Saturday, 22 March 2014


Nearly! If you look closely at today's picture of moi, you will see that I am thinking, but you won't know what I am thinking, so I am going to tell you.

Do you remember that I told you that my humans had painted my living room last week? Well, today they decided to clean all the woodwork with an orange polish which I liked 'cos there was a nice smell off it, and then my MH decided that she would clean the leather couch and chairs with special polish and that's when I nearly had a wee mishap and my curiosity nearly landed me in trouble.

Many, many years ago my MH decided she would buy a leather couch 'cos she had always wanted it, so the humans went away and got one. This was in December and in March of that very next year, guess who arrived in my house to play on the brand new leather couch? Yes! Me! Squeak!! I can tell you, dear readers, that many of my MH's friends though she was a wee bit silly getting a brand new baby pussy cat with little sharp claws, but my MH said that getting me was the bestest thing she ever did, and although I have tried to be very careful and although most of the couch is covered up, there are still a few wee Squeak marks on it, but my humans don't mind and they wouldn't change me for the world.

So, to get back to today. The old dear sprayed the cleaner stuff on my couch and gave it a good old scrub while I sat on the floor and just watched her and I was quite safe, but then she put something else on it and that's when I decided to have a look and I jumped up just as she was spraying this 'stuff' on to my couch and it nearly caught me, but luckily enough, it missed me except for a tiny, tiny bit on my whiskers and guess what it was? Rejuvenator stuff for leather! Phew!

Well, after that narrow escape, I sat on my rocking chair and started thinking. If I had got covered in this spray would I have been rejuvenated? And what age would I have ended up? And if my adorable little whiskers did get some of this stuff on them, will they be younger than me now? Oh dear, I have such a lot to think about, but please don't worry about me 'cos I am fine and I will keep watching my whiskers to see if anything is happening to them.

My only problem is that I can't remember what my young whiskers looked like so I will have to ask my MH to find me a baby Squeak picture so that I can see if my whiskers have changed and I will let you know. There will be no problem at all in finding a picture 'cos my MH has millions of this adorable little puss. I think I must be the most photographed puss in the en-tire world, although maybe my friend B. might have as many. I shall have to ask her the next time we are on Facetime! Hee hee.

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