Monday, 17 March 2014

Just Normal

That's what my day has been---just normal, but good normal, and we have all been together all doing our own wee things and we are all happy.

It was cleaning day again, sigh!, but it didn't take too long 'cos my living room had all been cleaned on Friday after the painting was all finished, so I didn't mind the vacuum cleaner being out and I just sat on the back of my couch and watched as my MH pushed it round the room.

I helped the old dear with her ironing and I paddled in the basin as usual and then I went and played in my kitchen with my little green ball. You know how much I love that little ball, but playing with it in my kitchen is just the very bestest of fun 'cos we have a kind of linoleum on the floor and it is great for sliding on and sometimes when I try to turn a corner at breakneck speed, my little back legs slide all over the place and my little paws make a funny noise as they try to steady me and make me go forward. It is brilliant!

I looked after my DH while my MH took her little legs into the gym to play on the bike and then when she came in, I sat on her knee and she stroked me while I had a snooze. Being on her knee is my very favourite place especially when the big furry dressing gown is there too. Oh I could sleep for ever when my MH has that on! But it wasn't on this afternoon. I suppose it was a wee bit early. Maybe later on?

Later in the afternoon, while my DH was reading his book and my MH was on her Wii, I was on the couch watching her and every time she missed the ball when she was playing tennis, me and him had a wee smile together, but we didn't let the Boss see us, or we would both have ended up in a lot of trouble!

Oh no, she doesn't like when she loses, so it is best to look very sad if that happens, even if we are laughing on the inside! Sorry MH, but it is a wee bit funny when you shout at the telly. Anyway, once she had stopped yelling, she played with me and we both lay on the floor as I played with nearly all my toys until it was dinner time and then I had a good big feed and I am now resting on my couch until it is out-to-play time in an hour or two.

So, as you can see my day has been normal, but a very good normal and I like that very much. I hope you have had a good normal day too.

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