start doing that from tomorrow. What a good idea.

Like Poirot, my little grey cells are working well!! :-)))

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Told you so!

Remember that I told you my MH was going to clean out her craft boxes and I would probably be inside one? Well, she did, and I was!

I asked her to take a picture of me and here it is for you. The little pussy cat on the work tray isn't me, but it is very like me and it was a present to my MH from her friend and I like it. It is a lovely puss but not an  adorable puss! Hee hee


My humans were both out last night but they weren't too late coming back home to me and so me and my MH sat on my couch and watched Strictly so we were quite late going to bed, but we liked all the dancing.

We have had a good day today and before she cleaned out her boxes, my MH took me outside and we played in my garden 'cos it has been a lovely day and we ran and ran on the grass for a long, long time.

I asked her to take some more pictures for you of her gym machines so that you can see her treadmill and her bike that makes her little legs go very fast, so now you will know what she is doing when I tell you we go into her wee gym.

The humans are both going away to the town tomorrow to do some shopping and I am hoping it is for my birthday present, so I shall have to have a good look in all the bags when they come home.

 If it is a nice day, the window will be left open for me, and I will go out to play, but if it is wet, I shall just have a snooze until they come home again to cuddle me and make a fuss of me and  oh yes, FEED me!!

Hee hee!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Happy Squeak

Oh yes, I am a very happy little puss today 'cos it is the weekend and both my humans are at home with me and that is just how I like it.

We didn't need to get up too early 'cos we didn't have anywhere to go and we have all had a lazy day just doing what we wanted to do and that makes us all very happy.

I had a very long snooze and helped my MH eat her breakfast as I sat on her knee and purred while she ate and stroked me at the same time. She always has cereal and I always get the very last little drop of milk which I love. Sometimes if she is eating too slowly and I am getting impatient, I delicately stick one of my adorable little claws into her leg! It is amazing how that makes her eat much, much quicker!!

We finished off all of her cards and I watched her as she put them all away, and then I heard her telling my DH that tomorrow she is going to clean out all her big craft boxes, so I will be helping her, and I am really excited 'cos she has two great big boxes and three littler ones, so there will be lots of places for me to hide in. I will ask her to take a picture of me in one of the boxes 'cos I KNOW I will be in at least one. :-))

In the afternoon, when she was all finished, my MH played with me and in today's picture you can see me with my little green ball which I just love. My humans throw it up in the air for me and I catch it and I carry it around in my little mouth and sometimes I manage to throw it up in the air all by myself, and lots of time I play football with it and it is my very favourite toy and the funny thing is that it isn't a toy. It was the feets of a little toy mouse that I had and I managed to pull them off and I don't know what happened to the little mouse. He couldn't have walked away, could he? 'Cos I've got his feets!! Hee hee.


There is just one tiny wee cloud on my otherwise purrfect day and that is 'cos my humans are going to the Hall tonight to listen to some stories and yours truly will be left alone AND I won't be able to watch the dancing programme on my television which I love.

However, my MH has said she will tape it and we can watch it when she comes home, so we might be staying up very late tonight and we'll need a long sleep tomorrow.

I hope you are happy like me.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Very Quiet

I have had a very quiet day and have spent most of my time just resting and having lovely dreams.

I am getting older now---I will be a whole four years old next month---so I think I am entitled to my rest. I have already put my thinking cap on as to what present I want for my birthday so that I can start dropping hints. I still have lots of toys and to be honest, I don't play with them as often as I did when I was just a new baby, so I need to give this problem some serious consideration as I don't want to pass up a golden opportunity, do I?

My DH was away to Stromness again today so it was just me and my MH and we had a good day, although my MH was a wee bit lazy too, but not quite as lazy as me 'cos she did some more work on her cards and I lay on my chair in the study and watched her. She is nearly finished them all now and is putting all the inserts in them so I have to be very careful where I put my adorable little paws or I might get them stuck to the paper!


I went outside but just for a very short time 'cos just as I stepped outside a great big shower of hail came on and I did not like that at all 'cos it was so sore as it landed on my adorable little person, so I nipped back into my house very quickly and my MH said I was a very clever puss. Naturally!

When my DH came home he was ringing! Remember, I was ringing once? Well, he decided he would ring tonight and as well as ringing, he was dripping,---- all over the kitchen floor that me and my MH had washed this morning. Oops! The Boss wasn't too pleased, I can tell you, but she didn't say anything. I just knew.

He got off the boat just as a great big shower decided to visit my little island and by the time he got up the pier to his car, my poor old DH was soaking wet. And, oh me, did we hear about it? You bet we did! In fact he is still telling me and my MH how wet he was! :-(

I might go out tonight 'cos that is my favourite time but it will depend on the weather and how brave and energetic I am feeling, but you know I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Just Resting

I have to admit that I have been a very sleepy puss today and have spent most of the day in my little bed.

As I told you yesterday, my MH went away to Stromness for a swim. Why she can't stay on our little island and go for a swim in the sea, I don't know. I mean if she was cold, she could keep her coat on, couldn't she?

Anyway, off she went. I always know when she is going to the town 'cos she wears her good clothes but when she's on the island, she just wears her old trousers, so I know as soon as she gets dressed if I am going to be a happy puss or not, and today I was not!

I wasn't left all on my own 'cos my DH was here and although he loves me loads, and looks after me as bestest as he can, he doesn't talk to me all the time like my MH does and so I miss her a lot when she goes away.

However, so as not to make him too unhappy, I spent a wee while with my DH and helped him while he cleaned our living room----orders from The Boss!---- but then I took my adorable little self off to bed and slept for most of the day until I went out to play for an hour in the afternoon and then went home and cleaned my fur to be all ready for when my MH came home and as usual, I got a great big cuddle which made me very happy.

My MH was a bit tired 'cos she had swimmed and swimmed and swimmed and he wee legs were tired, so she decided to have a wee sleep before dinner time, and guess where I went? Yep, right in beside her and I cuddled up and purred and purred until we both falled asleep.

I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight? I think I might need to play outside for a long time before bed time, don't you? Hee hee.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Good Day

I have had a good day today and I have been full of energy. I made my MH laugh a lot when she came home this afternoon 'cos I was playing with my wee green ball and I was chasing it all over my living room and she watched me as I jumped up onto the back of my couch and then took a great big jump and nearly landed on top of my rocking chair!

I threw my wee ball on to the floor and then glowered at it from my couch and then suddenly my adorable little bum began wiggling and I dived off the couch and 'killed' the wee ball again, and by this time, my dear old MH was nearly rolling on the floor with laughter.


I heard her tell my DH and our friend S. that she would love to know what I was thinking, but I can tell you this, my dear friends, she wouldn't!!! :-)))

I played like this for ages and my MH had great fun watching me, but then she told me she had to do her ironing, so I went into the utility room with her and I paddled in the sink while she was working and talking to me and that made us both happy.

When she was finished, we went into the bedroom to put it all away and I lay down on her furry dressing gown which was on the ottoman and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was sound asleep and slept for a whole hour until my MH came to make sure that I was all right.

I was just a wee bit tired after all my exercise and even after I had finished my dinner, I was still a bit sleepy and had a wee nap on my couch, but I shall soon be bouncing again and will head outside to see what is happening.

I think it is just me and my DH at home tomorrow as I heard the old dear saying she was going swimming again, but I shall tell you more tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Just Good Today

No bad news at all today, although I haven't managed to find another mouse, but apart from that, I have had a crackin' day.

We were up quite early and my MH did some housework while I moved about after her from room to room and just watched her. She likes when I am with her and she talks to me all the time she is working and that makes us both happy.

When she wasn't looking, I had a wee quick peep under the bed just in case my little ginormous mouse had come back but it hadn't and that was a shame.

My DH and me went into the greenhouse for a while but it has magic'ed itself into a workshop now. It is a very clever little room 'cos it makes itself into a greenhouse in the summer and a workshop with all my DH's tools in it in the winter, but there isn't anything for me to do there in the winter so I don't go in as often now, although I went in with him today just to keep him company and he liked that too---especially as I didn't have any mouses with me! I think I tired him out last night chasing me all over my house . Hee hee

My MH went out for a while in the afternoon with some of the ladies, so I just had a wee rest until she came home and then I sat on her knee while she told me lots of stories about what she had been doing.


She also read out a letter I got from my pussycat friend B. praising me for finding my mouse, so I will need to keep trying to catch more 'cos I like being a hero, although I don't think that's how my humans think about it.

I am off outside now 'cos it is a lovely night so I am sure there will be dozens and dozens of mouses just waiting for me.

I wonder how many I will catch, or maybe I will just talk to them like I usually do 'cos I don't know if I like being a bully, but please don't tell my friend B. 'cos she will just despair of me. :-)))

Monday, 4 November 2013

More good and bad news

And this time it is serious. I had a very good day yesterday and I was in a very good mood and I had spent the day bouncing all over my living room playing with  my toys, so I was a very happy little Squeak.


I had a good evening and after I had seen my dear old MH settled in her wee bed, I decided to have a wee wander round my house and guess what I found lurking  behind the table? A mouse!! A real live mouse!

Well, I rubbed my adorable little eyes for a minute to make sure I was seeing properly, and when I decided I was, I leapt at said mouse and catched it in  my little paws, but then I lifted said paw to see what I had found, and the mouse ran off again.

It took off round my kitchen and I took off after it, and I think I might have made a wee noise 'cos my MH got up to see what I was doing just as I was wandering into the bedroom with the little mouse in my teeth to show her what a clever puss I am.

So, she shouted for DH to come and get this gi-normous mouse and I very quickly worked out that he was going to take it from me, so I scooted under the bed and just as my DH was trying to scoot under the bed after me, I scooted out the other side and took off into the kitchen still holding said mouse, only to be followed by a DH who was getting a wee bit annoyed. So I ran into the porch and he followed me there and opened the outside door hoping me and the mouse would go for a wee walk, I think.

By this time, I was a wee bit out of breath, so I opened my adorable little jaws for a wee breath of air and the little mouse---oops, the gi-normous mouse jumped down on to the ground and shot out of the door as quick as lightning, and there I was standing in my porch mouseless, and sad! :-(

My DH was very pleased, and took all the credit, of course!

I am having a rest now, but I will be heading out later on and I shall be taking my mouse-hunting head with me, so I shall let you know tomorrow if I find anything.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Good News & Bad News

 I have good news and bad news although the bad news brought about the good news.

Maybe I should just explain what I mean? Well, my humans were supposed to be going to Stromness today which meant that yours truly would be all alone from ten o'clock until four o'clock and I don't like that very much. I am OK and there is always food and water for me and I can go anywhere in my house that I want, but I miss my humans when they are not here.

So, up they got to get ready, but when they looked out of the window, it was blowing a gale on my little island and it was pouring with rain. So (again) DH looked at MH and MH looked at DH and they both said 'NO!' and decided not to leave my little house and to stay with me. Yes!!

The bad news was the weather which has been really dreadful all day, but the good news is that I have had company and haven't been lonely at all. In fact, I have had brilliant fun.

I did gird my adorable little loins at one point and flew out of the window to have a wee wander round my estate, but it was so cold and wet and windy that I flew back in again very quickly which made my humans laugh.

My MH did some work on her computer and I lay and watched her and then she played with me for a while. I have been playing a lot with my toys and my MH told my DH that I was bouncing with energy today and that made them both happy.


So, I have had a very good day even though it hasn't stopped raining or blowing, but I have had good fun just the same and I hope you have had good fun too.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Much better

I will give you a minute's warning 'cos I am going to show you a picture which might frighten you. But don't worry 'cos it is only my MH who got dressed up to go to a party on the island last night.

I must admit that I was a bit frightened when I saw her and I ran under my bed for a while until I got brave enough to come out and have a good look. Not a pretty sight!

When they came home at night and took off all the funny clothes and make-up, I climbed up on my MH's knee and she told me all about it and we had a wee giggle together, but I am glad they are back to normal again 'cos I didn't really like them dressed up like that. I like my humans to be normal---well, almost normal!! Hee hee

We have had a quiet day today  and my DH has been doing some work in  the house while my MH has been playing with all the photographs she took last night, so I have been having a rest in the study watching my MH and I am very happy thank you very much.


I hope you are happy too and that you have a good weekend.

Friday, 1 November 2013


.... it is that time of year again when witches and wizards are found wandering the streets and they are even on my lovely little island.

Last night, just before bedtime, my DH was sent up to the loft to bring down the witch and wizard costume 'cos it is needed for a gathering of said peoples in our Hall tonight. I got all excited and started looking for my false ears and my multi coloured whiskers and I even started practicing standing on my MH's broom, when she took me on her knee and very gently told me it was just for humans, and not for pussy cats. Oh, my dear friends, I was so disappointed. I almost cried.

Then I had a thought! If the weather is OK, the window will be left open for me, so I might just find my way down to the Hall after all, and I am sure that if I arrive, the children will beg me to stay, and it would be bad mannered to refuse. Sure it would? Hee hee

My DH is away to Stromness today so me and my MH have had the house to ourselves and we have played together and rested together and I liked that.

I followed my MH into the spare room and when she had finished what she was doing, I did my silly run in front of her into our bedroom and she knew right away what I wanted. So she followed me in and covered me up with the blanket and then pretended that she couldn't see me, and I lay so, so still. I hardly even breathed, but she found me. And do you know how? My silly wagger again! It started wagging and of course my MH could see it and she knew I was at the other end of it, so she found me. Sigh.

Maybe I could become a Manx cat, but would it be sore to have it removed? I shall have to look into this matter, or maybe I shall learn to control my tail 'cos after all, I am quite attached to it. Hee hee :-))