Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Better Day

I like Thursdays 'cos usually my humans are both home with me and although my MH does some housework, she doesn't do too much so she always has plenty of time for me which is just as it should be.

My DH is still working in our greenhouse making his little table and it has to be a surprise for the Boss. She has a rough idea what it will be like but she has not to see it until it is all finished, and I have not to tell her---and I wont 'cos I have promised.

She did some hoovering and dusting while I stayed with my DH and then I went inside just in time to see the old dear starting to do her baking, so I nipped up onto the kitchen chair and sat and watched her and she talked to me all the time she was making good things for us all to eat. That took her quite a long time and when she was finished we sat on the couch and had a rest. I didn't really need one, but my poor old MH was a bit tired and needed to put her little feets up and I of course had to sit with her and make sure she was getting a good rest.

When I knew she was OK, I nipped out of my living room window and went into the field to have a wee chat to the lady cows and one of them told me that there might be wee baby cows for me to play with soon and that made me very excited 'cos I just love playing with all the new baby cows. My MH put this picture of the cows on for you to see them, but as it was still quite misty, it is not one of her best, but at least you can see some of my new friends.

I had a very good afternoon and in order to gather up all my strength for tonight's hunting I had to have a snooze and just as I was settling down, my MH tooked this picture of me, and then she let me have a sleep 'cos that is my routine of an evening. I have my dinner and then I settle down somewhere, either on my chair on on my couch, and I have a sleep until about nine or ten o'clock and then I ask my humans to open the window for me and off I go into the night as happy as I can possibly be.

Oh I just love being me 'cos I have a very good life indeed.

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