Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Some News

I might not be writing to you for a day or two 'cos we are having a lady visitor so my MH won't have her computer out. That might be a wee bit rude, wouldn't it?

This lady is a friend of my MH but I have never seen her, and with all the stories I have heard about her, I am a wee bit nervous and I think I might spend a lot of time under my couch! So the next time I write to you, I will probably have LOTS to tell you!

I have had a good day today just doing all the usual things that I do on a Wednesday which is mainly sleep 'cos both my humans are out although my MH comes back early and then she plays with me before I ask her to let me out of the window and I go and play outside, so I have lots of fun.

The weather has been a bit better but according to my little weather man friend it has to get a lot worser and it might snow as well as the wind blowing, so my MH's friend might be in my house for a long, long time! I think my MH has worked that out too!

I am having an easy night tonight 'cos I think I need to gather all my energy for later on when I go outside 'cos I might be in my house for quite a while if my little weather man pal is right, although I will be happy to go out and play if it DOES snow, 'cos I love the snow.

I remember last year, I ran and ran in it and shoveled it with my adorable little nose and I even tasted it and it was so good, so yes. I will be happy if it snows.

I hope you are all well and I will be back to you as soon as I possibly can.

I wonder if I could learn to work the computer all by myself? Hmm I shall have a think about that as I am resting.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Bit Better

My day has been a good bit better and I have been able to get out to play lots of times which makes me a happy puss. I have bee in and out a lot today but only for a wee while at a time 'cos it is cold and everywhere is wet so it is not very pleasant. Because it has been raining a lot, all my bits of grass are very wet and because I only have little legs and this wet grass is long, my adorable little tummy gets a bit wet too, and I don't like that very much at all, so that's why I have not been staying out a lot.

BUT! That is causing a problem for my MH because, although I am an exceedingly clever --and adorable!-- puss cat, I have not yet mastered the art of opening windows. So, the poor old dear has to get up and let me out and then a wee while later she has to get up and let me in and then another wee while later------ well, I am sure you have caught my meaning? Now, this is a problem 'cos my MH just has little legs too, although not as little as mine and her tummy doesn't get wet when she runs through the grass. Mind you, I don't think I have ever seen her run through the grass! Oh dear, I am just having a little picture in my mind and it is a very funny one! Sorry, MH! Anyway, until this weather gets better, I think the poor old dear is going to be a bit busy.

We did some housework today and then my humans went out for a while to look after the other little animals and when they came back, me and my MH played on the Wii and I sat very close to my television so that I could catch all the balls that I could see on my screen and this did make her a wee bit annoyed especially as she might have won a lot more if I hadn't done that. Hee hee

I have been sitting on her knee a lot but we have also been playing with my toys and between you and me, I am beginning to like this wind 'cos it means that my MH plays with me even more and I like that a lot! She plays with me whenever I ask and I am afraid that I have been asking rather a lot, but then I am a very energetic little puss and I need lots of exercise, so I think that's just how it is going to be until I can get out more.

And when I do get out--- mouses beware!!

Monday, 27 January 2014


..... I did go outside last night but only for a little while. I know I keep banging on about the weather but it affects everything that I do, so I have become very interested in it and I watch the weather forecast on my television. This has nothing to do with the fact that my little weather man friend Sean is lovely and I like when he talks to me and I am still convinced he has wee special messages just for me.

So, here is today's weather on my little island. Wind and rain and nothing else! I have been sitting on my window sill a lot just looking out and watching all the big waves on the sea. Even the little birdies have been sheltering somewhere, but I have some sheeps in the field in front of my house that I can nod to.

My humans went away out again this morning to look after the other puss cat and the hens and my MH said that she nearly got blowed over, but she was fine and she was even finer after I had sat on her knee for a while and listened while she told me all about it.

In a way, I quite like it now that it is windy 'cos my MH knows that I need to get rid of all my energy and so she makes a point of playing with me lots and lots of times during the day and I like that so very much. I made her giggle again this afternoon 'cos she was sitting on the couch reading and I decided that it was play time, so I sat on the floor beside my toys and I just stared at her for a long time. Now, to the un-trained, this just looked as though I was just staring, but I was actually sending 'please play with me' brain messages from me to her and suddenly she looked up and said 'Ok, I'll play for a wee while' And she did.

I know I am a very clever puss, but even I was a bit surprised at how quickly this message got through to the old dear, but now that I know just how receptive she is, I shall be doing this lots more and I will see if it works with other things like dinners and biscuits. I shall experiment and then let you know. I may even publish a puss cat manual on training humans. Just a thought!

I have been in an out quite a lot but it is very wet and very blowy and my DH shooked his head ---and his beard--- this afternoon 'cos I had been outside and as soon as he let me in the window, I ran straight to my litter tray and did the needful and he did mention this to my MH, who knew right away that the grass would be too wet for this delicate little bottom, but he hadn't worked that out.

But, dear reader, he knows now!

Sunday, 26 January 2014


I know that's what you have just said when you have opened my blog today. I like this picture that my MH tooked of me yesterday. We had been playing all my games and had been doing that for a long time, so when we were finished, I nipped up onto the back of my couch for a little snooze, and it helped that my DH's jacket was there 'cos it was lovely and soft and cosy.

I think my MH would have been up beside me if there had been room 'cos she was tired too, but I am afraid i was a little naughty and didn't let her. She just sat in her usual seat on the couch and I am sure she nodded off after a minute or two.

I did get out to play for a little while last night, but between you and me dear friends, it wasn't very pleasant 'cos it was still windy and the grass was awful wet, so my adorable little paws didn't like it very much, so I just went home and snuggled up to my MH and that made the old dear very happy.

It has been very windy today and there is a lot of rain and some of it is blowing into my porch which is making my DH very unhappy and he will need to fix it when the weather is better. Me and my MH watched the tennis this morning and we both had a wee cry with Rafa when he hurt his back. I like Rafa. Especially when he smiles. It makes my little heart feel all funny. I think I might be in love!! Sigh!

My humans had to go out 'cos they had to look after another puss and some chooks. I tried to tell them they weren't very wise, but they had promised and my MH said that she likes it when people look after me when my humans are away, so I agreed and let them go. But they soon blew back in again!

My little weather man friend says it will get better and that I will be able to go out to play later on, so I will let you know if he got it right.

I hope so, 'cos I love being out in the night time, even if my little feets do get a bit wet. I can always get them warm and dry again when I cuddle up beside you-know-who!

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Well, I had just started my hibernating thingy when I had to change my plans. I was all ready. I had my little bag of biscuits all wrapped up beside me in case I wakened up before Spring time and felt the need of a little nourishment and I had my favourite toy in my bed beside me in case I wanted a wee play after my little feed, so I thought I had everything covered, and then what happened?

The wind stopped! I listened for a minute and couldn't hear it howling, so I thought it would be better if I went outside and played and leave the hibernating till another day, and that's just what I did. Me and my DH went outside and we walked across the grass but you could hear our feet squelching where all the rain had been, so we went onto the path. We had a look to see that the wind hadn't made any damage to my house, but it was fine, so that made us happy.

My humans went out for a while and then my MH played with me when she came home, but I was able to get outside again to play all by myself.I liked that and I saw all my little friends and they told me that they were fine after all the gales, so I didn't tell them that my little weather man friend said it is going to be worser tomorrow, so I may put my hibernating plan into effect then.

I was sitting on my window sill and I saw the Hamnavoe coming in and I thought you would like to see her 'cos she has been painted all white with a big Viking on the sides. I like it and so does my MH and I hope you do too.

I am hoping that I will be able to get out to play later on tonight 'cos I still have a lot of energy left even though I have been playing a lot inside. I made my humans laugh again this afternoon 'cos my MH was making curry for the dinner and she dropped a wee bit of green pepper on my kitchen floor and I decided that it was a ginormous monster that I needed to attack and then kill, so I ran away from it, lay down on my kitchen floor facing it and stared at it with a fierce, menacing look, then I wriggled my adorable little bum, pinned the equally adorable little lugs back and pounced! I ran straight at it but just as I reached it, I swerved so that I didn't touch it and then I did the same thing all over again, and again, and again until I thought my dear old MH was going to fall on the floor she was laughing so much.

But oh, it was just the goodest of fun and I liked it so very, very much. I wonder where it is now? Perhaps I will go and have a look.

Friday, 24 January 2014

I wonder....

..... if I went into hibernation for a while, would all my friends out there remember me?

I heard my MH telling one of her friends that she was thinking of doing that, so I asked her what it meant and when she told me, I thought it was such a good idea that I wanted to try it too 'cos then I wouldn't get blowed away or rained upon, but then I thought that everybody would forget me and I wouldn't like that so maybe I'll just take my chances.

We have all been stuck indoors today because of the awful weather so I sat on my window sill and watched all the white horses in the sea. There were lots and lots of them, but there were no boats in the water 'cos all the boat drivers decided it was too rough, so they stayed indoors too--not the boats, just the drivers!

I helped my humans with all their work and I sort of wandered from room to room until I decided to have a snooze for a while, but every now and then my MH came in to see me and give me a wee cuddle, so that was fine. When I wakened up, I asked my her to play with me and we settled down on the floor with all my toys, but then I got a big shock and my MH took this picture of me which I think is another cracker.

I have just had an idea. Maybe I could have a Squeak exhibition! Everybody could see all my pictures from when I was a baby puss! Oh where do all these brilliant ideas come from, I wonder? My MH has a photographer friend and he has exhibitions so he could tell me what I need to do. Yes, I shall ask him.

Anyway, back to today's picture and an explanation of my great big shock. Well. Me and my MH were playing and I was sitting on my rocking chair while the old dear was lying on the floor and my television was on when suddenly I heard a meow! A meow in my house and it wasn't me! I was not happy, but then I looked, and there on my television was Felix the puss advertising dinners for cats! Phew, what a relief. I thought there was going to be another puss in my hoose---oh I am a poet, now--- but no, there is just me and that is how it should be, and if I have my way, that's just how it WILL be!

For ever and ever.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Is the weather any better? Has the wind stopped howling at me? No! A great big, fat NO!

In fact, my little weather man friend told me that it is going to be much worser over the weekend and that I should stay in my house where I will be safe. Oh dear. I do like being in my house, especially when my humans are home with me, but I am a brave, intrepid little puss and brave, intrepid little puss cats need to be outside hunting, and killing and terrorising the neighbourhood, and I am in danger of losing all my street cred if I can't get out. Ho Hum. :-(

Anyway, we have all had a good day today. My DH made pizzas for my MH and I helped him of course and we both got a big cuddle---but mine was the biggest!--'cos she was a happy MH, and then my DH played with me. It is usually the Boss who plays with me the most but today my DH brought home our messages and he was taking the string off the box and wondered why it was so hard to pull and when he looked down, there was an adorable little pussy cat on the other end of the string! Oh we did giggle, and then he pulled the string all over my kitchen floor and I ran round and round in circles chasing it until I catched it and killed it dead! Oh it was good fun.

I had a rest then as my MH went into her little gym, but I was too tired so she didn't mind being on her own and we had a good old chat when she came home again.

We will all be at home tomorrow 'cos there might not be any boats and my DH can't get to the Cat shop, so I am going to work out tonight all the things I want them to do with me. They need some guidance every now and then, and I am just the one to give it.Hee hee.

I am hoping to get out to play later on 'cos I need to tell all my little animal friends to be safe in all the bad weather and that they are not to worry if they don't see me. I will be back to see them when the weather is better, but I don't know when that might be.

Soon, I hope. Soon.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Still Brave!

It was blowing and howling last night at my window and my door, but I gathered up all my strength and energy and went out to play. My MH had gone to bed and so I asked my DH to let me out and we had to decide which was the best way to go and we decided that I should go out the door, so away I went.

I scooted out to the left and lay under the car for a while until I had worked out what I was going to do, and the wind couldn't get to me there. The nice farmer next door has put some bales in the field beside my house, so my next stop was to get in between them 'cos that's where all the wee mouses play and there is some shelter there too---and it is quite warm in beside them, so I like going there. I took a deep breath, pinned back my little lugs, wriggled the adorable little bum and shot through the fence, across the grass and in between the bales, and I think I would get into the pussy cat Olympics with the speed I went at!

I stayed there for a long time playing with some of my little animal friends and exploring lots of lovely smells and then I decided to go to the other side of my house, so I did the same routine all over again and had another wee rest under the car before I sped across the grass at the other side and found a sheltered bit beside the big shed in the other field where I sat for a while until I had got my breath back and then I decided that I should go back home into my house where it was lovely and cosy. So I nipped up onto the window sill and waved to my DH who let me in. I had a wee feed and then snuggled up beside my MH and we had a good snooze till this morning.

My DH went away to the Cat shop so me and the Boss had a nice quiet day and we did all the things that I like doing like playing with my toys and sitting on her knee getting my adorable little body cuddled and tickled. Oh it was lovely, and then she went and spoiled it all by putting that horrible flea stuff on me. Aaargh!! She creept up on me when I wasn't looking and I was nearly sleeping so I didn't see the awful green packet and before you could say 'adorable Squeak' I was caught and de-flea'd and definitely NOT happy!

She made up for it later on 'cos I have developed the knack of making her feel guilty and I played it to the full tonight so for the last hour or so I have been getting it all my own way, and that's the way I intend to keep it as long as possible.

Oh, I am wicked! Adorable, but wicked!!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

More Windy

Oh dear, when will this horrid wind go away? I am getting just a tad fed up with it all now and I want it to stop for a while. I haven't been out all day and I might not get out to play tonight 'cos my little weather man friend says it has to get worser and it's bad enough now. Sigh. :-(

My DH did something very silly today, but me and my MH didn't say anything to him---we just thinked it! I shall tell you all about it, but don't tell him please 'cos he wouldn't like that. Anyway, it was winding and raining and not very nice at all and I was resting on the back of my couch while my MH was doing some more housework and some cooking and my DH wasn't doing very much at all, so he suggested that he take my MH to Stromness for her lunch.

Well, she looked out of the window at the weather and then she looked at me and I looked out of the window and then I looked at her and we both shooked our heads, and my MH said 'no thank you' to my DH who said he would nip over anyway and get some messages. We both thought he was not being very wise, but oft he went anyway.

We had just settled down for a nice quiet girlie afternoon when the door opened and in came my DH just a wee bit soaking wet. In fact, dear friends, he was nearly ringing! He told us that he was just walking down the pier when a ginormous big wave jumped out of the sea and landed on him making him a great big bit wet and an even bigger bit not happy. We didn't laugh. I promise you we didn't laugh, but it was very, very hard!! But once he had got all dried and changed, he was a happy DH again 'cos I sat on his keen for a while and gave him a wee purr and I am sure he was glad he didn't go away and leave me.

My MH didn't go into her gym today 'cos her wee legs were a bit tired, but she played on her Wii and I sat beside my television while she was doing that and she said I looked just like one of our ornaments, although much nicer, of course!

We spent a lot of time playing on the floor with my toys and we both had a lot of fun. I am having a wee rest now, but I am still hoping that I will be able to get out to play later on, although it's not looking too promising, but you never know. Eh?

Monday, 20 January 2014

More of the Same

.... but it is a good 'same'. You know that pussy cats like routine and so does my MH so we get along just fine. I probably don't need to tell you that today is housework day and me and the old dear were up quite early and I sat on her knee while she had her cereal and she told me what she would be doing with her day. She was supposed to be going to Kirkwall with her friends, but they decided to wait until the weather was better and I was quite happy with that.

So, as usual, the vacuum cleaner appeared and me and my DH dis-appeared! We went into the workshop and sat and had a chat and I watched all the starlings who were having a wee feed at our bird feeder and my DH told me I was a very good puss for not chasing them, so that made me happy.

When we went back inside, I got a big surprise 'cos there was a wee bit of chicken on my dish for me and I gobbled that up 'cos I was a wee bit hungry watching all the starlings getting their dinner, so I was very pleased with that.

It was soon time to go into the gym and even though it was a bit windy, my MH was able to leave the door open so that I could nip in and out whenever I wanted, so I spent sometime encouraging my MH's little legs to work hard and then I went out and ran round and round my garden until I was a bit tired.

By this time, it was lunch time, so we all had a wee seat and a chat before my DH went away to do some more of his work and I asked my MH to play with me and because she has finished her penguin picture, she now has plenty time to play with me, so we had just the bestest of fun playing with my toys.

You will see in one picture that I am so happy that I am laughing and I know it will make you smile. Some people might think that I am yawning, but we all know different don't we? I just love playing with my toys and I think I am getting fitter and fitter every day and my poor old MH is finding it hard trying to keep up with me, but I shall try and not exhaust her too much.

I am such a caring little Squeak, sure I am?

Sunday, 19 January 2014


That's what me and my MH have been doing. She took out the Wii machine which hasn't been used for a while 'cos she has been doing her sequin picture, and we both played on it.

Well, I didn't really play, but I did get weighed and as usual, my little Wii Mii was very pleased 'cos I am still the same weight and she said I was looking very healthy so me and my MH were well pleased.

It is very windy on my little island but my DH decided that he could still go round to his workshop and when he came back, he told us that the wind nearly blowed him over and he should have stayed in the house, which us girls thought all along, but would he listen? Nope!

He got back into the good books by making a big pot of chicken soup which will warm the old dears up tonight at feeding time. I watched him for a while and then wandered into my living room to ask my MH to play with me and we had brilliant fun, although I did something a wee bit silly which made them both roar with laughter. But with me, not at me 'cos that would be cruel, sure it would?

My MH was sitting on my couch but she had one of my toys which is pink feathers on the end of a stick with elastic and she slides this along the floor and I pretend it is a fierce animal and I stalk it and wriggle my adorable little bum at it before I pounce on it and kill it very dead. It is one of my favourite games and I play the same game with lots of my toys, but today was a wee bit different.

Sometimes, I hide in behind the rocking chair or even behind my MH so that the great big fierce animal can't see me before I make my final deadly pounce but today I hid in behind the cushion on my couch with only the said adorable little bum sticking out and it finally dawned on me that I couldn't see the beastie, so I had to reverse out trying to make it look as though I had meant to do just that, but the humans didn't believe me and they were almost rolling on the floor, so I just gave them a little purr and went back to playing my game. It's a good job us pussy cats don't blush 'cos I think I might have been very red!

We all had good fun just the same and I hope you have had good fun too this weekend.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I'm Still Here....

.... and there is no sign of the soup pot, so I think I have been forgiven for my little mishap! Phew! I don't think it will ever come to that, but I have seen the old dear in a bad mood, and I am just not too sure! I think I will try to be good for a wee while, although I never try to be bad---it just sometimes happens.

We have all been at home today and so I have had two humans to attend to my every whim, and at one point I had three 'cos my friend S. came to see me and I am afraid I managed to upset her too 'cos she was playing with me and then realised after a while that she was sitting on the floor playing with one of my toys while I was sitting on my window sill watching the birdies. My MH could see what was happening, but she just smiled and didn't say anything , so she was quite naughty too. But we don't have a soup pot THAT big!!

My DH was doing the cooking today so I got wee bits of raw meat and I liked that. He says it will make me a strong puss and that's a very good thing 'cos it will soon be Spring and there will be lots of hunting for me to do, so I need to get strong.

I went into the gym with my MH but we only stayed in there for a short time as her wee legs were tired and then we played on the grass until my wee legs were tired, so now we are both sitting on my couch having a little rest. It will soon be dinner time and then I have a long snooze on my couch until it is time for me to go outside and see what is happening.

I quite like this routine and it suits us all very well.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Another oops!

I have a very sneaky feeling that the soup pot may not be too far away and that Squeak soup is on the menu very, very soon.

You will have gathered from that statement that I have been just a little bit naughty, although I prefer to think of it as being a tad unfortunate, but I shall let you decide for yourself.

My DH went off to the Cat shop today, so it was just me and my MH and we had a very good morning. She was playing with her machines and that always makes her happy. She cleaned the windows with one machine and then she steamed the kitchen floor with another one and I just followed her around and watched from various vantage points around my house.

Our friend M. came to see us for a while but he didn't stay too long and when he went away, my MH decided to try and finish her sequin picture and I nipped up on to the back of my couch to watch. So far so good. I could see all the little sparkly sequins and pins all spread out on their little mat waiting for my MH's delicate little fingers to pick them up. They looked so lovely and so sparkly that I decided I wanted a closer look and ventured on to the table, and now I know you are way ahead of me.

I thought I had worked it out perfectly, but I am a bit quicker than I thought, and so I sort of jumped off the couch and landed on the little green mat which slid right across the table with yours truly on top of it and sort of landed on the floor with all the sparkly sequins sort of on the carpet. And this time the 'it wasn't me' look just didn't work!

I just sat there as the old dear picked them all up again. The only good thing was that she doesn't take out all the sequins, just the ones she is using at the time, but there were still a lot to be picked up. Sorry MH. You will be pleased to know that the picture is all finished and here it is. I think I need to be very careful for the next few days or I might be in serious trouble.

The rest of the day went ahead without too much trouble and we had a wee wander round the garden between rain showers and then we played with my games which was good fun.

I think I have been forgiven which is good!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Good Fun

Well, I don't know what I was dreaming about last night, but I wakened up very early this morning and I was oh so hungry. I'm sure I was so hungry that my little bones were sticking through my adorable black and white coat! :-(

So, I wandered through to the kitchen where there were a few biscuits in my dish, but I felt like something more substantial 'cos I was really hungry and I knew that the only way to get some real dinner was to waken The Boss. OK. OK. I hear you. I know it's not fair, but I was hungry!

I tried to do it very gently and tried to set off the alarm, but I seem to have lost my touch. (Note to self, play with the radio alarm)So, when that didn't work, I lay on top of the duvet right up at her chin and did a gentle 'meow' and when that didn't work I decided to whisper very quietly in her little lug which was just sort of lying there, but I forgot that my adorable little nose is a wee bit wet and a wee bit cold. Are you with me, dear friend?

That did the trick! Oh boy, that certainly did the trick! The poor old soul was out of bed like a shot and moved so quickly that I nearly fell off the edge of the bed where I was sitting with that 'it wasn't me' look on my face, but to be honest, I think she was in the kitchen, put food in my dish and was back in bed with her eyes still shut! I did feel a wee bit guilty, but it very quickly passed as my little tummy filled up again. Hee hee.

When were all got up later at our normal time, we had a good day. The weather was good enough for me and my DH to be outside for quite a long time while my MH did some housework. She hasn't mentioned that we were up early and to be honest, I don't think she remembers. Maybe she was sleepwalking. Hmm!

The rest of my day has gone very well. I spent a while with my DH and then I went and played in the gym while the old dear was playing on her bike and I did some more climbing up on the window sill without falling off this time, so I was pleased with myself.

We played games for a minute or two before she settled down to do some more of her picture and I watched from my normal seat on the back of the couch until it was feeding time again, but this time the old dear was well and truly awake!

It is a fine evening, so after a wee sleep on my couch beside my MH, I will be heading out to play and I will let you know tomorrow what I get up to. I just hope I don't have my hungry dream tonight again or I might be in serious trouble with you-know-who!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I jumped up early this morning all ready to go out and play after my breakfast, but as soon as my adorable little paws hit the floor, my little lugs heard the wind howling at me again and I was a little cross. In fact, I was a lot cross. So I just ate my breakfast and went straight back to bed and since it was still quite early, my humans were still sleeping too.

My DH didn't go to the Cat shop 'cos he was worried he might not get home again and what would he do without me and the Boss? I think he might have a few ideas on that! :-))

My MH had to go out and when she came home, she told me she had to fight against the wind to get in and out of her little car, but she is intrepid like what I am, so she made it. Us girls are made of the 'real' stuff!

She did a wee bit of housework this afternoon and some more of her picture which she thinks will be all finished on Friday, and then she played with me and I loved it.

We played with all my toys and sometimes she would catch me and roll me over and tickle my adorable little tummy and I was so, so happy. I just love when she does that.

You will see that I have asked my MH to show you a picture of 'our' big furry dressing gown 'cos I know you will want to se what I keep telling you about. It is so warm and cosy that I could sit on it for ever and ever. Sometimes, during the night time, I nip up on to the ottoman and just lie on it and purr. It is beautiful, so beautiful.

I don't think I will be going out for very long tonight unless the wind stops howling at me, but I might be lucky. I hope so, 'cos I love being outside in the dark talking to all the little mouses and playing with all my little animal friends.

I told them all about the dressing gown and the little mouses have said they would like to have a wee sleep on it too. SO! Maybe one night, during the summer when the window is left open for me, I will bring them into my house and let them have a wee rest on it.

My MH won't mind at all. Will she?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I was up, had a wash, had my breakfast and was outside talking to a few wee mouses before quarter to eight this morning! And it was still dark, but I wasn't frightened. In fact I was quite excited. I like the dark at night time, but it is not often I see the dark in the morning, but I suppose it is just the same dark. Isn't it?

My MH isn't a morning person. She used to be a teacher and so for a lot of years, she was up very early to get ready for all the little childrens but since she doesn't work now ('cos she is too old, but don't tell her I told you, 'cos she thinks she is still a young thing. NOT!!!) she doesn't need to get up early so it is only when she has to go away on the first boat that she sees the morning dark. See?

And you will have worked out by now that today she was going away on the morning boat 'cos she was going to bring her lap top home, but we had a chat last night 'cos she knew something was worrying me and she has promised that she will put the computer away early every night and make time for me just to sit on her knee all by myself, so I am happy.

So, it was just me and my DH in our house today, but as usual, we had our instructions. It would never do for us to have a day all to ourselves doing nothing, would it? Oh dear me no. However, we scooted round all the wee jobs we had to do and then played for a while. My DH plays quite well but not nearly as good as the Boss so I am always very happy when she comes home again---even if she DID bring back the lap top! Oh and by the way, the lap top is feeling a lot better now so she is a happy MH.

We got lots of praise when she came home. I think the old dear has worked out that if she doesn't praise himself, she won't get anything done and I don't think she is too far wrong there.

So that's been my day. Quite a good one and it is still a good night, so after my evening snooze, I shall disappear outside and see what is happening on my dear little island and then snuggle up beside my MH for a special cuddle.

Oh yes life is good. Oh so good, and I hope yours is too.

Monday, 13 January 2014

What a beautiful day

It is just lovely on my little island today---almost like Spring but a wee bit cooler, and I am so very, very happy.

I had a very good afternoon when my friend S. came to see me yesterday, and as I thought (and demanded!)she played with me lots and lots and gave me huge cuddles which I just love. This is one of the pictures my MH took when we were playing and I think I look very fetching, but then, I always look very fetching, don't I?

When we got up today, we all noticed that there was no wind, no rain and that the sun was shining, so what does the Boss do? She decides to do some spring cleaning! Well, me and my DH tried to tell her that it was still winter, it was not Spring and the house was still clean after Christmas, but would she listen? No, she would not. So me and him just looked at one another, shooked our adorable little heads and went outside into the greenhouse for some peace and quiet. I do wonder about the old dear sometimes.

However, I must admit that the spring cleaning has its up-side 'cos I nipped in the living room window and wandered through to my bedroom just in time to see her stripping all the bed clothes to put on clean ones and yippee, it was time for fun.

You know it is one of my very favourite games and I jumped into the duvet and under the pillows and at one point I discovered my little wagger just lying on the bed gently twitching, so I attacked! I went round and round in circles trying to catch it and my poor old MH was lying on the floor helpless with laughter 'cos she said I looked so funny especially when my adorable little body stopped going round, but my eyes didn't! Oh I had the bestest of fun and when she was finished, we sat on the bed and she gave me some big cuddles and stroked my little lugs while I just lay there and purred and tried to get my eyes to stop going round in circles! :-))

We went into the gym and I played on the grass until I saw the two doggies coming past my gate so I ran and hid and I did this so well that even my MH couldn't find me, so I was happy 'cos I was safe.

I am going to have a short nap now on the back of my couch while my MH does some more of her sequin picture and then after my dinner I am going out again 'cos I think there will be lots for me to do tonight and all my little animal friends will be out playing too, so I may be out for a very long time and I am getting quite excited about it already.

I hope you have a good evening too.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

No News

Well, very little news. I had a good day yesterday just doing all the thing I love like going outside with my humans and playing in the gym with the Boss and then playing with her and all my toys. I like running round and round my living room and jumping up on my rocking chair and I did this for a long time yesterday before I jumped up on to the back of the couch and watched my MH as she did some more of her sequin picture.

The weather was quite good on my little island, so I went out to play about ten o'clock at night and didn't come home until about two o'clock this morning, and I just made it before the window got shut for the night! Oops. My MH was already snoring and my DH was just getting ready for bed, when I nipped in through the window, and he told me I was a very lucky little puss. But then I knew that, didn't I?

It is a bit windy today so I have already been out for my constitutional and I am just going to have a little siesta before my friend S. comes up to see me.

I have told you before that I like it lots when she comes because she makes a ginormous fuss of me and plays with me until I am tired and then I let her talk to my MH. So I will need to be well rested when she comes 'cos I don't want to disappoint her.

That would never do now, would it? She might have a tantrum and take it from me, dear reader, that is not a pretty sight! Oh dear me, no, no, no!!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Oh Please......

.... Mr. computer doctor, please keep my MH's laptop for a while longer 'cos I am just loving being able to lie on her knee all night especially when she goes and puts on her big furry dressing gown, and she had an early bath last night and it came out again so I purred and purred for a very long time because I was such a happy puss.

Normally, when she is using her computer, I snuggle in beside her and put my adorable little bum on the couch and my head on the laptop and I must admit that I am comfortable and she keeps stroking my little lugs while she is working, but it is so much better when it is just me on her knee, so please, please keep it for a while yet. Although, when it does come back I will have a word with her, and you know she always does what I ask her to.

I had a good day yesterday and we are still managing to keep our New Year resolutions. We were in the gym---and I didn't fall off anything this time!--- and then we played a lot with my toys before we settled down to do some more of our sequin picture. I can see what it is supposed to be now 'cos one of the mummy penguins is all finished and she looks lovely, so I think I will be able to let you see it soon.

After my long snooze on my MH's knee, I went outside last night but I am afraid I got very wet and my DH had to take a ginormous towel and make me all dry before I could nip up on to the bed beside my MH. I don't think she would have been happy if I had made her all wet again.

We are having a lazy weekend and both my humans are at home with me so they will be able to do whatever I want. I think I might go out to play for a while 'cos it is not raining and just a wee bit windy, so I will need to go and look for my ram friend although I think the nice farmer next door has put him in another field.

But, being the intrepid little pussy cat that I am, I shall track him down and we shall have another chat, and I know Mr. Ram will like that very, very much.

I hope you have a good weekend too.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Oh, I am such a happy little Squeak just now, I can hardly contain myself. And I shall tell you why.

Remember I told you that my MH's laptop was a bit awful sick and she had to take it to the computer doctor? Well, it is still in the computer hospital and will be there until next week when it should come home again all better and between you and me, although she will be glad to get it back, my MH is a wee bit disappointed that it can be made better. Oops! But we have not to tell my DH 'cos he just shakes his head at us.

Anyway, it means that there is an empty lap waiting just for me to plonk my adorable little bottom on to and last night was even more magicer 'cos she went away and had her shower early and came back on to the couch with the big furry dressing gown on!

Oh joy. Oh bliss. Oh, it's a wonder you didn't hear me purring where you live. I was ecstatic. More ecstaticker that I have been for a long, long time and my ecstatickness was so loud that it made my humans laugh and then turn up the telly! I had a long snooze there and my dreams were just wonderful.

So, because of that, I wakened up this morning in a very good mood and I helped my DH get ready to go away to the Cat Shop and then I looked after the old dear. I was kind of hoping she might just keep on the dressing gown, but no such luck. Roll on night time!

Anyway, we went out into the garden for a minute or two and my friend the ram was still there so I wandered over to tell him about my evening and this time he was a wee bit more interested and then on my way back into my house, I am afraid I showed off a wee bit and did some of my pole dancing to show him what a very agile--and adorable-- puss I am.

I think he was very impressed and if he asks me nicely, I will show him how to climb my clothes poles.

And that is definitely going on YouTube!!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Still Happy

Oh I do like being back to normal again and that's what we are Chez Squeak.

Both my humans are at home with me today 'cos my MH didn't go swimming, so we went into the gym instead and I nearly had an accident, but don't worry 'cos I am very OK.

The housework had to be dome again so I found something to play with while my MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and her duster and I found my DH outside feeding the birdies, so we had a wee play on the grass but only for a minute 'cos it is very wet and my little feets didn't like it too much.

When we went back inside, the Boss was finished and so I asked her to play for a while and we did that after she had dried off my adorable little feets, and then it was time to go back out and head into the gym and that's when I nearly came a cropper. I was exploring as usual while my MH's little legs were going round and round on her bike and I thought I would climb up onto the window sill, but I forgot that it is a very narrow sill and I fell off with rather a clatter and nearly landed on the strimmer which was just under the window. Oh dear, it is such a good job it wasn't working or I would have been a shorn puss and all my adorable fur would have been strimmed off. But it wasn't and I am very fine. I even made it look as though I meant to do it, but I don't think I fooled the old dear, somehow!

I got quite a surprise when we were going back into my house, 'cos there was a ginormous big ram standing right outside my gate and he really shouldn't have been there, but I went over and told him what had happened to me and he just shook his head and wandered away. I don't think he realised how serious it could have been. Hmm :-( Hopefully I will get more sympathy from all the lady animals when I tell them tonight!!

I had a very good night last night 'cos I lay on my MH's knee all night while she watched her television, and at the end of it I pleaded with her that if we ever needed to move away from our beloved little island, please could we never, never, never go to Midsomer!! They just keep killing everybody, and I don't want that thank you very much!

We are going into the living room now to do some more of our sequin picture. All the ice bits are done and we are going to start on one of the penguins today so I am looking forward to that and then I shall assume my rightful position on her knee and watch whatever she is watching tonight. I just hope it doesn't involve more dead bodies lying all over my television.

Oh yes, I do like being back to normal!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

All Back to Normal

Except for one slight problem which I will explain in a wee minute. My MH's laptop is a wee bit awful sick and my DH got up very early this morning to take it to the computer doctor 'cos he was going into the Cat shop again and that's how we are all back to normal after the holidays.

The laptop has being going very slow--- a bit like my MH really! and it has been doing odd things (ditto!!) which the Boss didn't tell it to do and last night it was nearly in the bin, but then the humans thought that they might know a man who could fix it. But between you and me, dear friends, I think my MH is hoping it can't be fixed and then she could get a new one. My MH loves gadgets and new toys, so we will see what the man in Kirkwall says.

Everything in my little world is very fine and I was up early with my DH and I let him feed me before I went outside for a wee play while it was still quite dark. When he went away on the boat, he left the living room window open for me and after I had seen all my little animal friends, I nipped in the window and up onto my bed beside my MH who was snoring and five minutes later, yours truly was snoring too!

My MH was out for a while this morning, so I just stayed sleeping until she came home again and then she gave me a great big cuddle and we played with some of my toys and that made me a very happy little Squeak.

I am actually very happy that the laptop has gone away 'cos that means I will be able to lie on my MH's knee all night and she will have lots more time for me, so that is just the bestest of news. The other very good news is that I got a message from my newest human and paw pal who live in Canada and I like hearing all about what they are doing, but I think it might be too cold for a little puss like me. I like to be cosy and I have been watching all the people in America who are very cold, and I don't think I would ever leave my house if it was like that here.

I like playing in the snow when it comes on to my little island, but I think all that ice would not be good at all for yours truly, so I hope that all my friends over there are safe.

I am going to ask my MH to play with me now 'cos I feel a great big build up of energy coming on and if she doesn't help me to use it all up, I might just end up on top of all the cupboards again.

But it wouldn't be my fault, would it? :-))

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Success! Me and my MH have both managed to do what we promised we would do and we are both feeling very happy with ourselves.

The old dear still had to do some housework so I nipped up on to my day bed and watched her. Actually, I nearly nodded off again 'cos the sun was streaming in the window and I was lovely and cosy. Yes, you did read that properly. We had some sunshine today and I liked it a lot.

I had a wee sleep until the vacuum cleaner was safely back where it should be and then me and my MH went into the gym where she let her little legs do their exercises and I had a good sniff around and I found some new boxes that I jumped in and out of and I had a really good time.

So, that was her New Year resolution ticked off for today, and after she had a wee rest with me sitting on her knee while she was sitting on my couch, I ambled over to my toys and gave her 'the look' which she picked up on right away. Oh, I have taught the old dear so very well.

We played for quite a long time and I ran round and round my living room and I even let my MH tickle my adorable little tummy. I love when she does that and it makes me giggle. It is just a shame that my humans can't hear me when I giggle 'cos it is a lovely sound in my little head. Maybe one day.

My next stop was on the back of my couch watching the Boss as she did another sequin picture. She likes doing these and this one was a Christmas present for her and it is a picture of penguins and I think I will like it when it is all finished.

I like when she is doing these 'cos she talks to me all the time and tells me what she is doing and I like watching the picture as it is growing.

She will show it to you when it is all finished and I am sure you will like it too.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Still Happy

I have had a very good day today so I am a happy little Squeak. I have a new paw pal and a new human friend too who found me on her computer, although I don't know how I got there. Maybe I shall ask 'she who thinks she knows it all'!

This morning, I lay on the back of my couch and watched my MH as she did all her housework and I played under the duvet when she was making the bed. In fact, I nearly got thrown across the room 'cos she nearly didn't see me as she pulled the duvet off and it was only when I lifted my adorable little head that she stopped, or goodness knows what might have happened to me. Oh it makes me have a wee shudder.

We went outside and gave the birdies some food and that made them happy too and I played for a while on the grass, but I am afraid that my MH only kept one of her resolutions today. Mind you, it was the main one. The one that says she has to play with me, and we played for a long time on my living room floor with all my toys. She lets me choose which one I want to play with and I try to make sure they all get a wee turn. I don't want them to feel unhappy 'cos that would make me sad.

The resolution she didn't do was to go into the gym, but she was a bit busy this afternoon and has promised she will go in tomorrow, so watch this space! I will try and make sure she does that too.

My friend S. wants to come and play with me 'cos I think she loves me a wee bit, but I won't tell her pussy cat in case I cause a domestic incident, but I do like it when she comes up to see me and gives me a cuddle.

Sometimes, when people I don't know very well come into my house, I nip under the couch and lie there and listen until I decide if I like them or not and then I appear as if by magic and that makes everybody smile. But as soon as I hear S. come in my door, I stop what I am doing and run to meet her 'cos I love her a wee bit too, and my MH knows this and is quite happy as long as I love her a lot more.

And I do MH. Oh, I do!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Again

I like Sundays. Sundays in my house are usually lazy days and days when I get lots and lots of attention 'cos there is never any housework done on a Sunday so my MH has always plenty of time for yours truly and I like that a lot!

We didn't need to get up too early but when we did, me and my MH went outside and we fed the little birdies. It was a lovely morning so I stayed out and played on the grass and them my MH came back out and we played with big bits of pampas grass that the wind had blowed off the big plant and I ran until my little legs were quite tired but I was a very happy little Squeak.

Later on in the morning I sat on my MH's knee for a while and she read out an email that I had got from one of my paw pal friends and I purred 'cos I was so happy. I love getting all these messages and I will answer them all soon.

My MH went out for a while in the afternoon with my friends M. and S. so I looked after my DH and then had a snooze until the Boss came back in again and then I asked her to play with me some more and she did, but this time it was just inside 'cos it was getting dark and a wee bit windy, and we were both happy to be inside.

I have found my wee green ball again and I play with that all the time 'cos I love it so much and I carry it from room to room with me and even sometimes I take it on to my bed in case I need a wee play when I waken up!

I have made a new year resolution -----but it's not for me. Oh no, it's for my MH and I know she is very happy about it 'cos it is that she will play with me every single day for at least half an hour (at a time!) 'cos I heard on my television that if a pussy cat gets half an hours exercise every day it will be a very happy and very fit little pussy cat and I know my MH wants me to be happy and fit, so I am just helping her along a wee bit. See?

Our training regime starts tomorrow as soon as the vacuum cleaner disappears and I will let you know how I get on. Sometimes my kindness just takes my breath away!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Nothing to Report

Except that it is oh so quiet on my little island 'cos the wind is having a sleep or is playing somewhere else and I am happy. My MH opened the living room window this morning and I was able to assume my favourite position on the window sill with the adorable little posterior on said sill and adorable little nose sniffing the fresh air and I was able to do that without all the furniture in my living room getting blowed about, so the humans were happy too.

It is very quiet too because I think some people were at the party until very late last night---or very early this morning! and I think there might be a sore head or two, but my humans are OK, which is just as well 'cos they have me to look after.

I had a good long sleep and then when me and my MH got up, we had a wee wander round our estate to see if the naughty wind had done any damage, but everything is OK except for the gym door. There is a bolt in the inside which we push over if it is windy and we want the door to stay shut and when we went to try and get inside today my dear old MH couldn't get the door open so when himself went to try, he couldn't either and he thinks that the wind has made the door vibrate so much that the bolt has locked itself in the inside, so he had to burst it open. Ooops! But if that is all the damage we have, then we are very, very lucky.

Later in the afternoon, I asked my MH to play with me and you all know that she did, don't you? I have spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting the 'please will you play with me 'cos I am lonely' look and it works a treat every single time. It even works on my friend S. when she comes to see me and she plays with me as soon as I give her the look, so I think I have done a very good job there.

I wonder what other looks I need to perfect?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Very quiet...

..... and very windy, so I am not a happy Squeak. The awful wind has come back to my little island and my poor old MH nearly got blowed away when she had to go out this morning. And then she told me that she is going out again tonight! I think that is a bit silly, but she won't listen to me, so I just hope she manages to come home safely to me.

It is not a very nice day at all for weather, so I have been a very lazy puss and I just lay on the back of my couch and watched my MH as she started to take down all the Christmas decorations, so my house is looking all bare now and I am a wee bit sad 'cos I liked all the sparkly thingies and I liked it when all the peoples came to see me, but my MH says she will invite them again and they can come and adore me some more.

Me and my MH had a long chat about our New Year resolutions and she is going to go into her little gym more and play on her Wii a bit more because she hasn't been doing it lately and she wants to get a bit fitter again.

I don't need to get fit 'cos as well as being adorable, I am the fittest little puss in my whole house! Hee hee. But I will help my MH to do her exercises and my resolution is to become even more adorable, which I am sure I will manage easily.

I think I will forget about trying to be modest 'cos it is just not working. :-)))

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

I hope you didn't miss me too much yesterday but my dear old MH was so busy with visitors that she didn't have time to put on her computer, but we all had a very good time and we were all very happy.

My humans went away out on Hogmanay just before midnight and came home again a couple of hours later. They saw everybody on the island who were all in one house and they all saw in the New Year together and then when they came home, I got a very special new year cuddle.

Then yesterday we had visitors in my house from half past two o'clock in the afternoon until well after midnight, so my poor old MH is a wee bit tired today.

I had great fun though 'cos one of the early visitors was my bestest friend S. and she played with me which I loved and to show her how happy I was, I wriggled my adorable little bum for her without her asking for me to do it, and that made her very happy too.

There were lots of people in my house and every single one of them thinks that I am just the most adorablest thing on four feets and I must say---they are so, so right! Hee hee. They all played with me and cuddled me and let me sit on their knees and I was a very happy little Squeak and then just to finish it all off, my humans spoke to my friends P. and H. in Germany and although I couldn't speak to them, I was sitting on my MH's knee when she was speaking to H. so I could hear her voice and I gave her a wee New Year's purr.

So I hope you will understand why I didn't write to you yesterday but I will make sure that the old dear keeps my blog up to date now.

I hope that 2014 will be just the bestest ever year for us all :-))