Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Not Much News

I have a very quiet day today so I don't have a lot to tell you.

Both of my humans went away on the boat at a quarter to eleven this morning but they came home again at half past twelve and my MH had got her hair cut, so she was happy. She wanted to look tidy for the New Year. What is it with these humans and the New Year? My house has been all cleaned and I have had quite a time of it trying to escape the hoover and the duster and even the washing machine! But I have been promised a rest now for a lot of days, so I am looking forward to that.

My humans have told me that they will be going out very late tonight but they said they won't stay out too long, so I shall just have a snooze until they come back, and then I will go out and wish all my little animal friends a happy new year.

But before I do, I would like to wish all my feline and human friends all over the world a very happy new year and I hope that 2014 will be a very good year for you all.

Monday, 30 December 2013

A Super Day

Yep! I have had a super, duper day. I had a lovely long sleep curled up beside my MH and when we got up, we went outside to feed all the little birdies and I sat on my window sill and watched them as they gobbled up all their dinner. There were lots and lots of starlings all flying past my window and I just sat and wagged my little tail at them and my MH said I was a very good pussy cat. But we all knew that already, didn't we?

I watched her as she did all her housework and I sat on the back of my couch where the awful vacuum cleaner couldn't get to me. My MH did a lot of cleaning 'cos she says the house has got to be very clean for the new year coming in, so I guess me and my DH will be getting cleaned up too!

We then did some baking and, as usual, she made a wee baby pancake for me as well as some bigger ones for my DH and a fruit loaf for him too. My MH's friend M. made us a brilliant Christmas cake and my MH has been eating that 'cos it has lots of icing and marzipan on it and she loves that, so we are all very happy.

I was having a snooze as my MH had to go out in the afternoon, but I got a big surprise when she came back 'cos she brought my friend S. back with her and they both played with me for a long, long time which was great fun and I made S. laugh when I wriggled my adorable little bum before I attacked the toy that she was holding. Oh, these humans are so easy to please!

I am going to have my dinner now and then I shall have my usual apr├Ęs-dinner snooze before I go out to play, so I am just the happiest little puss in the world just now, and I hope you are happy too.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another Good Day

I think the naughty wind has gone away because we have had a lovely day and I have been very happy as I have been outside lots and lots. There has been a lot of rain so my grass is very wet and when I came back in, my MH noticed that my four adorable little feets were all wet. Not quite 'ringing' but very wet just the same and she dried them for me with an old kitchen towel and it tickled a wee bit. :-))

My humans had to go out this afternoon because it was the island Nativity Play that my MH was doing with the little childrens. It was supposed to have been on Christmas Eve, but it was such a storm that my MH didn't want to go out and she didn't want the childrens to go out either in case they all got blowed away together before Santa could get to them, so they waited until today which meant I was all alone for a while, but I was OK.

When they came home, my MH sat me on her knee and told me all about it and then we played with my toys for a long, long time and that made us both very happy.

The nice farmer man from next door came in and I am afraid I gave him a wee fright again because while he was sitting on my couch talking to my DH, I was sniffing at his feets and then his jumper and then his wee bald spot and that's when I made him jump, but then we all giggled and he wasn't angry.

How could you be angry with an adorable little puss such as I?

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Fun Time

I have been having lots of fun today playing in my house with my MH and all my toys. I have given them all a wee play 'cos I don't want them to feel neglected, but I have so many that it takes me a long time to play with them all.

I went outside last night but I came home early so that the old dears could get to bed and they appreciated that. I was in and out quite a lot today but it was a bit too wet for me, so that's when I decided that I would be much happier, and drier!, playing inside.

I made my MH laugh when I was playing with one of my toys on a stick 'cos she had put it on the rocking chair and I was on the floor watching her. So I made an enormous 'spring' up on to the chair, but it is leather and quite slidey so I slid right across the chair, through the other arm and back on to the floor at the other side of it. Well, my MH chuckled and chuckled, but I gave her a look which said 'that's exactly what I meant to do', but I don't think she believed me, somehow.

She was telling my DH and she said I had 'skited' across the chair and landed on the floor and he laughed too. Now, 'skited' is a Scottish word that my MH uses and it means when something slides and the 'i' in skited is pronounced the same as the 'i' in ice. OK?

So, peas can skite off plates, people can skite on the ice and adorable pussy cats can skite on slippy floors or slidey chairs. See?

We played some more and then she tooked this lovely picture of yours truly, so that you could see me looking really happy.

I hope you are happy too and don't skite too much. Hee hee.

Friday, 27 December 2013


I am happy because I have been out playing all day because my little island is very quiet with no wind and no rain and I like it like that.

I am also a wee bit sad for all the people who have got wet houses. That would not be a good thing to have at all. My MH told me that years and years ago, before they ever came to my little island, their house got flooded with lots of rain and they were OK except that they kept all their shoes in a cupboard just inside the front door, so when all the dirty water came in, it went into the cupboard and made all their shoes wet, so my MH had only a pair of trainers and my DH a pair of wellingtons until they could get to the shops to buy new ones. So she knows a wee bit what all these poor people are feeling like and we are both very sorry for them.

I went outside last night about ten o'clock and I had so much to do and so many wee creatures to speak to, that it tooked me a long, long time and I didn't come back home again until two o'clock this morning much to the annoyance of my dear old humans.

My DH was very tired and decided that he had to get to bed, so he wakened the Boss and she had to get up and wait for me to come home. I heard her calling and like the very good puss I am, said 'night night' to all my little friends, and nipped up onto the window sill and she let me in, then fed me and I curled up for a big sleep beside her.

I have been a bit sleepy today so whenever I have come inside, I have had a power nap on my couch so that I will have lots of energy and stamina for a long time outside later on.

My little weather man friend has said that the weather on my little island will be good with no wind for the next few days, so I shall need to make the most of it before the gales come back again.

I hope all my friends out there are safe and this awful weather has not spoiled your Christmas.

Thursday, 26 December 2013


We all had a lovely Christmas day and by the time I jumped up onto my little bed for the night, my adorable little tummy was filled up to the top but I was very, very happy.

I had a good sleep, but when I wakened up I got a great big fright 'cos I thought I had gone deaf! I woke up, had my usual little stretch and then heard----nothing! Not a sound!! Silence!!!

I was just about to wriggle my little lugs with my paws when my MH said 'Great. No wind!' Wow, what a great big relief. Well, two reliefs really. One that I wasn't deaf and two that there wasn't any wind. I got up very quickly and gobbled up my breakfast and then went outside to play and it was lovely! My little feets stayed on the ground and I didn't get blowed about and I was able to run and jump and play which made me a very happy little Squeak.

After a wee while, we were all sitting in my living room and my MH saw this beautiful rainbow which stretched right over my little island and at one point there were two rainbows at the same time, so that is double lucky, I think.

Then a wee while later, she noticed the sun shining and she tooked this lovely picture of me and my little shadow and I think it is very lovely, so I hope you like it too.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas Everybody

Not much news today 'cos we are all having a lovely, lazy Christmas Day, but I wanted to send you all my very best wishes and show you one of my Christmas presents.

It might look a bit too big for yours truly, but I will give my friends and my humans a tiny bit each. My friend M. made it for me and I am looking forward to getting my adorable little teeths into it after my dinner tonight!

I have had a good day so far and I didn't get any toys 'cos I already have more than I can play with, but I got lots of goodies for my little tummy and that makes me very happy.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and thank you for reading my blog every day. I love writing it for you.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ho Hum

Well. Did the wind go away? No! Did the wind get less? No! Did I get out to play? No, no, no!!

The wind got worse and it is still screaming round my house and rattling lots of things, but we are OK and nice and cosy. I am just fed up that I can't get outside and I am frightened that all the little mouses out in my fields will forget me. :-(

My humans were supposed to go out today but they didn't in case the wind lifted them and they landed in Shetland! None of our boats came out either and when you look at this picture that my MH took this afternoon, you will see why. We will be fine though 'cos we have enough to eat and my DH bought a wee gas stove so that if the power goes off, we can at least get something hot to eat and drink and I can always cuddle up to my MH and keep her warm but we are all hoping that the power stays on and we will be warm.

The good thing about all this wind is that my humans have been playing with me all day 'cos they know I get a little bit sad and a big bit wild when I haven't been outside and they know that if they play with me then I use up all my energy and they get peace.

They are quite clever humans. :-))

Monday, 23 December 2013

Grumpy Puss

I am afraid that's what I have been today---a bit of a grump. An adorable grump, but still a grump!

And why? Because it is still howling out there and raining and cold and definitely not weather for this little puss and I am getting fed up with it all.

I wakened up and I listened and it was quite quiet, so after my breakfast, I headed outside but then the wind creept up on me and gave me a fright, so I scooted right back in again.

My MH has been busy with her cleaning but she did stop every now and then to play with me so that was fine. But I got into trouble at one point 'cos when she was in the kitchen at the sink, she turned round and yours truly was on top of the fridge where yours truly shouldn't have been and she told me to come down, but I wouldn't! Sorry Santa.

My MH stretched up high---'cos she is just little---and gently lifted me down, but five minutes later, guess where I was? Yep, right back up on top of the fridge! Hee hee She called for my DH and when he told me to come down, I did. Well, I did, but it was about five minutes after he told me to. Sorry Santa!!

It was OK though 'cos my humans can never be angry at me for long and I am sure they won't tell Santa.

I like climbing and my MH took this picture of me sitting on the table before she made me come down from that too. I wonder if there is any place high up in my house where I am allowed to be?

I shall ask the Boss and let you know!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

A wee bit excited

I am excited 'cos Santa will soon be coming and I have been such a good puss that I am bound to get lots of presents, sure I am? I hope that you have been behaving too and that you get lots of goodies.

I have asked my MH to put on the picture of my DH, so you can see Santa and Mrs. Claus! Hee hee

We have had a very good day today and my MH has been playing with me every time I have asked her 'cos she hasn't been very busy and she hasn't been outside at all 'cos it is still---guess what? Yep! Windy. Oh please dear little weather man friend, switch it off or turn it down----PLEASE!

I have been quite happy though 'cos you know I like playing with my humans but it would nice to be able to go outside and keep my four adorable little feets on the ground!

I don't have any news for you but I hope you have a good couple of days getting ready for Santa. I know I shall!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Wndy, windy, windy

Dear Santa, ( and dear little weather man friend, Sean)

Please make all this awful wind stop screaming at me for a wee while. Me and my MH are really fed up with it now. The poor old dear went out last night to go to her party and so she was carrying quite a lot when the wind blewed hard behind her and nearly knocked her off her little feets but slammed her into my DH's car---which wasn't going at the time--- but she got a fright.

However, my MH is nearly as intrepid as adorable moi, and oft she went to her party and they both had a great time and she has some good pictures of my DH in his little red outfit which she will show you tomorrow but please don't look at them if you have just eaten Hee hee. Sorry DH!!

They weren't too late coming home and after my usual cuddles and tickles, I sat on my MH's knee and she told me all about it and then I went outside for a very short while 'cos the wind was howling and I didn't want to blow away like my MH so I nipped in the window and we all went to bed.

Today has been a bit lazy but a lot windy and my little weather man friend says it has to stay like this for quite a while which makes me a wee bit not happy, but my MH says that Santa will still come to see me as long as I have been a good puss, and there is definitely no problem there. Is there? None at all, I hear you call!! :-))

My friend A. is home from university and he came in to see me today and I gave him a very special 'welcome home' purr and he really liked that.

We are going to have our dinner now and then I am going to snuggle up on my MH's knee while we both watch Strictly and we both have the same favourite ones we want to win and that is Abbie and Natalie although we have a different order so we might have a wee argument later. I'll tell you tomorrow.

I hope you have a good weekend and that you are all ready for Santa.

I like this picture as I think it shows my fun loving side!

Friday, 20 December 2013

A Busy Day

Well, last night I picked up my intrepidness from under the Christmas tree, I put it on and I nipped out of my window and stayed out for quite a long time although it was still a bit too windy for me, but I felt I needed to get some fresh air and to see what all my little animal friends were doing.

When I went home, my MH had gone to bed but she was still awake reading, so I snuggled up beside her and told her what I had been doing and then we both had a good sleep.

My DH didn't go to the Cat shop today 'cos the boatman didn't know if he would be able to bring him home tonight and as it is the Christmas party, he had to be here, so both my humans have been at home with me and both of them have played with me which has made me happy.

It has been a busy house too because my MH organises the island Christmas party and she has had a lot to do and of course, I had to inspect everything which made the job last a wee bit longer that it should have, but she didn't mind. She liked it really.

My DH has a very important job to do at the party tonight and he is dressing up in a red suit, so I don't think I will need to say any more, do I? Maybe my MH will have a picture of him for you tomorrow.

I will be on my own tonight but I don't mind really 'cos I know they will not be too late and they will tell me all about it when they come home again.

So I will just settle down on my couch and have a snooze till they come home and then I might go out to play for a wee while before bedtime---depending on what Mr. Wind is doing, of course!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Big Blow

Well, what a night we had last night! My little weather man friend said it was going to be very, very windy on my little island, and oh my, was he right!

We had gale force winds all night and I didn't even think of going outside. I put my intrepidness under the Christmas tree and left it there.

We were all sitting watching my television and trying to pretend there was no wind when suddenly all our lights went off and we were left in pitch blackness trying to remember where my DH had left the torch!

Now, it wasn't the fact that it was nearly a storm outside that annoyed my dear old MH, and it wasn't even the fact that we had no Hydro which meant we had no lights, no heating, no television and what is much, much worse, no electric blanket! that upset the old dear. Oh no. What really did it was the fact that she had been watching a television programme and last night was the second part and the two parts together added up to three hours. Are you following me, dear feline and human friends? Well, she had seen two and three quarter hours of her programme when, ping! oft went the telly with fifteen minutes of her programme still to go!

Oh dear, oh dear, to say she was not too pleased is a slight understatement. She was jumping, but when she calmed down and stopped jumping, she said she will watch it later on her computer. Phew!

We all went to bed early and the power kept coming on and going off and the wind kept storming at us, so me and my MH had to go and sleep in the study again for a while. You don't need to ask about my DH 'cos you already know the answer. "What wind?" says he. Hee hee. Anyway, by the time we all got up this morning, the wind was only a gale and the power was back on so we had lights and heat which was fine.

We have had a good day although we have been inside for most of the time except when I decided to have a wander round my garden for about half an hour and I might head out again before bedtime, although it is still a tad windy, so we will just need to wait and see.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A very quiet day

...and a very quiet little puss. Me and my MH were up very early this morning 'cos she had to go away on the first boat to go to the dentist. Aww, poor old MH. I gave her a very special purr when she came home. Anyway, off she went in the wind and told my DH that if the wind was blowing a lot at the pier, she would come back, but it wasn't, and she didn't!

I had a wee wander outside and it was still very dark, so I decided it was night time and went back to bed until it was time for my DH to get up. He went away and then MH came home again and she played with me for a while and then had to do some of her work so I sat and watched her. I like doing that and she likes it when I am beside her.

Later in the afternoon, one of my MH's friends arrived and she didn't know it had been my birthday but she saw my cards and said happy birthday to me and that made me happy.

Apart from all that, I haven't done anything very much and if my little weather man friend is right about the weather and the wind being very bad for the next lot of days, I will not be doing very much outside so I just hope my dear old MH isn't going to be too busy 'cos I will need her to play with me lots and lots.

But we all know she will do that, don't we?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Another Excitement

Well, there was I, sitting on my window sill this morning just contemplating my little world when I saw this 'thing' wandering up and down the field in front of my house.

I must have made some kind of sound 'cos my MH came to the window to see what all the fuss was about and she told me that this was a birdie called a pheasant, so I studied it very carefully as I had never seen anything like it before.

After a wee while, I asked my MH to open the window 'cos I had decided that I might go and have a word with this birdie and tell him who was boss in this area and it was only when I got a bit closer to him that I noticed he was quite a big birdie and I was quite a wee puss compared to him. Gulp!

Now, as you all know, I am a very brave puss, but I realised I may have bitten off just a tad more than I could swallow, and I was kind if stuck. Should I continue towards him and maybe get attacked by this big lump of colourful feathers or should I admit defeat and go inside? Oh I was in such a quandary, and then it all wonderfully worked out 'cos my dear, dear MH came to the window and saw my dilemma---'cos she is very clever at seeing dilemmas, so she tells me!---- and she called my name.

I immediately stopped in my tracks and slowly, oh so slowly walked back to my window as though I was a very obedient pussy cat doing as I was told by my human while really wanting to chase this birdie away, but all the time my little brain was saying " Phew! What a narrow escape. Thank you MH." A million brownie points for yours truly.

The rest of my day has been spent in and about playing and resting and helping my MH finish our picture of the snow tiger which I hope you will like. She is very pleased with it and I think she has done a very good job.

I wonder which one she will do next. Maybe she will let me choose?

Monday, 16 December 2013

Still Celebrating

You will have noticed now that my MH's computer is feeling better today and she has put my birthday picture on for you, so I hope you like it.

I thought all my surprises were finished but I was wrong 'cos this morning, the very nice postman brought another birthday card for me and it had come all the way from Germany with my name on it. Not my humans. Oh no, it was addressed to me and I was so excited when he gave me the envelope and then he smiled 'cos he knew my MH would need to open it for me but that's OK 'cos she showed me it and read it out to me so a great big thank you to my friends in Germany who sent it.

Then when she put her computer on to see if it was still sick or all better, there was another message from my friend in Canada, so I have had lots and lots of birthday wishes from all over the entire world. Oh, I am indeed a lucky puss!

I had a very good day yesterday so I am a bit tired today and have decided that I will have a power nap on my bed and then I shall play with my MH and help her to do some more of her snow tiger picture. She had a bit if a giggle last night 'cos every time I moved, I glittered and when she lifted me up she saw that I had some sequins in my adorable little coat so I was looking quite festive till she tooked them off again, but I shall get some more today when she is not looking 'cos I like sparkling.

It makes me look even more adorable---if that is at all possible! :-)))

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Happy Birthday to me....

Yes! It has arrived at last. It's my birthday and I am four years old!

I have had a brilliant day. My humans have been playing with me all day, I got an email birthday card from my friend J. and a card and a present from my friend S. who came away out in the big bad wind specially to come up to my house to sing happy birthday to me and to give me my present---and to get one of my MH's special chocolates, but that's OK.

My humans gave me my present which was ginormous 'cos there were lots and lots of things in it. I got a new bed and a scratching pole and I got some of my bestest foods and some treats and there was also some of my favourite litter for my delicate little derrier and a Santa toy to play with, so I have been a very happy puss and I think I am going to like being four.

I only have one slight problem and that is what do I ask Santa to bring me 'cos I have nearly got everything and I don't want to be too greedy, but I know my humans love me, so I think that might be enough----but on the other paw!!!

Some serious thought is called for. :-)))

PS you will see that my MH hasn't changed my picture or my wee 'blurb' but she will when her computer is feeling a wee bit better 'cos it is a wee bit sick just now. Shame :-(

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Oh, I am such an excited little pussy cat and I think you will all know why. But for those of you who have not been reading all about me for the past week or so, tomorrow is my birthday! Yippee. I will be a whole four years old tomorrow and I can hardly wait.

I have been bouncing all over my house today and I think I have been just a tiny bit naughty 'cos I have been jumping up on places where pussy cats shouldn't be, but my dear old MH has been very patient with me and she says it is understandable, but I don't know how long her understanding will last, so I shall need to be aware of the signs!

It has been blowing another gale on my little island which is a great big shame 'cos Santa was supposed to be coming to see the children, but his reindeers couldn't fly in this wind so maybe he will come another day. I hope so.

I have been inside most of the day although I did venture out for a wee while and then I played with my MH and watched her doing her picture of the snow tiger which is nearly finished and is looking good.


She said she will play with me all day tomorrow and give me my birthday present, but I have to pose for a new picture to put on my blog, so I suppose I should humour her--well, at least until I get all my presents. Hee hee

We are going to settle down in a wee while after we have all had our dinner and watch Strictly which is our very favourite programme just now and I am looking forward to that.

It is funny 'cos I will be three when I watch the first part and four when I watch the second part!

Just one more sleep!! But I don't think I will be able to sleep. I shall try counting sheeps and see if that helps. Oh I am so excited!! Did I tell you that? :-)))

Friday, 13 December 2013



Why, I hear you ask, has my MH put on a picture of her cupboard? Well, I shall tell you. This afternoon when my MH was talking on the phone to her friend, she heard a sort of 'thump' noise and when she looked round, there was I, Squeak, up on the top of this cabinet having a very good explore.

It is the first time I have been up there and I liked it so much that it will not be my last visit. Hee hee
I ha a good wee wander and a sniff at all the ornaments and then when I was ready, and only when I was ready, I nipped down again. Purrfect!

I have had a good day helping my MH who is still cleaning and washing things. Today it was all my blankets, so I am now thinking that my little mouse and sheep friends might be invited for a sleepover and that has made me really excited. We have never had sleepovers  before and I have started to think who I will invite. I might ask my friend S. if her pussy cat could come, but she ---I can hardly bear to say this, so I shall whisper it----- eats mouses and I wouldn't want to end up with no guests! So I may have to have a wee think about that one.

Then my MH did a very odd thing with newspapers this afternoon and when I asked her what it was, she told me she was making paper snowballs. I tried to find the phone number for the men in white coats, but when I was looking, she told me these were pretend snowballs for next week's Christmas party! Phew! So, once I had got over the shock, I decided to play and I had very good fun. I like these paper snowballs 'cos they don't melt and make me wet.


I have heard that there might be some more wind on my little island and it is supposed to be not good weather for my birthday so maybe my party will have to be postponed, but when I mentioned this to my MH she said that she would make it the best birthday EVER for me and even if it was just me and her and my DH we would have the bestest time ever, so I am quite content.

I am still keeping my little paws crossed, but will accept whatever comes. Now that I am nearly four, I have become very adult!

Except when I want to play, of course!!   Oh and by the way----only two more sleeps!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

I have been thinking....

.... and I have decided that my humans are going to have a BIG birthday party for moi!

Now, why would I think that? Well, as you know, it will soon be my birthday although I don't mention too much on account of me being an unassuming, modest little puss :-))

So, today my dear old MH cleaned my house from top to bottom. She said it was because it is nearly Christmas, but I think it is all for me, and she got a new wee musical toy and I think that is so that she can sing to all my guests and keep us all happy. She bought a new guitalele which is a cross between a guitar and a ukulele and it looks like a six string uke, but it sounds like a guitar and we both like it. She has been practicing with it and I am sure that all my birthday friends will like it lots and lots.

Luckily for me the weather has been good so while my MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner EVERYWHERE! I was able to get outside for a play and I noticed that my DH kept nipping outside every now and then so I think he was fed up with the cleaning too, so him and me sat in the greenhouse and had a we chat till we knew it was safe to go inside again.


I know I shouldn't be complaining when the poor old dear is working so hard on my behalf, but I do not like that machine and I will NEVER like it!

I will go out tonight and give out the invitations to my party to some of my little friends. I just hope my MH won't be too disappointed that I have guessed what her surprise is, but then, it has been quite obvious, hasn't it?

Three more sleeps!!!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Lazy day

 For a lazy puss. I stayed out so late last night, I nearly got locked out for the whole night. My MH went away to bed and when I saw that the old dear was safe and settled, I asked my DH to please let me out, which he did and he told me not to be too long.

Now, right there and then, I fully believed that I would be an obedient wee pussy cat and take my adorable little self home at a fairly decent hour, but!

It was a beautiful night. Lovely and calm and there were lots of little mouses and insects about so there were lots of friends for me to talk to and I am afraid that I didn't get home until about two o'clock in the morning and this was only after my DH had called and whistled for me about a dozen times! I was so happy being outside, that I am afraid I just ignored him, which I know is very naughty, but I think it is very understandable.

Anyway, as soon as I went in, he put out all the lights and went to bed and I snuggled up beside my very sound asleep MH.

My humans were both out for a while today but the weather was still good enough for the window to be left open for me, so I have been out today and now I am having my apres-dinner snooze and then I shall hit the wide open spaces again tonight 'cos I just love being out at night.

I hope all my feline and human friends out there are all well.

Only four more sleeps!----and counting :-)))


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Nothing to Report

It has just been a normal day for yours truly, but it has been a good day. Both of my humans have been at home with me and they have played with me every time I asked and I'm afraid I asked quite a lot!

My MH got all her Christmas cards sorted out so that she could take them to the Post Office tomorrow and the nice postie man will send them all away to my MH's friends. I, of course helped her with this and then I sat and watched her as she did a bit more of her tiger picture which is coming on quite nicely. I am sure she will put a picture of it on my blog so that you will see what we have been doing. :-)

I went out for some time to play, but to be honest, I prefer going out late at night, so, after my dinner, I nipped up on to the back of my couch and had a snooze on the top of my MH's green fleece which she wasn't wearing at the time---obviously!---but it is so lovely and soft and cosy. It is nearly as cosy as the big teddy bear dressing gown, so I was very comfortable as you can see.


I will probably sleep until about ten o'clock tonight and then I shall head out into the fields and see which of my little friends is going to play with me, or we might just have a chat about world affairs and what Santa will be bringing me.

I have been making my list and now I am going to put everything in order of preference to make it easier for the old dears. I am such a thoughtful (adorable!) puss, am I not?

Just five more sleeps!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Funny Day


Me and my MH were up very early this morning 'cos she was going to Kirkwall to meet her friends and I have to get up with her to make sure she is OK. Himself is still snoring at this point, of course.

I made sure she had her breakfast and then I got a wee drop of the milk from her cereal and watched her as she went away in her little car. It was a fine morning although it was pitch black, but being the intrepid, adorable and nearly four year old pussy cat (!!) I went out to play and as the window was left open for me, I nipped in and cuddled up beside my DH for another wee snooze.

We both had our orders, and my DH had to steam clean the living room carpet so I chased the steamer round and round and it made him laugh, but I was only checking the carpet to make sure he hadn't missed any bits, 'cos we would both have been in big trouble, but thanks to all my hard work, we passed with flying colours. Phew!

I was waiting for my MH when she came home 'cos I always get a big cuddle and then she was tired so we both had a wee lie down and I cuddled in beside her to help her sleep  'cos I know she likes that.

It is still good weather on my little island, so I will have another wee snooze and then I shall head outside and see what is happening with all my little animal friends before it is bed time.

Only six more 'big' sleeps!!!

Sunday, 8 December 2013


 It is Sunday, and those of you who know me well will know that Sunday chez Squeak is normally a day of rest, but I have taken the opportunity to train my MH and I must say the old dear has learned very quickly and I am very proud of her.

We had a rather quiet morning and I sat on the back of my couch and watched her doing her sequin picture and then I thought I would do a wee bit of training as I needed her to know the signal for 'Please play with me and my toys' and this is what I did.

I waited until she was sitting on my couch just watching me and then I nipped on to the floor and walked towards my favourite toy watching my MH all the time. At one point I was nearly walking backwards, but it is very important at this crucial point to keep eye contact 'cos the old dear is prone to wandering so I needed to focus her attention, and so far so good. She kept watching me, so I walked very, very slowly to the aforesaid toy and sat beside it staring at my MH and then at the toy, and it was then she said the magic words:

"Do you want to play, Squeak?"

Well, this adorable little puss almost jumped for joy. I had trained a human in less than five minutes which I am sure is a record. Is there are pussy cat version of the Guinness Book of Records? I must find out and if not, I may start one with my own record!

My DH went down to the waiting room at the pier to put up the Christmas tree there and I helped him to choose some of the tinsel and  herself took this picture of me just for you. I hope you like it.


Now, just for all my feline friends out there. I am available to do human training if you are having problems and I can also send emails, or Facebook messages and I may even manage a quick video session for you.

Just let me know your problem and I shall work out the best way to solve it. :-)))

Saturday, 7 December 2013

More Good Fun

I am a much happier little pussy cat today because although it is cold with wee bit of snow in my garden, there is no awful wind, so I have been outside a lot  and you know that always makes me happy.

I was outside lots of times last night right up until my DH decided we had to go to bed. My dear old MH was already snoring, so I had to tip toe in beside her so that I didn't disturb her and I must have been a tired puss too 'cos I slept the en-tire night and had lovely dreams of birthday presents and things.

My MH told me it was only eight more sleeps until I was four, so I lay down on my couch, had a quick nap, jumped up and said 'one?' to my MH who smiled then shooked her little head and told me it didn't work like that. Then she told me I would have to be a patient puss, but that is hard. Adorable, I can do without thinking, but patient is something very hard for me.

I have been playing with lots of my toys and I like that too and I have been having lots of inspections of my birthday tree which is looking very lovely now that it is all finished ---as you can see from the picture today.


I haven't climbed it yet, but there is still lots and lots of time--although I might wait until I have had all my presents!

Just in case!!

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Wee Bit Naughty

 In fact, I am sorry to say, but I was rather a naughty puss last night and was a bit rude to my beloved MH.

You know we have had horrible gales on my little island? In fact, it was even more than gales. My little weather man friend said it was a storm and he told my MH to look after me, which she tried to do, I must add.

Well, I wandered about my house all day yesterday and I watched my humans doing what they had to, and they played with me whenever I wanted them to, but I wanted OUT and they wouldn't let me out in case I blowed away.

They could only open the door a wee bit and they couldn't open the window at all or it might have landed in Stromness and then all the outside weather would have been in my living room. So you see the problem, don't you?

Well, eventually quite late last night, I girded my adorable little loins and stood at the door until my MH opened it and then I took off----but back into my kitchen! I did this FOUR times and eventually the old dear got a bit fed up so she lifted me up and THREW me outside!  It was a very gentle throw, but I was still outside in the storm, and not at all happy.

I played about for a second or two, did what I had to do, if you know what I mean? and then headed for shelter near my door and about five minutes later, the kitchen light came on, the door opened and I flew in before my MH had even said "Sq----"

And that's when I was naughty. I told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her for doing that to me and she said to my DH that she has never heard me shout so loud or say so many bad words all at once! But I was not happy!

However, today has been much, much better. The wind has gone and although it is very cold with some snow on my little island, I have been able to get out to play as often as I liked and that has made me happy, and I haven't said any more naughty things to my poor old MH :-)) She has forgiven me, so thank you MH.

AND, to make it even better, my DH put up my birthday tree! I know everybody else calls them Christmas trees, but mine is always up for my birthday so I have decided it is my birthday tree and I wonder if you can see me in today's picture.


I am not being naughty---I am being inquisitive. :-)))

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Well, I knew I had heard a wind. I thought I had heard a BIG wind, but last night I heard a GINORMOUS wind. It is the biggest wind I have ever heard in my en-tire little life. It was frightening. My poor old MH was a wee bit scared although she tried to tell me everything was OK, but I knew how she was feeling 'cos I am a very clever and thoughtful little Squeak.

The wind had been howling and screaming at us all day so we stayed inside, but at about midnight, I decided that I would be an intrepid little puss and venture out. Now, my MH was in bed, but as soon as she heard I had gone out, she got up and sat worrying on the couch until I decided to come back in again, and I am afraid I kept her waiting (and worrying!) for about an hour before I scooted in my door. Well, it looked as though I had scooted, but actually, I got blowed in. Hee hee

We went to bed and tried to sleep but my MH couldn't sleep for the noise of the horrid wind, so she took a duvet, a pillow and ME into the study and she went to sleep on the couch, and so did I. She told me it was a big adventure and it was just like camping inside, and I had a great sleep and so did my MH 'cos we couldn't hear the wind screeching at us.

And what about my DH? He never heard a thing!  He slept all night and never moved! I don't  think he even knew we weren't in the room beside him. :-(

The wind has still been screaming all day and I have sent you another picture of  the waves which have been bouncing all over the sea, and early this morning, bits of the sea were jumping right across the road at my beach and landing in the field so nobody could drive to the pier which meant we all had to stay home which was just as well really 'cos lots of people would have got blown off their little feets.

So, you will have gathered that I haven't done very much today although I did watch my MH as she started another sequin picture of a tiger and I sat on the table and helped her, then I did venture out for about ten minutes before I blewed back in again and decided it was time to play with my toys.

I will have a sleep after I finish this and whether I go outside again tonight will depend on ---guess what?---yep, the wind!


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Grumpy Squeak

Now, those are two words I guarantee you would not think could be put together as I am normally a delightfully pleasant and adorable, sweet natured little puss, BUT, today I have been a grump and I apologise now to my MH who has done her best to un-grump me, but without much success.

And why am I grumpy, I hear you ask? And the answer is because I have hardly been outside my house all day because of the AWFUL weather. It has been gale-ing and raining and hailing and I do not like it at all.

However, there was a wee lull in all this bad stuff this morning, so I asked my MH to let me out and as soon as got my adorable little body into the outside,  the hail came on!

Oh my dear friends, it was so sore as it thumped down on me, so I scooted as fast as I could under the pampas grass and sheltered until it decided to go and hail somewhere else. As soon as it stopped, my MH opened the door and called for me and I ran as fast as these little legs could take me and I told her how sore and cold my little body was, so she lifted me up and cuddled me till I was warm again and not sore anymore. Oh she is a good old MH.

We went into the living room and I watched her as she did some of her work and then we played with all my toys and that did cheer me up a wee bit and I liked that, so did my MH!


My little weather man friend has told me that there has to be a horrendous gale over my little island tomorrow, so I don't think I shall be leaving my couch ALL day tomorrow in case I get blowed away.

Oh, I do not like this wind at all. It makes me SOOO grumpy!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lots of Playtime

I have been playing lots and lots with my dear old MH and we have both been loving it lots.

The weather has been quite good but my little weather man friend says it is going to be cold and windy and maybe snowy too, so I decided that I would get as much fresh air as possible and I nipped out my window and sat on the little wall and watched all my little birdie friends.

My DH went over to Stromness, and I think he was getting me my birthday present. Did I tell you it would soon be my birthday? Hee hee I had a look at him when he came home but I didn't see any big parcels, but maybe he left them in his car?

Anyway, I helped my MH do her work and I watched her as she did some 'stuff' on her computer and then we both decided that she had worked hard enough and we lay down on the floor and played with all my toys and we were so very, very happy. I love playing with my toys. I love playing with my MH but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE playing with my toys AND my MH.

I will probably go out again tonight before all the gales come but I won't stay out too long as it is a bit on the cool side for this adorable little puss.

Maybe I could get a fur coat for my birthday? Maybe a red one? I think I would look simply adorable all wrapped up in a bright red fur coat. Don't you?

Monday, 2 December 2013


What an absolutely brilliant morning I had. It was just the magicest morning I have had for a long, long time.

I was lying on the back of my couch trying to work out how many sleeps it is until my birthday. Did I tell you I will be four whole years old on the 15th of this month? No. Well, I will. Hee hee

Anyway, counting isn't my strongest point and I was finding it quite hard, so when my MH came into my living room with some parcels from the postman, I gave up thinking and nipped down onto the floor to see what I could find.

She told me that sometimes Santa asks her to help him get the presents for the children on the island and some of them arrived today and some were in a great big plastic envelope and some were in a box and that meant that yours truly had some new toys too.

I nipped into the big envelope first and it was big enough for my entire adorable little body so I had a great big explore and it was great fun. Now, I know that bags can sometimes be dangerous, but my MH was watching me all the time 'cos she told me she didn't want me to smuffercate.

 I am not sure if that is the right word 'cos I haven't heard it before, but whatever it is, I didn't do it and I nipped out of the bag and played in the box and that was good fun too.

I hope my MH has ordered more presents 'cos I had great fun, and it's not even my birthday yet. Oops, did I mention it again?

Later on in the afternoon, my MH did some baking and she made some buns for my DH, a lemon cake for herself and some pancakes for yours truly, so you see, my day just got better and better.

My friend M. came in to se me and my MH today and we had a chat about lots of things and she told me she thought I was looking very good so I gave her a special purr. I am going to have a snooze now and then I might go out to play but it is a bit cold, so I don't think I will stay out too long and when I come in, I will ask my MH to play with me and some of my toys and we all know what her answer will be.

Sure we do? I wonder where the big envelope is?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Again

And a good Sunday. The weather isn't too bad so I have been able to get out to play as often as I want and I have wanted quite a lot because I seem to have gathered an awful lot of energy which I have to get rid of somehow and it is much easier on my poor old humans if I can do it outside.

I was very busy having a snooze when I heard my friend S. calling to me from my door and I ran into my kitchen just in time to see her coming into my house. I liked that and she gave me a big cuddle and called me her ickle wickle which always makes me a very happy puss.

She talked to my MH for a while but she played with me for a long, long time and I just loved it. I was a wee bit sad when she had to go away, but I asked my MH to play with me and of course she did. You knew she would, didn't you?


I nipped out my window for a while just before it got dark and I just came back in time to hear my DH telling my MH that the weather man had said there would be snow on my little island all week so I am looking forward to that. I love the snow even though it makes my adorable little feets cold, but it is the bestest of fun when me and my humans play outside in it, so I will let you know if it comes.

I got a big surprise today 'cos my friend S. sent me an email from Germany and I sat on my MH's knee as she read it out to me and I was very, very happy.

So, you can see that I have had a good Sunday and I hope yours has been good too.