Monday, 31 March 2014

Back to Normal...

..... and so very, very happy. I have had a good day and both my humans have been at my beck and call all day. I have been out lots of times with my DH and he told me that he had a good time in Aberdeen but he missed me and that made me happy and then I sat with my MH and she told me that she had a good time in Aberdeen but she missed me, and that made me think. If they both miss me so much, why do they go away and leave me? Methinks I shall have to sit them both down and have a word with them!

It has been a fine day on my little island so I was in the garden quite often, but I kept nipping back in my window just to make sure the old dears hadn't slipped off again, but they hadn't.

It didn't even worry me when the vacuum came out 'cos I knew that was the normal routine and I was OK with that. My MH said they did lots of walking and her poor wee legs are awful tired so if you look at today's pictures---which were tooked last night!--- you might think that I am resting on my MH's knee for my sake, but I'm not. I am trying to make her little legs all better. See?

They did lots of nice things and they liked it so I am pleased for them, but I am even more pleased for me that they are home again. I haven't done very much except sit with my MH and I told her all the things that me and J. did and she liked that 'cos she knows he looked after me well.

He came over to see me last night. I think he was missing me, so I gave him a big purr to say 'thank you for looking after me'. He will come back when my humans go away for their 'real' holiday but that's Ok 'cos me and J. will have more good fun.

I hope you are all having good fun too.

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