Friday, 28 February 2014

Lonely Puss

I have been on my own today 'cos both my humans had to go off the island, and I can't go with them, so I was just a bit sad. My DH went to the Cat Shop and my MH had to go to Kirkwall to see the dentist, so I was in charge of my house.

The weather was quite good, so the window was left open for me and I did go out to play a few times until the rain came on and I just curled up on my couch and waited for them to come home again. My MH was first home and after she had cuddled me, she told me all about her day and then we put away all the messages---and there was a lot. It took me a long time, although I must admit, I would stop every now and then and play with my little green ball and the old dear had to do them herself!

We had a good night last night 'cos me and both my humans were out in the dark while they watched the Northern Lights which were quite beautiful. There were millions of stars shining on me and the sky was shimmering with white and red and green and the old folk thought it was wonderful.

I just thought it was wonderful that we were all outside in the dark and after I tried to watch the sky, I decided that I was happier running across the grass and jumping up and down off my little wall and that made my humans laugh a lot.

I wonder if the Northern Lights will come back tonight? I hope so.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Just a normal day...

.. for me and my humans, and we have all been just a wee bit busy. I like when we are all together in my house 'cos there is always lots for me to do which makes me very happy.

There was of course, one great big cloud on my little horizon and that was in the form of the vacuum cleaner which made its usual Thursday appearance, but at one point I thought all my Christmases had arrived 'cos my DH took it outside and I thought "Yippee. He is throwing it away!" But he didn't :-(

He was just taking the horrid thing out 'cos The Boss had asked him to empty it and clean all the filters and it was so dusty, it looked like my DH was in the middle of a sand storm. Poor old thing!

My afternoon was just a sort of normal one, with sleeps, wee plays with my MH and my toys, a wee seat on my window sill and another wee sleep. Oh sometimes it is a very hard life! Hee hee

I found my little green ball again and I made my humans laugh out loud as I ran with it and jumped with it and slid around my kitchen. We have a kind of linoleum on my kitchen floor instead of carpet, and if I am going really fast, I skid when I am going round corners and my adorable little back legs go like the hammers to try and keep me from falling over and I know I look really funny when that happens, but it makes me a wee bit tired.

There is an advert on my television that has a wee girl on a bike and a kitten in the basket on the front and they are both singing and it is brilliant, so the old dear has decided she is going to try and teach me to sing and I have told her that I will sing when she gets a bike!

I don't think the world is ready for that!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Blushing Puss

Now, you all know that modesty is one of my more attractive traits. My MH says I take it after her 'cos she always says that modesty is her best feature!!

However, I got a message from my friend B. who lives in Canada and she told me that I was the cutest pussy cat ever! My MH read the message out to me, and I must admit, that I did blush a little, but when I thought about it, I couldn't really argue with her, could I? I am simply adorable.

I have had another good day, but sadly, the weather on my little island hasn't been good and I have not been out very much --- just wee quick runs round my garden but I went out to feed the birdies with my MH and we played on the grass for a minute or two and I ran as fast as my adorable little legs would go,before we both went indoors again.

I played with my MH and then I sat on my widow sill and just waited until the birdies came for their dinner 'cos I like to watch them having a wee feed. First of all, the little sparrows came and when they were all filled up, they flied away and the starlings came and finished it all up.

My MH took this picture of one of the starlings so that you could see how lovely they all are.

I hope you like my little birdie friend.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Still Good

We are still all very happy. The weather is nice and bright but still a wee bit cold, so my MH hasn't been outside much, but I go into my garden and when I decide to go indoors, I sit on her knee and tell her all that is happening, so she isn't missing anything.

Another new thing that she has been doing is having a wee snooze on my couch in the afternoon and so that she sleeps the very bestest that she can, I lie on her tummy and purr till she is sound and then I sit beside her till she wakes up or until I am hungry. Whichever one comes first!! Well, a pussy cat gets hungry with all this nursing and caring stuff.

We had a wee fun time this morning which I want to tell you about. Me and my MH had got up. I had eaten all my breakfast and I was waiting for her to finish her cereal so that I could get the last wee drop of milk as usual, and then oft I went, but my MH didn't know where.

She knowed I was in the house 'cos the windows and the door were still closed, so she decided to have a look for me and when she found me, she had a great big grin on her face 'cos I looked even more adorabler than ever and she said her heart melted when she looked at me.

We have a spare bedroom and this morning the sun was streaming in the window, so I took myself onto the bed. Now, on top of the bed is a lovely blanket that my MH's mummy made before I was Squeak and as I like being under the covers,I snuggled under it and lay with my adorable little head sticking out to catch all the sunshine that was coming in, and oh dear reader, I was so, so comfortable.

When my MH saw me, she laughed and at that point I wakened up and had a glorious ginormous stretch which I enjoyed and then my MH asked me to pose for her, so you could see just how relaxed I was looking today.

I hope you are relaxed too.

Monday, 24 February 2014

A Crackin' Day

I have an absolutely crackin' day today and I have been outside lots and lots of times and you know that always makes me very happy.

Everything is still getting done in my house, but it is getting done a lot slower and my MH keeps having wee seats in between jobs, so I watch what she is doing and then when she is sitting, I sit on her knee or on the couch beside her and we have a wee girlie one-to-one. I have so much to tell her when I have been outside, but sometimes I just like to sit and think while she strokes my adorable little lugs.

My DH was outside a lot too, so I was very busy helping him and although I was a wee bit cold, I was so happy to be out and not getting rained on or snowed on or blowed away!

Me and my MH played with my toys and I was able to run round and round my living room while she sat on the floor and waited for me to 'swing' past her, so we had very good fun. Then I noticed that my DH had put some food out for the birdies, so I assumed my position on my window sill and just waited for all the little fliers to arrive at the birdie feeder, which they did! As usual, I was a very good little Squeak and didn't chase them until I thought they were all full up.

Now, my poor old MH thinks that I am leaving the little birdies until they have had a good feed so that they aren't hungry any more, but the REAL reason is that IF they are full up, and IF I could ever catch one, there would be more for me to eat!! See?

Oh I am awful, but totally, totally adorable!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Busy Sunday!

Now, those of you who follow me will know that this is an odd statement for me to make 'cos usually me and my humans are very quiet on a Sunday, but today was different.

We didn't get up too early 'cos it is a wee bit blowy and I knew I wouldn't want to go out too much, so I left the humans to sleep and they were very pleased with me. My needs are simple--an endless supply of my favourite food; lots of water; plenty of company and the undying devotion of my humans. Simples!!

I helped my MH with a few wee jobs, but to be honest I wasn't in the best of moods and even when I got visitors, I still didn't sparkle as I usually do and I kept trying to tell the old dear what the matter was, but I think something must have been wrong with her Squeak aerial 'cos she wasn't doing what I wanted, and that was to change my dinner!

The 'stuff' in my dish didn't appeal to my palate today, so I asked her a few times to change it, but I wasn't getting through until my friend S. came to see me and suddenly the light went on in my MH's brain and she jumped up, went into the kitchen and gave me a fresh plate of dinner which I scoffed down and then burped--delicately, of course--in appreciation.

I don't know what kept her so long. Maybe I shall have to resume her training? I shall give that some thought.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Happy Squeak

We have all had another good day and I am a happy pussy cat again. We haven't done very much but we have all done wee bits and pieces and my MH was able to play with me which always puts a smile on my face. You just can't see it!

I was sitting on my living room window sill this afternoon while my humans were chattering and my MH noticed that I was making odd squeaking and growling noises, so she got up to see what was annoying this adorable little puss, and there, in the field in front of my house was a big seagull just sitting there, and right away my MH knew I wanted out to play with said birdie.

She was going to open then window for me 'cos she knows I don't have any chance of catching a birdie---even if I wanted to!--- but then she noticed that Mr. Seagull had a sore leg, so she didn't let me out, and yours truly was not best pleased.

A while later, my DH went into the garden to cut off some flowers 'cos my MH had read that some flowers and plants can hurt adorable pusscats. They can hurt ones that are not just as adorable too, so the head gardener was sent out to make it safe. As soon as I saw him outside, I was right there beside him and he was very pleased.

He thought I was out to keep him company, but I was really looking for the birdie! I didn't tell him that though.

I don't want to upset him.

Friday, 21 February 2014

More Good Day!

Yes, I am still happy little squeak 'cos my MH just keeps getting better and feeling weller, so that leaves me and my DH feeling happy.

We all had along sleep which was good. My MH needs to sleep to make sure she gets back to normal and I think my DH is very tired after looking after the Boss----and the poor old fellow was worried too and that makes him tired. Anyway, we all got up and just did everything very slowly, but we did it.

My DH went away to Stromness in the afternoon to do some shopping, so I was left in charge of you-know-who, but I didn't mind at all and I sat with her as she watched the television, and I have seen two things on the Olympics that I think I might like to try and they both involve skates!

I would love to be an ice dancer or a speed skater but I don't know if my MH could buy little skates to suit me? If she can, then I will decide which one I will try and naturally, I shall let you know.

Now, I have a little confession. I was just a tad naughty this afternoon, but I didn't really mean it. The old dear was having a rest 'cos she was a wee bit tired, and she decided to lie down on my couch while I just watched her and sat beside her for a while and then I went outside cos the window was open.

I stayed out for a while and then I went in and had a drink and this is when I did a little naughty thing. I decided to give my MH a surprise! I stood in the middle of the kitchen floor, wriggled my adorable little bum, pinned my lugs back and jumped. Right on to my MH's chest! And when she wakened up, there we were, nose to nose with me gazing into her eyes which were thinking "What just happened there?"

But, once she started breathing again, she forgave me! Sorry MH Hee hee

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Yippee! Yippee!! Yippee!!!

OK! You have worked it out haven't you? Oh I am so, so happy. My little nursemaid's outfit is all washed, ironed and put away in my little drawer with all my other costumes and I am back to being just a normal pussycat, although extremely caring and adorable!

My dear old MH managed to get up for nearly the whole day and she even put clothes on,(and that is the first since Friday night) and although she is not completely back to normal, she is feeling a lot better and me and my DH are just very happy and we will still do everything we can to make sure she just gets better and better 'cos we have both been very worried about the old dear.

I am so tired out after all my nursing that I had to have a sleep, but this was only after I had been in and out of my garden about a dozen times and after I had -gently- asked my MH to play with me. I think all the excitement of being a normal puss again kind of knocked me out a wee bit.

I have sat beside my MH today and I have purred lots and lots for her and I have helped my DH too in our greenhouse so it has been a good day for me and as well as that, my friends P. and M. came to see 'the invalid' and I am afraid I gave P. a wee bit of a fright 'cos she always sits on my seat on my couch, so I sit on the back of the couch just behind her and that's what we did today, and while she was talking to my MH, I wanted to tell her that it was good to see her, so I very, very gently stroked her forehead with my little paw which made her jump! Not because I had hurt her, 'cos my claws were in, but because she had forgotten I was there. Hee hee :-))

So you can see I am happy Squeak and my MH has asked me to pass on her "thank you"s to everyone who sent lovely messages and cards and to tell you that she does appreciate all the good wishes.

Hmm. Does this make me a secretary now? What uniform will I need for that job? Hee hee. Oh I have missed you all and I'm very glad I am back.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Wee Bit Better

Although my MH is feeling a bit better, she is still not well and has no energy. She has been up for longer today, but she has been having lots and lots of sleeps and I have been beside her. Naturally! And I have decided that my next task is to see if I can find some spare energy for her while I am out and about.

It has been a lovely day on my little island and me and my DH have been outside lots of times and I just love that.

I just wish my MH was able to come out with me, but maybe soon. Eh?

Monday, 17 February 2014


You will have noticed that there is no picture of yours truly tonight and that is because this is just a short message to let you know how my MH is and the poor old dear is still not well.

She has been sick lots of times and I have never left her side 'cos I know she likes that.We spoke to the doctor and she thinks she knows what is wrong with her, and that is where the mystery comes in.

The doctor said she was sending Aunty Biotics, but I have looked and looked but I can't find her AND I didn't even know she HAD an Aunty Biotic!

However, between you and me, I am glad she hasn't come 'cos me and my DH can look after the old dear perfectly.

Hopefully there will be better news for you tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


....I am still wearing my nursemaid's uniform and although I say it myself, I do look rather fetching. My poor old MH still isn't firing on all cylinders and although she is feeling a bit better, she still isn't very well, so me and my DH have decided that if she is still the same tomorrow, we are going to tell the doctor.

I have been looking after her very well and I have hardly left her side. Last night when she was sleeping, I didn't even purr. I just gave her a wee nudge every now and then to let her know I was looking after her and she told me that was the bestest thing I could have done for her.

We stayed in bed nearly all day, but now she is up and wearing the big dressing gown which makes me a very happy puss, so while my MH thinks I am lying on her knee to take care of her, I am actually lying there 'cos I love it. A win,win situation for Squeak, methinks!

I asked her to play with me and she did, but we just made it for a short while. I was just trying to give her something else to think about and it worked. I am quite surprised at how clever I am becoming.

I hope I will be able to give you better news tomorrow but my MH has asked me to thank you for your messages hoping she gets better soon. We do appreciate them :-))

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Oh Dear

You might have noticed that I didn't write to you yesterday? Well, that's 'cos my dear MH was a wee bit awful unwell and she couldn't tell you what I had been up to :-(

She had been fine during the day and went to the Hall 'cos the minister was coming to the island and my MH goes and plays her guitar, and when she came home she was still fine and me and her went out and fed the birdies and then I sat on my windowsill and watched as they all had a good wee feed, and like a very good puss, I didn't disturb them and just sat there while my MH stroked me and told me I was very good, so I was happy, but I did notice that my little wagger was twitching, so I don't think it was happy! I must admit that I was only good for a wee while and then I went out and sat under the birdie feeder hoping that I might catch one, but by this time they were all full up and had flown away.

After this,my MH played on her Wii for a while. She has been watching the Olympics on my television and when she is on her Wii, she pretends she is an Olympian and naturally she wins all the medals---the gold and the silver and the bronze! My MH is not very modest, but maybe a wee bit delusional!! Hee hee

Then she played with me for a while and one of today's pictures is me with my little green mouse. This is the toy that I told you about which had the little green balls for hands and feets until I chewed them off, but I still play with the little mouse and I like it, so we played for a long time and I was very happy.

However, it all went sort of downhill from there and the poor old dear began to feel very unwell and by the time my DH came home from the Cat's shop she was all shivery and decided to go to bed for a while, but she couldn't get up again until today, so I nipped into nursemaid mode and looked after her as best as I could and I am sure that helped a lot.

We didn't have a good night at all 'cos she was up sick a lot of times, but when she came back to bed, I lay beside her and just purred till she went to sleep again and I didn't waken her at all or disturb her and today she is feeling a bit better and has managed to get up--as you will no doubt have worked out by now!

And the good news for me is that she has decided to keep on her jammies and the big furry dressing gown, so I have been nursing on her lap and I am as comfortable as can be.

I just hope my dear old MH keeps getting better---'cos I do worry, you know!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Surprise

I was helping my MH today when she was changing the beds 'cos you all know I like when she does that. I hide under all the clothes and I let my MH tickle me and catch me and I am sure it helps the old dear get her work done a lot quicker, so that's how my day started.

My MH bent down to pick something up and she saw my little green ball lying under the bed. I had lost it for a long time, but that is quite normal. I play with it 'cos it has been my very favourite toy since I was a baby puss and for those of you who don't know about my wee green ball, I shall explain.

When I was a brand new puss cat and came to my forever home, my humans bought me lots of toys and one was a wee green mouse which had four wee green balls for hands and feets, and when I was playing with it, one of the little balls came off and I discovered that I could carry it all around my house and so I have done that for my en-tire life. But sometimes, I put it down and I can't remember where, so it gets lost until my humans move something and we find it again. See?

So it was found today and it always makes me the happiest puss when I find it and play with again, so my day started off very well. I went out a couple of times with my DH to the greenhouse, but it wasn't really a day for playing outside, so when my MH said she was going to the gym, I decided I would just stay in my house until she came home again and I sat on the back of my couch just waiting for her and it was then that I saw hundreds of starlings in front of my house.

When my DH was in Stromness yesterday he bought some bird seed and put it out in the feeder and all the little birdies found it today and had a big feast. I just sat and watched them, but my little wagger was twitching at them!

Me and my MH played some more in the afternoon and now I am having a rest on my couch before I decide whether I will go outside later on or not. It is a wee bit wet, but I need to get out, so I think I shall probably be very brave and head out into the big field at the side of my house.

But I won't take my little green ball with me 'cos that's for indoors and if I lost it in the grass I would never find it again and I think that might make me a wee bit sad.

And we definitely don't want that now, do we?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


It has been a good day Chez Squeak and we are all very happy. My DH wakened my MH up by singing happy birthday to her, which I must admit, wasn't the best start to my day 'cos my DH can't sing, but he was trying. If you ask my MH, she will say he is ALWAYS trying!! Hee hee Anyway, she did smile and thank him and I gave her a special Squeak purr and a big cuddle and then I asked her to feed me.

Well, I can only go so long on an empty tummy, and it was so empty it was grumbling, and a grumbling tummy is not a happy tummy! My DH went away to the Cat shop and my MH had to go out for a while, so I sat on my window sill and looked out for a while before I lay down and waited for the OLD dear to come home again.

I didn't have to wait too long and in she came and then something really funny happened. She was in a great big hurry to go to the bathroom and so she just put her coat on the floor until she came back out and when she did, she looked round for me but she couldn't find me, so she called my name. I gave a wee squeak so she could hear me, but she still didn't see me so I squeaked a wee bit louder and finally the silly old MH looked DOWN and there I was. Sitting on her coat! Her coat is black and as you know, I am a lot black so I sort of blended in and the poor old soul didn't see me until I wriggled and then she laughed and picked me up and cuddled me and I heaved a sigh of relief! I was getting a wee bit worried.

I let her have a rest on my couch and I rested with her and she told me what she had been doing and then we both got down on the floor and played with my toys before she put her Wii on and it was then I got into a wee bit of big trouble.

She was playing tennis and between me and you, she is quite good at it, but I was getting a bit fed up looking out of the window especially as there weren't any birdies at the feeder, so I decided to see what was behind my television. Now, that sounds quite simple, doesn't it? But the score was all level and I must have upset the old dear's concentration, 'cos as she shouted at me, she missed the last two balls and lost the match. Oops

I decided to stay behind my television as I had worked out that it might be the safest place to be until the smoke had stopped coming out of my MH's lugs!

To say she was not best pleased is a slight understatement! I think I will have to dig up some very special purrs and squeaks to get back into the good books again.

I wonder how long it will take me this time?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A Much Better Day

I have been a lot more lively today and a lot busier and that has made me a lot happier. My day started with a big secret. Tomorrow is my MH's birthday, so this morning, while she was running round the bedrooms with the vacuum cleaner, me and my DH went to the computer to make her a birthday card.

I sat on my DH's knee while he looked through all the photographs of yours truly to put on the card and when he found one that I liked, I gave him a special purr, so that's what he chose and I think we picked the right one. We put the card on my MH's chair where she found it when she was finished her work, and she liked it a lot, so we both got a gold star. I asked her to put it on my blog so that you can see it and I am sure you will like it too.

The rest of my day was just normal except for one great big cloud in my blue sky. I was sitting on my MH's knee as we were both having a rest and I was so content that I never noticed the dreadful de-wormer stuff creeping up on me and I was de-wormed before I knew it. Between you and me, dear friend, it's not really all that bad, but I am not letting the humans know that!

I decided not to go to the gym with my MH today because I think it is time that I let her find her way there and back all by herself, and she did! I must say I was a wee bit worried in case she had got lost 'cos she was away for a while, but when she came home she told me she had been on her bike and her treadmill, so I purred a big sigh of relief. But now I know that the old dear can manage that wee bit without me. I wonder what is next on my list?

We had our usual playtime and I really like that 'cos it helps me use up all my energy and I get to run and jump all over my living room and I always love it when my humans play with me.

So, you can see how my day has been much better, and I will probably venture outside for a wee play before bedtime and I wonder what I will find then? I shall tell you tomorrow.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Nothing to report

Because I have done very little today and I don't really know why. My humans had thought they might go to Kirkwall today so we were up quite early. Well, I say 'quite' early but it is probably the middle of the afternoon for some people. My humans don't like getting up early and it is only when they have to go away on the first boat that they get up very early, and today they were going with the second boat so they had to be up quite early, but when they did get up, they decided just to stay at home and look after me and I certainly wasn't complaining about that.

We started the day with a seat on my couch while my MH had her breakfast and I waited patiently until she was nearly finished and I got the last wee drop of milk and then I headed outside to see what was happening on my little island. I had a quick scoot round, said my 'good mornings' to some mouses and some birdies and then scooted in again just in time to see the vacuum cleaner coming out. Sigh :-(

So, I took to my bed and rested until all the housework was done and then it was back on to my couch to sit with the old dear while she recovered from all the hoovering and dusting. My DH had been nipping in and out too to do things in the workshop, but I just left him to it today as he seems to know what he is doing, but I did go into the gym with my MH and sat on the chair while she did all her exercises. I do like to keep my eye on her----just in case!

We played for a while in the afternoon, but for some reason, I wasn't really in the mood, so I lay on my couch and watched my MH playing with my toys until it finally dawned on her that I wasn't playing! Hee hee Oh, I can be a naughty little Squeak when I feel like it!

She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, poor old thing!!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Just Another Sunday

We all had a long sleep this morning 'cos it was Sunday and the Sundays chez moi are lazy. My poor old MH's wee legs were sore 'cos they had done a lot of exercise last week, so she let them sit on the couch for a while and because I am a caring little Squeak, I sat with them and helped to make them all better----and they are!

I had a gentle stroll round our estate with my MH but it is still a bit too cool to spend a lot of time outside, so we both came in and looked out, and that was a lot better. My DH stayed out a lot longer, but he had a big heavy coat on and his furry hat so I don't think he could have been cold even if he had tried!! Not a pretty sight, though.

We have been watching the Olympics on my television and the athletes are doing things that my MH does on her Wii, but it is brilliant to watch real people doing it properly! The old dear does try, but between you and me, dear friends, she's not very good, although she says it is my fault for sitting right in front of my television when she is doing it, but I know that's just her excuse.

Later in the afternoon, we played with my toys and I did some more of my stretching exercises and I had the goodest of fun just running all over my living room and pretending that I am just the fiercest pussy cat hunter in the whole world, and it was then that my MH told me something that made me blush and it also made me very happy.

My friend S. had been talking to my MH and she told her that she reads all about me and she said to my MH that some of the pictures of me are just beautiful and when my MH told me, I had a wee smile and a blush, so thank you S. There was just one wee point that perturbed me a little and that's when S. said that she read all about me when she was in bed 'cos it helped her to sleep!!!

And I thought my life was exciting!! :-(

But this picture is just for you S.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Well... is not just as good out there, but still not too bad and we have all been outside for a wee while, but not altogether, you understand.

I have been quite a busy puss 'cos I had to supervise BOTH humans when they went outside. Well, I am never sure if they will find their way back again without me. Hee hee

My first trip out was with my DH and we went into the greenhouse for a while. The poor old soul is trying to cut down his smoking and he has stopped smoking cigarettes and is using his pipe instead. But! The Boss doesn't like the smell of the pipe in the house, so he is spending quite a lot of time in the greenhouse just sitting, puffing and contemplating and I play on the grass while he is doing all this.

I had a rest on my bed until my MH found me and then we played my favourite tickling game and she covered me up with my blanket and tickled my adorable little tummy and oh how I loved it. We pretend that I am lost and my MH calls for me and I pretend I don't hear her and then she gets all excited when she finds me and that's when she tickles me and it is the game that I love the mostest.

We had a wander round to the gym but my MH's little legs got a day off today and we only went to see if my DH had cleaned it up the way we wanted it. When my MH was in yesterday, she wasn't happy at the mess my DH had left it in when he was working there, and she told him---very gently (NOT!) you understand, so he scurried off and cleaned it all up and she was a very happy MH today. My DH was quite happy too! :-))

She had a wee shot on her Wii and I just watched from my couch until we got some visitors 'cos P. and M. came to see my humans, so I just lay on the back of my couch and snoozed while they all chatted and when they went away, I asked my MH to play with me and we had some more super games with my toys and you can see that I have been doing some stretching exercises on the bars of my rocking chair, so maybe if I keep doing this, I will be a LONG pussy cat, although I think I am almost quite perfect as I am!

Oops, my modesty has slipped again. :-)))

Friday, 7 February 2014


My MH's pancakes MUST be magic 'cos since I promised some to my little weather man friend if he made the weather behave, we have had good-ish weather. It hasn't been brilliant, you understand, but the wind has stopped screaming at me and blowing me about, so for me, that is a big improvement, and all because of my MH's pancakes.

I am not quite sure how I am going to tell her that she will need to keep baking them so that I can keep sending them to my little weather man friend so that he can give me quite good weather, but I am sure that when I explain, she will be a happy MH. Sure she will? Won't she?

We have all had a good day. My DH is feeling a bit better but he stayed home today to make sure he was completely better, and he went to the pier to bring home our messages, so when he was unpacking the boxes, I was playing with the string and then sitting inside the empty box and it was good fun. He likes when I play with him and it is quite easy to keep him amused for a wee while.

My MH hasn't been doing very much---just a wee bit of housework, but she did go into the gym again and of course, I had to go with her. I watched as her little legs played on the bike and then when she went on the treadmill, I decided to go outside and I played on the grass for a while chasing imaginary ginormous creatures and killing them dead and saving my little world from harm. Oh yes, Intrepid must be my middle name!

I am resting now on top of my MH's jacket which is on one of my favourite chairs, but I shall be heading outside soon to do some hunting and no doubt I shall have to save my little world yet again.

Yep, being intrepid and brave IS hard, but I can do it---adorably!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Another Good Day

I think my little weather man friend is finally listening to me! Whoopeee. Maybe it was the promise of one of my MH's little pancakes that did it, but he has sended me good weather and I have been outside nearly all day. Just for a litle while at a time 'cos he hasn't heated it up yet, but at least I am not getting blowed off my adorable little feets.

I have forgotten to tell you that we are still managing to keep our new year resolutions and my MH has been in her little gym as well as playing with me and my toys, so I think we are doing well.

I have been having lots of chats to my sheep friends who are in the field in the front of my house and I have sended you a picture of them all. I am sure you will like them 'cos I think they are much nicer than the plain white ones but that's just a wee secret between you and me 'cos I don't want to upset the white ones.

My MH's friend M. came to see me today and I made her laugh 'cos when she came over it was at my feeding time and so she was stopping my MH from doing her very important job, but I thought I would help her, so I nipped up onto my window sill and just sat there and stared and stared and stared at them.

M. noticed me and asked my MH what I wanted and my MH just laughed and stood up and as soon as she did this I jumped down off the window sill and ran straight into the kitchen and stood at my bowl while the two humans giggled. But I got fed. Result!

Maybe I cannot talk----well, I can't talk ---but I can certainly make myself understood. Very clearly!!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Oh Dear

Me and my dear old MH are suffering! Oh, you don't need to worry. There is nothing wrong with US but my DH thinks he has got the flu! I don't need to say anymore, do I? He has been sniffing and has a wee cough, but that's all, but he keeps telling us how poorly he is and we just keep looking at each other and then having a wee smile. Poor DH! Hee hee

Needless to say he didn't go to the Cat shop today, but he stayed with me when my MH had to go out for a wee while and I looked after him very well and my MH was very pleased with me when she came home.

I made her very happy as soon as she came in the door 'cos I had been lying on my bed having a snooze and I ran to meet her when I heard the door opening. When she came in, the poor old dear was cold, but she picked me up and cuddled me and I was so lovely and cosy, that I made her feel better immediately. Oh I am such a clever puss, am I not? Yep!

We all had a rest in the afternoon. Well, my DH needed to let us hear him sniffing (in case we had forgotten how unwell he is!)
and then me and my MH did some baking and I have had one of my special little pancakes which was very lovely. I liked it very much, so I gave her another Squeak cuddle and that made her smile.

I have been out playing a lot this afternoon and I like it. The grass is still very wet, so I have been playing on the wee rockery bit at the front of my house which means that my adorable little feets stay dry, but the only draw back is that there are lots of chips on the ground----not the chips you eat, you understand, it's the stone type chips---and they sometimes hurt my little feets, so I don't stay out too long, but I still like it.

I am hoping that my grass dries up soon so that I can get back to my usual hunting and running with dry feets that don't get sore, so please Mr. weather man friend, keep the rain and the wind away from my little island, and I'll send you one of my special pancakes!

Now, who could resist an offer like that?

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


... we had a wee rest from our hibernating today to see what was happening outside and it was nice. There were some birdies flying about my garden but not very many, so I went into the field in front of my house and had a chat to some of the sheeps. They are all black sheeps and I like them and they like me too, so we had a good chat together.

My MH did some housework and then she tooked her little legs into her gym so that they could go on the bike and they liked that. She hasn't been in the gym for a wee while 'cos she has to go outside to get to it, and she was frightened that the wind would blow her away before she got there, and then of course, we had M. staying with us, but she has decided to get back into her exercise routine, so as usual, I shall give her my complete support.

The last time we were in the gym together I made her giggle 'cos when she was putting her earphones back into their little case, she thought the end had got stuck somewhere 'cos she couldn't pull them, but when she looked down guess what she saw? Yes! Me, Squeak, hanging on to the end of them! Hee hee.

I was outside a lot today and I did lots of running and sniffing and chasing and I was a very happy little puss. I am always happy when I can get outside but my grass is still very wet and my little weather man friend says that the rotten old wind has to come back soon, so it might be back to our hibernation plan again.

However, when I was outside I was playing at being a big wild hunter and I was just about to pounce on a HUGE bit of pampas grass which wasn't looking, when my MH tooked this picture of me and if you look really closely, you will see that I am wriggling my adorable little bum while I am getting ready to pounce!

I think I look extremely fetching and I am sure you will agree.

Monday, 3 February 2014

I think...

.... that me and my MH are hibernating but just not sleeping. I hate to keep boring you with all my weather news but when you are a peedie pussy cat and need to get outside to leave your mark on the world, then the weather matters---a lot!! And the weather all round me isn't good, so I have been staying inside my house nearly all day, and so has my MH, so that's what makes me think we are hibernating. See?

We all had a good day yesterday and my humans played with me, but at night time, I ventured out on my own and I did some hunting round the fields near my house until I heard my DH whistling for me. I had been out for nearly two hours and my DH wanted to go to bed, but it was too windy to leave the window open for me and he was getting a wee bit impatient. Now, I hear you asking, how did I know he was getting impatient if I was out and he was in?

Well, I know because of the way he calls me. If it is still OK for me to be out, it is a gentle whistle out of the window. If he wants to go to bed, the whistle gets louder and he shouts my name, and he does this at the window and then at the door, and then if the voice changes to my MH's I know I am in deep, deep trouble because that means my DH has got fed up waiting for me and he has wakened The Boss! Now, just think the trouble you would cause if you wakened a sleeping dragon and that is NOTHING compared to the trouble you cause if you waken my MH from her sleep!

So, as I am galloping across the fields, my little brain is working as fast as my little legs and I am desperately trying to get the right look and the right purring sound so that she will forget she has just been wakened. Fortunately, she is never as cross at me as she is at my poor DH! Sorry DH :-))

I forgot to tell you that me, my MH and M. my MH's friend all talked to our friend S. on Friday using the ipads and S. could see me walking all over my couch when she was talking to the humans and I even saw Buttons on her couch, but us pussy cats didn't get a chance to have a wee chat. Maybe some other day.

It was good seeing my friend S. and I know she was just delighted to see me!!

Sunday, 2 February 2014


You all know that Sunday chez Squeak is a very quiet day. In fact, I would go as far as to say it is a very lazy day, but today has been even lazier 'cos my poor old MH is still a wee bit tired, so we haven't been doing anything very exciting at all.

We were all in bed early last night---even my DH who doesn't usually go to bed early---and we all had a good sleep. Me and my MH got up about half past seven and I decided that I would like a wee bit of breakfast and the old dear duly obliged before we both nipped back to bed for a while.

It is quite windy again on my little island and I don't really feel the need to go out, so I have either been snoozing on my bed, or sitting on my MH's knee while my DH has been watching football and rugby. No doubt, I will be ready for a play later on in the evening and by then my MH will be rested and she will be only too happy to play with me.

So, I don't have anything at all to tell you except that I am still very happy and content and I hope that you are happy and content too.

I like this picture. My MH tooked it a couple of nights ago and she says you can almost see me thinking! It is just a good job that she doesn't know WHAT I am thinking!! Hee hee :-))

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I'm Back!!

and what a couple of days I have had! I have had a magic time. My MH's friend came to see me and she loved me right away. Well, we all knew she would, didn't we? She played with me. She let me out and then in again, which saved my MH's little legs and she tickled me, so I was one very happy puss.

She had a bag with a big long strap and we played games every day with that, and I have sent you a picture to let you see what I was doing. It was really good fun and there were lots of people in my house too to come and see M. and have a chat with her and of course, they all made a fuss of me, and you won't hear me complaining about that!!

She went away with this morning's boat and my house is very quiet now, but my humans are still making a big fuss of me so that I don't feel sad or neglected, but to be honest, sometimes I like it when it is just us.

I sat on my MH's knee last night and I had a very good snooze and my DH tooked this picture of me which I hope you like, so you have two humans in my pictures today.

It has been very windy and very wet on my little island and today me and my DH had to put down the rug in the porch which had to be lifted because the rain blewed in the door and made it all wet, but my DH got it all dried again and we put it back down on the floor, so the Boss was very happy.

I wonder if we will get a reward later on? I do hope so.