Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Very Good Puss

That's what I have been today. I haven't been flying round my living room or jumping on the rocking chair or climbing up on the big unit. Instead, I have been very calm and quiet although I was a wee bit naughty and nearly upset my MH 'cos she was making some more friendship bracelets and had all the threads on the table, so I decided that I needed a closer look and ended up right in the middle of them all and I nearly got my adorable little whiskers caught in the scissors!

Mind you, if that HAD happened, I could have used the furniture rejuvenator 'stuff' to make them better again. However, my MH is always looking after me and makes sure nothing happens to me, so I was very safe,--- just a wee bit naughty.

We have all been inside all day 'cos the weather on my little island hasn't been good and we have had rain and wind and at one point there was even more hail banging against my windows so it wasn't nice at all. In fact it was so bad that my friend S. didn't come out to see me and I did miss her. But my MH saw that I was a wee bit sad and she played with me for a long time and you know that always makes me happy.

At one point we went into the bedroom so that she could phone one of her friends and she played with me on the bed all the time she was chatting and I just loved it. I start off hiding under my blanket and then my MH rolls me up in it and tickles me lots and lots and I get so excited, but I have to watch that my adorable little claws don't come out and hurt the old dear, but she knows I don't mean it and she plays with me anyway.

So you can see why I just love Sundays 'cos both my humans are usually here with me and there are no awful machines to spoil my day, so I think Sunday might be my very favourite day.

I hope you have had a good Sunday too.


  1. Oh Ickle wickle squeakers I am so sorry I made you sad by not visiting. But it was very very windy and I might have got blown a away and landed in with the lambs and the mummy sheeps might not have liked that!

  2. That's ok. I understand. And I think you are right about the mummy sheeps not liking it if you went in beside them, but maybe one day I could take you in with me. The mummy sheeps would be ok then 'cos they like me, so they might like you too. I will ask them!