Monday, 31 March 2014

Back to Normal...

..... and so very, very happy. I have had a good day and both my humans have been at my beck and call all day. I have been out lots of times with my DH and he told me that he had a good time in Aberdeen but he missed me and that made me happy and then I sat with my MH and she told me that she had a good time in Aberdeen but she missed me, and that made me think. If they both miss me so much, why do they go away and leave me? Methinks I shall have to sit them both down and have a word with them!

It has been a fine day on my little island so I was in the garden quite often, but I kept nipping back in my window just to make sure the old dears hadn't slipped off again, but they hadn't.

It didn't even worry me when the vacuum came out 'cos I knew that was the normal routine and I was OK with that. My MH said they did lots of walking and her poor wee legs are awful tired so if you look at today's pictures---which were tooked last night!--- you might think that I am resting on my MH's knee for my sake, but I'm not. I am trying to make her little legs all better. See?

They did lots of nice things and they liked it so I am pleased for them, but I am even more pleased for me that they are home again. I haven't done very much except sit with my MH and I told her all the things that me and J. did and she liked that 'cos she knows he looked after me well.

He came over to see me last night. I think he was missing me, so I gave him a big purr to say 'thank you for looking after me'. He will come back when my humans go away for their 'real' holiday but that's Ok 'cos me and J. will have more good fun.

I hope you are all having good fun too.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hello again

I am back! That means my humans are back and I am happy, happy, happy!

I had a great time with J. but it is so good to have my people back home. I will write a lot more to you tomorrow, 'cos I am a wee bit busy just now sitting on my MH's knee and purring oh so loudly.

I hope you are all well and that you weren't too lonely without your little Squeak.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


.... and bye bye for a wee while. As you know, my humans are going away for a few days, so I won't be able to tell you what I have been doing.

My friend J. came to see me today and to get his instructions and I sat very quietly and listened as my MH told him what to do with me, but when he was going away, I told him what we would REALLY do and he liked that a whole lot more!

I have been very quiet today although I went out a few times, but it has been quite windy on my little island so I didn't stay out too long. Me and my MH went into the gym but we had to fight against the wind to get there and after she was finished on her bike, my MH couldn't open the door 'cos the wind was blowing it shut and we thought we would be locked in the gym for ever and ever, but she gave it one great big push and it opened. Phew! Then the wind lifted us up and nearly blewed us right into the house!

My MH is hoping it won't be windy tomorrow 'cos they are going on our little boat and then on a big boat and she doesn't like it if the boat is wriggling all over the sea, so I will keep my paws crossed for her.

So there we are. I will write to you again as soon as the old dears return an I will tell you all about my adventures with J.

I hope you have a good weekend and that you don't miss me too much.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Oh Dear

Well, you can see from today's picture that I am not a happy Squeak and I am sure you will want to know why.

I am being abandoned! I shall wait for a minute to let you digest the enormity of that statement and give you time to gather your tissues.

As you know, it was cleaning day today Chez Squeak, but after all the machines and dusters and cloths were put away, my MH lifted me up on to her knee and told me the awful news. They are leaving me all alone on Wednesday night and they are going away to Aberdeen---without me! I am devastated and very sad. OK. That's the bit for the humans, but between you and me, I am quite excited because my friend coming to stay with me and I love J. lots and lots and we always have good fun together, but I do miss my humans and I am a wee bit sad.

It is only for four sleeps so I am sure I will be OK, but I decided to make the old dear feel more rotten that she already does. She wants to go away with my DH to the big city, but she hates leaving me and I can't go 'cos it wouldn't be safe for me, so she does feel guilty, and I am playing on it as much as possible.

I discovered that she had left out the clothes for the trip so I cuddled in beside my MH's jumpers and I might even sneak into the bag when it is getting packed! But I will just do that for effect 'cos I am quite happy that I am not going on the big boat 'cos animals need to go into cages and I am definitely not having that, so I will content myself at home and let J. look after me until the humans come back, and then they will spoil me for days and days and days.

They just don't know that yet!!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Very Good Puss

That's what I have been today. I haven't been flying round my living room or jumping on the rocking chair or climbing up on the big unit. Instead, I have been very calm and quiet although I was a wee bit naughty and nearly upset my MH 'cos she was making some more friendship bracelets and had all the threads on the table, so I decided that I needed a closer look and ended up right in the middle of them all and I nearly got my adorable little whiskers caught in the scissors!

Mind you, if that HAD happened, I could have used the furniture rejuvenator 'stuff' to make them better again. However, my MH is always looking after me and makes sure nothing happens to me, so I was very safe,--- just a wee bit naughty.

We have all been inside all day 'cos the weather on my little island hasn't been good and we have had rain and wind and at one point there was even more hail banging against my windows so it wasn't nice at all. In fact it was so bad that my friend S. didn't come out to see me and I did miss her. But my MH saw that I was a wee bit sad and she played with me for a long time and you know that always makes me happy.

At one point we went into the bedroom so that she could phone one of her friends and she played with me on the bed all the time she was chatting and I just loved it. I start off hiding under my blanket and then my MH rolls me up in it and tickles me lots and lots and I get so excited, but I have to watch that my adorable little claws don't come out and hurt the old dear, but she knows I don't mean it and she plays with me anyway.

So you can see why I just love Sundays 'cos both my humans are usually here with me and there are no awful machines to spoil my day, so I think Sunday might be my very favourite day.

I hope you have had a good Sunday too.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Nearly! If you look closely at today's picture of moi, you will see that I am thinking, but you won't know what I am thinking, so I am going to tell you.

Do you remember that I told you that my humans had painted my living room last week? Well, today they decided to clean all the woodwork with an orange polish which I liked 'cos there was a nice smell off it, and then my MH decided that she would clean the leather couch and chairs with special polish and that's when I nearly had a wee mishap and my curiosity nearly landed me in trouble.

Many, many years ago my MH decided she would buy a leather couch 'cos she had always wanted it, so the humans went away and got one. This was in December and in March of that very next year, guess who arrived in my house to play on the brand new leather couch? Yes! Me! Squeak!! I can tell you, dear readers, that many of my MH's friends though she was a wee bit silly getting a brand new baby pussy cat with little sharp claws, but my MH said that getting me was the bestest thing she ever did, and although I have tried to be very careful and although most of the couch is covered up, there are still a few wee Squeak marks on it, but my humans don't mind and they wouldn't change me for the world.

So, to get back to today. The old dear sprayed the cleaner stuff on my couch and gave it a good old scrub while I sat on the floor and just watched her and I was quite safe, but then she put something else on it and that's when I decided to have a look and I jumped up just as she was spraying this 'stuff' on to my couch and it nearly caught me, but luckily enough, it missed me except for a tiny, tiny bit on my whiskers and guess what it was? Rejuvenator stuff for leather! Phew!

Well, after that narrow escape, I sat on my rocking chair and started thinking. If I had got covered in this spray would I have been rejuvenated? And what age would I have ended up? And if my adorable little whiskers did get some of this stuff on them, will they be younger than me now? Oh dear, I have such a lot to think about, but please don't worry about me 'cos I am fine and I will keep watching my whiskers to see if anything is happening to them.

My only problem is that I can't remember what my young whiskers looked like so I will have to ask my MH to find me a baby Squeak picture so that I can see if my whiskers have changed and I will let you know. There will be no problem at all in finding a picture 'cos my MH has millions of this adorable little puss. I think I must be the most photographed puss in the en-tire world, although maybe my friend B. might have as many. I shall have to ask her the next time we are on Facetime! Hee hee.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Oh Dear

You all know I have a little wagger, don't you? And you all know that this little wagger keeps giving the game away when I am hiding 'cos it wags all by itself when I am under the covers or under my blanket and then my MH finds me. Yes? And you also know that sometimes I like chasing said wagger and I go round and round in circles? Yes, again?

Well, today it nearly caused a great big accident for yours truly and I shall tell you how. Picture the scene. There I was, sitting on my window sill minding my own business and watching the little birdies eating up all their dinner, when my little wagger decided to start twitching and it was annoying me just a bit. So..... you are away ahead of me, aren't you?

I started out just watching it, but then I decided to chase it but there isn't an awful lot of room up on the window sill and I nearly fell off quite a few times, but just managed to cling on much to my MH's amusement. I didn't manage to catch my tail, so maybe I will try again tomorrow. Hee hee. Oh, I am a silly puss sometimes. Silly but still adorable!

Apart from that, I have had a quiet day playing with my MH and snoozing on my couch---oh and being up on top of the big unit again sniffing the little tree. It's a good job I'm not a doggy, isn't it? My MH tooked her guitar out with her this morning so I had my usual little seat in its case when she came home again. I like inside the case 'cos it is lovely and furry and I think it would make a lovely bed for me, but the Boss keeps closing it up and putting it away, so I don't think it will ever be mine.

But that's OK 'cos I have lots of other places where I can curl up and sleep and my MH's knee when she has her big dressing gown on is still my very, very favourite.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bouncing Puss

My poor old MH is wondering what is in my cat food 'cos I am simply bursting with energy just now and I am afraid I am tiring the old dear out!

My hi-jinks started this morning and only stopped when I settled down on my couch for my after dinner nap. I think my MH might be sleeping very soon too! I wakened up about half past eight this morning and I politely asked the old dear to feed me, and when my polite request went unanswered, I jumped on her head and stuck one of my adorable little paws gently in her lug. That did the trick!

We rested for a wee while and then we sprang into action to get some housework done and my DH varnished a little bit of wood which he had put on top of the new carpet and I was told to stay away from it, or I might get stuck there, so I told my little paws not to take me there, and they didn't.

Instead, I wandered through to my bedroom just in time to see my MH changing the duvet covers and that was when my first game began! I rolled on the bed and I ended up inside one of the duvets and then my MH slided me all over the bed tickling my little tummy at the same time and I was so, so happy and when the game was finished, I sat on the chair like the good little puss I am and watched her as she put all the clean stuff on the beds. My MH told my DH that I had been a great help to her, although she did mention that the job had taken her about three times as long as usual. Oops! Still, what does time matter when you are enjoying yourself?

We went into the gym and I stayed with her today 'cos it was a bit too wet to play outside and at one point there was hail pouring all over my little island, and I know from experience that this hail can hurt a delicate little puss like me, so I stayed in the gym and did some sniffing until my MH's little legs were finished walking and cycling and then I took her inside and this is when my other games started.

She was doing one of her puzzles when she heard a noise behind her and she knew right away where I was 'cos I was up on the top of the big unit again having another wee word with the bonsai tree. Oh dear, she was a wee bit very annoyed with me especially when I couldn't get down and she had to lift me gently off the unit and this was a wee bit of a stretch for the old dear 'cos it is quite a high unit and she is just little. Oops, again!

As soon as my little paws hit the floor, I took off racing round my living room and I ran and ran and ran and then I took a flying leap on to the rocking chair which rocked right back and nearly knocked down her guitars. I am sure if you had been listening, you would have heard her yelling 'Squeak!'. Not a happy MH.

After she got over the shock, we played together and I did quieten down a bit and I am now having a sleep to help build up all my energy again, but I don't think I will tell her that right now. I shall let her rest for a wee while before I spring into action again!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Fine Day

I have had a good day 'cos I have had company all the time. My DH didn't go to the Cat shop 'cos it was a wee bit very windy on my little island and he didn't want to get blowed on, so he just stayed home which meant that he was here with me while my MH had to go out and that made me happy. I am a contented puss and happy in my adorable little self, but I am at my happiest when my humans are here to play with me and shower me with adoration :-))

Me and my DH just rested and I played while he read his book and then when I heard my MH coming home, I ran to meet her and she picked me up and gave me a great big cuddle and then I sat on her knee while she checked all her messages and she told me a very interesting thing. We got a message from our friends P. and H. in Germany and they know of a pussy cat in Perth and guess what the puss is called? YES! Squeak---just like me, but maybe not just as adorable. That's what they said! There is another Squeak in Orkney, but we haven't met yet. Maybe one day. I like being Squeak and it suits me very much 'cos I still make funny squeak-like noises instead of meow-type noises, so my name definitely suits me. My humans were very clever when they picked that name for me, and I like it.

After we had caught up with all our news from everybody, I asked my MH to play with me and the old dear got down on the floor again and we played with my toys and at one point I decided it was much more fun to play with her feets so I gave them a great big Squeak hug but unfortunately, my little claws were kind of sticking out a wee bit and went into her little feets again! Oh dear, they were just healing up after the last time I accidentally punctured them. Shame!

I am afraid I tired her out a wee bit 'cos I seemed to have an awful lot of energy today and I was springing all over my living room, on top of the chairs and on top of the big unit where I am definitely NOT supposed to be, but I decided I wanted to say 'hello' to the little bonsai tree and I think he was a bit surprised to see me. I know my MH was surprised to see me up there, but I climbed down when she very politely asked me to. I have learned it is always wiser to do as she asks!

So, that's why I have had a fine day and I am now settling down for a snooze before heading out in the wind later on.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Busy, busy, busy

That's what my house has been today 'cos we have all been very busy, but it has been good. A wee while ago, the big bad wind blowed lots of rain through my door and maked the carpet all wet, so my humans had to get rid of the carpet and today my DH was putting down the new one that he had bought and of course I had to give it the Squeak seal of approval, and this took quite a while. I had to give it a good sniff, and then I had to sit on it for a while before my DH runned out of patience and made me go away but I didn't go too far and sat and watched him as he put it on the floor, and this made the Boss very happy, so we both got more gold stars. I think I will have to eat lots more dinners so that I can get a bigger little chest to be able to wear all my gold stars! Hee hee

My MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner and her duster while me and my DH were working but she had used her steamer machine on the floor before my DH put the carpet down and I made sure I was well out of her way. It's not a nice machine and definitely not Squeak friendly!

In the afternoon we went into the gym and I played inside for a while and then I went out and played on the grass and my MH could see me from her gym window and she said I made her smile while her wee legs were working hard, so that was good, sure it was? She took this picture of me with her ipod through the window, just as I was about to dive through the fence.

She played on her Wii for a while and this time she did win at tennis so she was such a happy old dear that she played with me for a long, long time with all my toys and my DH tooked this picture of me. He isn't as good with the camera as my MH but we didn't want to hurt his feeling and leave it out and I do look rather fetching even if it is a wee bit blurred, but then my MH took the camera and she made better pictures of yours truly as we played all our games until it was dinner time.

And now it is our usual evening routine. My DH is reading his book. My MH is telling you all about my adventures and I am having my evening snooze until it is time to go out and terrorise my neighbourhood! Only joking. You all know I am a good puss. Good AND adorable---oh, and modest too! :-)) What more could you ask for?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Just Normal

That's what my day has been---just normal, but good normal, and we have all been together all doing our own wee things and we are all happy.

It was cleaning day again, sigh!, but it didn't take too long 'cos my living room had all been cleaned on Friday after the painting was all finished, so I didn't mind the vacuum cleaner being out and I just sat on the back of my couch and watched as my MH pushed it round the room.

I helped the old dear with her ironing and I paddled in the basin as usual and then I went and played in my kitchen with my little green ball. You know how much I love that little ball, but playing with it in my kitchen is just the very bestest of fun 'cos we have a kind of linoleum on the floor and it is great for sliding on and sometimes when I try to turn a corner at breakneck speed, my little back legs slide all over the place and my little paws make a funny noise as they try to steady me and make me go forward. It is brilliant!

I looked after my DH while my MH took her little legs into the gym to play on the bike and then when she came in, I sat on her knee and she stroked me while I had a snooze. Being on her knee is my very favourite place especially when the big furry dressing gown is there too. Oh I could sleep for ever when my MH has that on! But it wasn't on this afternoon. I suppose it was a wee bit early. Maybe later on?

Later in the afternoon, while my DH was reading his book and my MH was on her Wii, I was on the couch watching her and every time she missed the ball when she was playing tennis, me and him had a wee smile together, but we didn't let the Boss see us, or we would both have ended up in a lot of trouble!

Oh no, she doesn't like when she loses, so it is best to look very sad if that happens, even if we are laughing on the inside! Sorry MH, but it is a wee bit funny when you shout at the telly. Anyway, once she had stopped yelling, she played with me and we both lay on the floor as I played with nearly all my toys until it was dinner time and then I had a good big feed and I am now resting on my couch until it is out-to-play time in an hour or two.

So, as you can see my day has been normal, but a very good normal and I like that very much. I hope you have had a good normal day too.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A New Job

My MH says I could be a sniffer puss and I shall tell you why. We were in our bedroom this morning and the old dear noticed that I was sitting on the floor very, very still just staring at the bottom of the wardrobe and she decided to see what it was that I wanted. So, she went and got her wee torch 'cos it is dark under the wardrobe and she couldn't see, and then she lay flat on the floor----well, as flat as she could go! Hee hee---and guess what she saw? YES!! It was my wee green ball!

Once upon a time I must have pushed it under the wardrobe and then forgot all about it, but today my little sniffer was working very well and I founded it again after my MH had got a big long ruler and poked it out for me to play with, and that made me very happy again. I just love that wee ball, but you know that, don't you? And it was then that my MH suggested I become a sniffer cat, so I may advertise my services--for a small fee, of course.

My DH is a lot better again and we are all having a very quiet night. The weather is terrible but I have been outside quite a lot this afternoon. I went in and out of my living room window, but my MH had to hold on to the window when she opened it to let me out in case it blowed away, and when I jumped up on the window sill to get back in, my adorable little coat was nearly standing on end with the wind blowing through it. I don't like the wind, but I need to get out, so I grit my teeth, wriggle my bum and off I go. I usually just go as far as the pampas grass and shelter there while I watch the little birdies as they get their dinner and then I nip back in again.

I have played a lot with my MH and I have rested a lot and I shall probably go outside just before bedtime, but I may decide just to keep the old dear company and have a night indoors 'cos I can hear the wind blowing against my windows, so maybe being outside is not the wisest thing this little puss could do.

Oh dear. Decisions, decisions. Sometimes life is not easy.;-)) But I hope you are having an easy weekend.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Much Better

It has been a much better day, for me anyway, today. My poor old DH hasn't been very well and me and my MH hope he feels better soon. I think it is all the paint that made him not well and I have told him if I see his little paws anywhere NEAR a paint brush, I am leaving home!

I have had a very good day though and my MH has been very attentive to my every need, and I can tell you, there have been plenty! I am making up for being totally ignored all day yesterday, and it is not yet night time! I think the old dear will be needing her bed early tonight!

It is still a very rotten day with wind and rain so I haven't been outside at all, but I usually like to try and brave the elements just before bed time, so I may try that.

Apart from that, dear friends, I don't have any news, but I knew you would want to know that I am happy again and that I am being pampered, which is only as it should be!

Friday, 14 March 2014

What a Day

Not one of my best, I have to say. The weather is rotten again with a great big horrible wind and lots of rain. Definitely not the kind of weather this little puss needs or likes. AND I am worried about all my little lamb friends, but I am sure the mummy sheeps will look after them as well as the nice lady farmer.

This is a picture of the big boat that goes to Scrabster in the north of Scotland and the little boat that comes to my island lots of times every day, and you can see lots of great big while waves, so you will know how strong the wind was.

And to make things even worser, my whole house was upside down 'cos my humans were decorating my living room, and I will tell you now, dear friends, I was crying. I know that will upset you and I am sorry for that, but I was really upset and I sat on my window sill and I cried.

It upset my MH a lot and she tried to make me back to the happy Squeak that I usually am, but I wanted out and it was too wet and too windy and if I couldn't get out, then I wanted my MH to play with me, but she was so busy, she couldn't and so I felt nobody loved me anymore.

My living room was all topsy turvey but I was able to lie on the back of my couch for a while and my MH talked to me and stroked me whenever she passed the couch, but it wasn't enough, so I tooked my little self off to my wee hoose, and I did make my humans smile, 'cos my wee hoose was on my couch and I had to squeeze my adorable little self into it, but I lay there for a while and sulked.

My humans worked very hard all day, and by tea time, my living room was back to normal again and I sat on my MH's knee while she stroked me and told me that she loved me and that she was sorry she had made me sad and that she wouldn't be doing it again, so I forgived her as long as I am the centre of her universe from now on----for ever!

Oh, and by the way, my living room looks lovely and my wee hoose is back where it should be!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Another Good Day

It has been a good day for this adorable little puss and although it has been a bit cooler, I have still been enjoying being out in my garden and in all the fields around my house.

I haven't been in the field with the baby sheeps in it yet 'cos as I was watching them playing and just thinking that I might wander over and introduce myself, the mummy sheep came charging up the field to make sure her baby was OK, so I thought it might be safer for me to stay out of the way for a while. As well as being adorable, I am very wise---and modest, of course!

My DH was away at the cat shop again so it was just us girls in my house and we had a good day and I was very happy that the vacuum cleaner didn't come out, but then I heard my humans talking this evening and I now know why, and I am not very happy.

They are going to paint my living room tomorrow! Boo. All the pictures have been tooked down off the walls and all the ornaments have been put away and my living room is looking quite bare now, but my MH explained that it wouldn't take them too long, so I hope it doesn't.

I don't suppose they will have much time to play with me tomorrow and I might not even be able to write to you, so don't worry if you don't hear from me. It will just be that my MH is a bit busy painting my walls. I think it might be wiser for me to stay in my bedroom tomorrow or I might end up a multi-coloured puss! But then again, I am quite inquisitive, and I will need to know what is going on, so I may just have a wee look in every now and then to see what the humans are up to.

I tooked my MH into her wee gym today and I played on the grass while she did all her exercises and then she played with me when we went inside, so I have had a good day.

I will probably go out tonight and if the mummy sheep doesn't mind, I shall have a wee chat to the little lambs 'cos there is so much that I can teach them. I have four years of experience which I am sure will help them on their way. I have been making some notes and I know exactly what I need to tell them.

I am sure they will value this opportunity to learn how to be clever and adorable and modest, just like what I am. Hee hee :-))

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Even Happier

Oh what a glorious day it has been! Blue skies all day and even the sun was warm on this adorable little body.I was able to stay outside all day and I have LOVED every single minute of it.

My DH skipped off to the cat shop and my MH had to go out for a while too, so I stayed in my garden and lay on my grass just watching all the little baby sheeps that the nice farmer lady next door has put in the field in front of my house. There is a brand new baby Jacobs sheep that is going to be my very best new friend only she doesn't know that yet, but once the mummy sheep lets me in to the field, I will tell her. There are lots of little lambs in the field which means I am going to have loads of company whenever I want it. Oh joy!

I was still outside when my MH came home and we had a wee wander round 'the estate' 'cos it was too nice to be inside and then the old dear decided to wash her little car and I was able to help until she decided to try and scoot some water on me from the big hose, but I saw it coming and scooted away very quickly! I don't think she was really trying to make me wet. At least, I hope not! I have been a good puss. Honest!

We were out for a long time and I was very happy rolling on the grass and my MH tooked this picture of me as I was trying to catch my tail. I do this a lot of times, but mostly I do it when I am on top of my bed and I spin round and round and round until I catch it but when I stop, my little eyes don't, and they keep going round and round in my head for ages which makes me look really funny. It makes me feel a wee bit funny too, but not enough to make me stop.

Me and my MH were both in my house when my DH came home and he bringed my MH a lovely prize that she had won in a raffle at the Cat shop, so she was a very happy MH. Maybe she will take a picture of it for you tomorrow. I will ask her.

As usual, my DH threw his big jacket down on my couch and because I was a tad tired, I nipped inside it and curled up on the fleece and had a lovely snooze 'cos his jacket was lovely and snuggly and I think all the fresh air had made me a wee bit sleepy.

Oh I was so, so comfortable. :-))

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Much Happier

In fact I am very happy today 'cos both my humans have been with me all day and the weather has been lovely so we have all been outside a lot and I just love that.

I have decided that Spring is getting very near and that is very good news 'cos it means it will get warmer and this adorable little puss will be able to stay outside as long as I want. I am an outdoor puss in the good weather and I just love playing in the long grass and finding all the little creatures that live there. Sometimes I find a nice warm clump of grass and just lie there thinking, and sometimes I don't even think---I just be!

So, because the Boss was away yesterday, she had to do some of her housework today and that meant that the vacuum cleaner was around for a while, but that was fine, 'cos while it was cleaning my house, I was outside helping my DH who was putting the guttering back on my MH's gym. The naughty wind had pulled it off and my DH had to get new 'bits' to fix it, but it is all fixed now. Between you and me, dear friends, I think he is trying to get his gold stars back after forgetting about the washing yesterday, but my MH has a very good memory, so it might take a while and a LOT of little jobs! :-))

When she was finished inside, my MH decided to play with her window cleaning machine and that is one machine I DO like 'cos it means she is outside and plays with me in between washing and drying all my windows and we can now see all the boats again 'cos the windows were very dirty and full of sand and salt and dirty stuff, but the window machine---and my MH, of course!-- has made them sparkle again.

We went into the gym for a while when my DH had finished and I nearly got pedalled on! I was just sitting there beside the bike minding my own business when I noticed this big pedal with my MH's size four feet coming towards my adorable little head! Oh dear friends, I am sure my whole little life flashed before me until my four little feets sprang into action and tooked me away out of danger. Phew!!

With all the house work and gym work done, it was playtime for me and my MH and we played with my blanket on my bed again until I was all tickled out and had to have a snooze.

So you see I have had simply the bestest of days and I still have my night time to look forward to. I hope you have a good night too.

Monday, 10 March 2014

A wee bit sad

My MH was away from my little island all day today and I missed her loads. My DH was here with me, and I love him lots and lots and he loves me the same, but I am definitely my MH's puss and I don't like it when she is not with me.

I knew something was afoot when the alarm went off at half past seven this morning 'cos my MH never gets up early unless she is going away on the first boat. I got up with her and she gave me my breakfast and then I got the last wee drop of her milk as I sat on her knee and I purred at her and I thought if I kept sitting there purring, she might forget she was going for the boat, but it didn't work! She gently lifted me off her knee and went away in her little car while I nipped back to bed beside my DH for another wee snooze.

It was a crackin' day, so me and my DH were outside lots but I'm afraid there was no gold star for him when the Boss came home 'cos she had put on the washing machine before she went away and she asked him to hang it outside for her, and guess what? He forgot!! Oh dear, she was not best pleased, but she forgived him---eventually!

I stayed outside and did lots of playing and hunting and I had really good fun and then I waited very patiently for my MH to come home and as soon as I saw her, I ran to her and she picked me up and gave me a great big cuddle which made me oh so very happy. When she went into our bedroom to get changed, I jumped up on the bed and asked her to play with me and she did. She wrapped me up in my blanket and rolled me over and over and I pretended I was fighting and it was great. It is one of my favourite games and my MH pretends she can't find me and I lie very still till she calls my name and then my little wagger always gives the game away and she finds me again.

Later on I sat on her knee and she told me that she had been away to Kirkwall to see her friends and then she told me everything she had done and she showed me that she had brought home my very favourite dinners and some wee treats and I liked that. She brought some wee treats for my DH too, but he might not get them! Hee hee

I am very happy now that we are all together again 'cos that's how I like it.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Good Day

We are having our usual lazy Sunday which we all like. We had another long sleep although me and my MH were up very early about seven o'clock to use our litter trays and then we went back to bed for a while 'cos the wind was still blowing a bit.

My humans didn't have very much to do so they could give me all the attention that I needed which made for a very happy little puss. My MH went over to the graveyard on our little island 'cos she goes with my friend M. every two weeks and when she came home, she brought M. in to see me, so we had a chat and I gave her a big purr when she cuddled me.

When she went away, me and my MH sat on my couch and had a chat about world affairs which was very enlightening and then, 'cos it all got too much for me, I jumped up onto the back of the couch and had a snooze on my blanket. I was in the middle of a lovely dream where I was the champion mouse catcher in the en-tire world when I heard my friend S. coming into my kitchen and so I ran to meet her.

I always run to see her no matter what I am doing 'cos I know she loves me and she always lifts me up and cuddles me and tells me I am her ickle-wickle and I love that oh so very, very much. I love S. too so we have a mutual admiration society for just the two of us. Maybe we could start a club? I shall have a word with her the next time she comes to see me. We could call it the ickle-wickle club. Hm, sounds good.

I am now resting on my couch 'cos I am a wee bit tired with all the adoration I have been getting, but I am about to have my dinner and then I shall wander outside and see what is happening in my little world.

I hope everything is fine in your world.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Still Windy...

.... but not just as bad as yesterday, so I have been able to get out and about a bit more, and that always makes me a happy Squeak. I did go outside last night, though, after my MH had gone to sleep. I always go to bed with her and we play a game where she puts her hand under the covers and wriggles it while I watch, pretending it is some ginormous, fierce monster and then when the time is right, I pounce and kill it dead. We do this lots of times, and then when she is finished, she rubs my adorable litle lugs and settles down with her book or her ipad while yours truly has a nap, but as soon as the old dear puts her light out, I leave her and go and find my DH and ask him to let me out, which he does, and I usually stay out for a long time or until he calls for me 'cos he wants to get to bed too. It is a good routine and it works well for us all---especially me!

We had a long sleep this morning and then my humans were both busy 'cos my MH did some baking, with me helping of course, and my DH was working in the spare room putting it all back together again which got him lots of gold stars from The Boss 'cos she hates it when things are upset, but she tries not to say anything to him---she just tells me. But she is happy again 'cos it is all done!

I went in and out of my window a few times, but one time when I saw that my MH was finished in the kitchen, I did what she calls my 'funny run' into the bedroom and she knows that I want her to come in and play with me on top of my bed, and that's just what she did. She wrapped me all up in my blanket and then tickled me and I just loved it and I let her do it lots and lots and lots until my little tummy was nearly all rubbed away!

After that, we played with another one of my toys in my living room and we made my DH laugh at all the things we were doing, and then I had a seat on my rocking chair to give the old dear a wee rest and she tooked this lovely picture of me which I know you will like.

So, you can see I am having a very good weekend and I hope you are having lots of fun too.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Windy, Windy, Windy

Just when I was beginning to think that all the bad weather was away and that Spring was nearly here, I wakened up this morning with the wind howling all round my house and I was not happy at all.

I did venture out but just for a very short time and then I scooted back inside again and fortunately my MH was in my living room and she opened the window for me and I told her I was not happy at having to go outside and she did feel sorry for me, which helped a wee bit. She is very understanding, you know.

My DH didn't go to the Cat shop today but the poor old thing had to go to the pier to get our messages off the boat and he had to get help to carry them up to the car and then he got blowed right across the grass when he was trying to bring the box inside my house. Me and my MH did feel sorry for him, but he is OK now.

I stayed indoors all afternoon and I played lots of games with my MH and then I helped her pick out these pictures for you so I hope you like them.

I am afraid I upset the old dear this afternoon 'cos after I had gobbled up all my dinner I wanted to go outside. This is my usual habit---have a feed and then outside for a play and an explore while my humans are having their dinner, and that was my intention. So I asked my MH to open the door for me which meant she had to stop cooking to do that, but she did it quite happily----the first time!

By the time she had opened the door, I was back on my couch! Well, it was blowing a gale and definitely not suitable for an adorable, delicate little puss such as I. I sat there thinking and then three or maybe four minutes later, I was feeling much braver so I asked the old dear again if I could please go out, so she stopped cooking again and opened the door and guess what? Yep! I hit the couch again before the door was half open! Oh she was annoyed!

Well, I sat on the couch and had a good old talk to myself and decided I needed to do what a pussy cat needed to do so I strutted into the kitchen and asked my MH to open the door---again. She stopped cooking again and opened the door, but this time, she closed the inside door first, so I had no choice this time. Well, I pinned back the lugs, wriggled the adorablest little bum on this planet, and woosh! I was off. Out into the world and the wind for all of five minutes and then I was up at the window demanding to be let in, which of course I was.

Ah, yes, I have had a hard day!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Good Squeak

Yes, I have been a very good puss today 'cos I played with my MH without hurting her little feets! Hee hee. She told me she was frightened to take a drink of water last night in case it came out of all the little holes I left in her feets---but it didn't!

It was cleaning day today in my house, but I am getting very brave 'cos now I sit on the back of my couch while the vacuum cleaner is running round the carpet. I'm not frightened of it any more, but I just glare at it so that it knows I am not best pleased and that I am in charge in this house, but there is another worser machine that I do not like at all. I shall have to have a word with my MH and tell her to stop buying these awful things. What is wrong with a cloth, I ask myself, but I think I shall have to ask The Boss.

Anyway, the new machine is a steamer thing and it steams the shelves and the curtains and the floor and it is definitely one to be avoided 'cos it spits out steam and that could hurt this adorable little puss. My MH explained it all to me and made sure I was well out of the way, but when she wasn't looking, I sort of sneaked up to it to see what it was like, and it did a wee 'hiss' at me, so I did a bigger 'HISS' back and walked away with my tail held high, but I'll not be going near it again,I can tell you that right now! Sigh!

However, my day got better 'cos I was helping my DH in our spare room where he was working and there were lots of things for me to have a look at and he liked it when I keept him company. Once I knew he was OK, I went with my MH into our wee gym and I watched for a while as her wee legs went on the bike and then the treadmill and when she was finished, I let her play with me on the grass and we both had a magic time as we played with some pampas grass that had blowed off the tree. She throws it up in the air for me, and then the wind carries it all over my garden and I run and run as fast as my little legs can go to try and catch it and then I jump on it and kill it dead! And then my MH comes and we do the same thing all over again. Magic!

I am now resting on my couch and to the untrained eye it looks as though I am asleep, but I am actually working out what I am going to do with the rest of my evening and once I have that sorted, I shall then turn my attention to what I can do tomorrow to make this world a better place.

Oh yes. I am a puss on a mission! But is the world ready for me? I wonder :-))

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

More Fun

I am really having a great time just now. My MH is still managing to keep her New Year resolution to play with me every day. The fact that I remind her helps a lot too.

So, today is Wednesday and as usual, my DH went away to the Cat shop and my MH had to go out for a while, so yours truly just had a snooze till she came back and then I ran to meet her and I gave her a big cuddle and a special 'hello' purr. I let her have a rest for oh, a great big five minutes and then I assumed the 'play-with-me-NOW!' position, and like a very good MH, she did, and we both had the very bestest of fun.

I picked all my toys and I ran round my living room and I jumped on all the furniture and I am sure my MH could hear me giggling 'cos I was so happy.

She tooked this funny picture of me and her feets, but just after she tooked it she wasn't very happy 'cos I kind of got a grip of one of her little feets and I kind of managed to stick all my adorable little claws into it which made the old dear shout out loud until I had stopped, and I am afraid it tooked me a wee while. Hee hee Sorry, little feets.

When my DH came home we told him all the things that we had been doing and he told us all about his day, so we had lots and lots to talk about before I decided that I was a bit bored listening to them, and went off to have a wee play all by myself and that made them both laugh 'cos I looked SOOOO adorable!


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kitchen Fun

I have had lots of good fun today in my kitchen, but I am afraid that I have been a wee bit naughty. Well, not really naughty, just more uncooperative, I think. Let me explain.

You know that my DH helps out in the Cats Protection shop in Stromness? Well, people from my little island bring him things to take to the shop and yesterday, my MH's friend M. brought him a great big laundry basket and it was left in my kitchen today. You know what I am going to tell you, don't you? Well, I am just a kitten!!

My MH decided to make some pancakes as today is Pancake Tuesday and I went into the kitchen with her and decided to explore this big basket---from the inside---and that made my humans laugh a lot, but as soon as my MH pointed her camera at me, I jumped out again and I did this every time, so she didn't get a picture of me and she was a wee bit annoyed at me---but just a tiny bit. She loves me so much she can never be angry with me, which is just as well 'cos I can be a wee bit naughty! I know it is hard to believe when you see my pictures, but it is true, and I cannot tell a lie.

I had some more good fun in the afternoon when me and my MH were in my living room 'cos for some reason she left both the windows open. I have two big windows in my living room and normally I go in and out of the right hand one, but today both windows were open so I had the bestest of fun nipping out of one window, running along to the other one and nipping inside again. Then I ran round my living room and did the same thing all over again and I did this lots and lots of times until my MH told me to stop as I was making her dizzy.

Now, between you and me dear friends, the old dear is dizzy enough at the best of times, so I had better not make her worser. But please, please don't mention this to her or I am definitely Squeak soup!! :-)))

Monday, 3 March 2014

A cabbage

That's what my MH called me tonight, but she wasn't being unkind. It was because of what I was doing. Will I tell you? OK. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

My MH was in the kitchen tonight and I, of course, was with her and while she was having a wee seat, she watched me playing 'cos she loves doing that. Well, we have a vegetable rack with four shelves in it, but just now the two bottom shelves are empty. I think you probably know what is coming. I was playing and exploring round my kitchen when I discovered my wee green ball again and so I went into kitten mode and ran round and round the kitchen chasing the wee ball and carrying it with me and then I spied the vegetable rack and I put my little ball in to it, then I sat back, wriggled my adorable little bum, and sprang right into the rack! I sat there for a while just looking at my MH who was laughing and that's when she said I was a cabbage. :-))

I jumped out again and then I did the same thing with the second shelf---it's not very high, so I was safe, but my MH thought it was very funny. Mind you, she wasn't just too pleased when she had to wash the two shelves that yours truly had been playing in!

It was a good ending to a very good day. I have been outside quite a lot and I went into the greenhouse but this time it was with my MH 'cos she was looking for some soil and I knew where it was, so I had to show her. She is trying to grow some bonsai trees and that's why she needed the soil. If they grow, I will ask her to show you a picture.

She had been playing on her Wii but she wasn't very good at all today. She hasn't done it for a while and I think she forgot how to be good at all the games. I just watched from my couch. I didn't laugh, but I smiled a lot inside me so that she couldn't see me. She likes to win and I am sure she will, one of these days!

I cheered her up when she was finished by asking her to play with me and we had great fun. She chased me and catched me and tickled my little tummy and I just love that and we did that for a long, long time, which means that I have had the bestest of days.

I hope you have had a good day too.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Normal Sunday

Yes, we are back to having a lazy Sunday again which I like 'cos I work SO hard through the week that I need a rest on Sunday.

We all had a long sleep and then I sat in the utility room up on the sink while my MH did some ironing and she even put some water in the basin so that I could have a wee paddle and this time I didn't soak my dear old MH when I shooked my little paw to dry it. I have done that before and it gives the old dear a fright. She's not used to water Hee hee!

I got a wee surprise too this morning 'cos we got some visitors. My MH had agreed to teach one of the children how to play guitar and she came today with her mummy and her little brother for her first lesson. I was lying on the back of my couch when I heard the door, but 'cos I didn't know who it was, I nipped under my couch and just sat there and listened for a while.

I heard the lady asking where I was and my MH said I was probably under the couch and would come out when I felt safe. And guess what? She was right. Oh she knows me so well. When everybody was talking, I very quietly came out from my hiding place and had a wee sniff at the coats and shoes and then the peoples too and I was happy to let them pat me and that made them happy too. My MH said they will be coming to my house again, so I can look forward to that, and I won't be frightened any more.

My MH went out for a while with her friend M. to visit some more friends, so I just cuddled up with my DH and had a wee snooze until the old dear came home again and then I let her take me outside for a wee walk round my garden. It was good but a wee bit cold, so we didn't stay outside too long, but I liked it.

Me and the Boss are now sitting on my couch watching the skating programme and as soon as she finishes with her laptop, I shall put my adorable little self on to her knee and sleep and purr 'cos that is my very favourite position.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring time

It felt like Spring time on my little island today and that meant that this adorable little puss was able to get out to play whenever I wanted to. It also meant that my humans were outside a lot and while my DH as working in our greenhouse getting it all ready for our plants, my MH was out in the garden for a wee walk and I played with her a lot.

I did quite a few 'round trips' of my house when I would go out the door and then come in the window and in that way I always knew just exactly what was happening on my patch and that is very important for a pussy cat 'cos if any new wee animals or creatures arrive, then I have to explain to them who the boss is. I had thought about asking my MH to make me a badge so that all the animals would know who I was, but I am still thinking about that one. I don't want to be a show-off!

My MH did some washing and as it was a fine day, she decided to put them out on the rope and of course I was right there beside her to help her. The fact that I could run very fast and climb the poles beside her had nothing at all to do with it!

I ran through my fence and went away down to the big shed and did some exploring which was very good fun and then when my MH called, I ran straight back again and that is when she took today's pictures and she told my DH that these were action shots of yours truly, and, having seen them, I think I look very fit indeed. I am sure you will agree!

AND. Just to end a perfect day. When my MH put on her computer she told me that my friend J. had found me another new paw pal and she said I can write to J. tomorrow and to my new paw pal as well, so I am quite excited 'cos I love hearing about all these pussy cats and I like telling them all the things that I do. It really is the bestest of fun.

I think I might be the famousest puss in the en-tire world!